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Tanuki Tales
2013-06-01, 11:00 AM
{table=head]Entry|Author|1st Place|2nd Place|3rd Place|Total|MLTSP Votes|MUE Votes

Biskmatar (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15261775&postcount=9)|gr8artist|7|3|2|12|2|0

Super Fighting Robot (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15303082&postcount=11)|zhdarkstar|14|3|1|18|3|0

False Prophet 1 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15322094&postcount=12)False Prophet 2 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15322106&postcount=13)False Prophet 3 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15322125&postcount=14)|Sam Burke|14|9|0|23|0|1

Seru (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=15344437&postcount=16)|Deviston|0|0|2|2|0|4
Unfortunately, the Cursed Knight has been disqualified for being incomplete by the deadline of the contest.

Welcome one and all to the Voting thread for the fifteenth Pathfinder Grab Bag Competition! We have four wonderful entries for you to peruse over and only one will end up taking home the gold!

Now, the way the voting for this competition works is as follows:

You receive five votes to cast.
The first three votes are to be given to the entries that you believe should come in first, second and third place respectively. First place votes are worth seven points, second place three points and third place one point each. Keep in mind that such choices should go to the entries that you believe fit most closely to the given concept of the contest and not just the entries you like the most.
The fourth vote is to be given to the entry that you believe is "Most Likely to See Play". This vote is cast for the entry that you could see yourself allowing as a DM or you could see yourself wanting to and being allowed to play at an actual game session by your DM.
The fifth vote is to be given to the entry that you believe is the "Most Unique". This vote is cast for the entry that you least expected to see made for this competition and that stands out the most compared to it's peers.
You may apply all types of votes to the same entry (but you of course cannot select the same entry for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place), but doing this does not better the chances of that entry winning anymore than if you selected three separate entries.
Once you make your vote, that's final. You can not take it back or change it. The first vote I see and tally on the scoreboard is how it will be until the end of the voting period.
Entrants are allowed to vote and can vote for their own entries if they so wish.
Please give reasoning for why you selected an entry as the recipient of any of your votes.
Please Bold your choice for each vote.
In the case of any ties I will cast the tiebreaker vote.

The voting will remain open through June 15th and the winners will be declared June 16th.

2013-06-01, 01:26 PM
1st: Super Fighting Robot. I didn't pick it just because it's my entry. I picked it because it takes the Mega Man concept and translates it into a simple, but effective racial archetype for the Gunslinger. The only element in the class not directly linked to the Mega Man series is the Magical Defense Protocols tree, which exists solely to provide extra tanking ability against spellcasters.

2nd: False Prophet. This would have received my 1st place vote but as I have not played any of the Bioshock games, I cannot determine exactly to what degree it stays true to the source material. I know it seems unfair to downgrade the vote based on my own inexperience with the franchise, but it's hard to tell if something is thematically accurate if you don't really know much about the theme it's going for.

3rd: Biskmatar. This class has everything to make you feel like a character in a Final Fantasy game. However, the class features borrow references to mechanics from so many different Final Fantasy games that it gives the class a generic feel, rather than give you the impression of which series entry it's based on.

Most Likely To See Play: Super Fighting Robot. Everybody loves Gunslingers. Everybody loves the living constructs. Putting the two together is a recipe for a good time that pretty much everybody will enjoy. It also gives the Gunslinger class another archetype that encourages melee weapon use besides Maxximilius' Pistol Spade. It can also be easily thrown as a boss against a party who have abused their spellcasting privileges.

Most Unique Entry: False Prophet. As I said in the chat thread, this class is practically an entire system unto itself. 88 different Vigor Boosts guarantee that builds will see more variation than most other classes. That right there makes it the most unique entry of the bunch.

2013-06-02, 12:11 AM
1st: It was close, but I think the Super Fighting Robot takes this one. It's the most finalized and detailed, perfectly encapsulates the idea of "mega man", and the creator did a great job.
2nd: False Prophet. He did a good job translating video game mechanics to d20, but I think it still lacks a little refinement.
3rd: Having never played the game from which the Seru were (loosely) derived, I might be at a disadvantage in judging them. So, for my third place vote on the "how much based off video games" competition, I'll name my own entry, the Biskmatar, despite how wrong it feels to vote for myself.
Most likely to see play: This one's hard, but I'm nominating the Super Fighting Robot. We're messing around with time travel / magitech in our campaign, so I can see this around the corner. Runner ups included the Seru and Biskmatar, but I can only pick one.
Most unique entry: I'm giving this to the Seru. A creature type that functions as a symbiote-slash-magical item? I've never seen anything like it.

2013-06-03, 07:41 AM
I vote for the Biskamatar first, because it is a great class that I'd really *enjoy* playing.

Second place... hm... I'll give it to the False Prophet, mostly because I've wanted a chance to *be* Booker ever since I've seen the game.

Third I REALLY wanted to go to the Death Knight, but it was unfinished. So, because of the massive size and unique idea, I'll give it to the Seru.

Most Unique Entry: Definitely the Seru. Such an unusual system, though lacking a lot of finish.

MLTSP: Biskamatar. This would go great with maybe a Magus, some sort of battle-caster.

Tanuki Tales
2013-06-05, 02:01 PM
Votes tallied to here.

2013-06-09, 02:33 AM
1st: the False Prophet[/COLOR].
2nd: Super Fighting Robot.
3rd: Seru.
Most likely to see play: Super Fighting Robot.
Most unique entry: Seru.
I disclose not having ever played a FF game in my life, so the Biskamatar did not resonate with me very much.

2013-06-10, 12:11 PM
1: False Prophet
2: Bisk Master
3: Super Fighting Robot

Most Unique: Seru (great job on it!)
Most Likely to See Play: This is a hard one...I'd like to try out most of these. While all of these in some way felt very setting linked, I think Biskmaster wins this one.

Tanuki Tales
2013-06-13, 01:43 PM
Votes tallied to here.

There's about a day or so left to vote everyone and it's still anyone's contest to win, so please vote if you haven't!

Tanuki Tales
2013-06-15, 08:46 AM
And I just noticed I put the wrong dates on the voting. :smallredface:

This closes tonight folks, not last night.

Tanuki Tales
2013-06-16, 07:44 PM
Voting is closed and congratulations to those who won!

1st Place - False Prophet

2nd Place - Super Fighting Robot

3rd Place - Biskmatar

Runner Up - Seru

Most Likely to See Play - Super Fighting Robot
Most Unique Entry - Seru
Judge's Choice - Super Fighting Robot