View Full Version : [PF, 3.x] [PEACH] Alchemical Healing Kit

2013-06-04, 01:44 AM
Unsatisfied with Heal skill, dabbling in Alchemy, and taking cues from the inclusion of gunpowder... I've decided to drop another anachronistic scientific advancement into my 3.~ games. Medicine.
Through the careful collection and study of commonplace mosses and herbal remedies, we at the Gleeda Memorial Collegium of Medicine have developed an alchemical tool to assist healers and commonfolk alike.

Alchemical Medicine Kit:
DC25 Craft: Alchemy. Single use. Market price 50gp
Three minute DC10 Heal check to function, restores 1d4 HP +2hp per 5 over the DC immediately.
This kit requires no special training to use, though it will significantly aid in its application. Certain perishable constituents will expire in a month's time, rendering the kit unusable.

I hope to create a few feats for later levels to boost the healing in line with cure spells, reflecting special training offered by the college.

2013-06-04, 03:14 AM
Interesting; I like it. It has only out of combat use, so maybe something like boosting natural healing or fast healing as opposed to instant healing.

What about adding cure disease effects, or better ability score repair?