View Full Version : Help with true runes system in a Suikoden game

2013-06-04, 08:56 AM
Hello. I don't know how many of you played the Suikoden games, but I remember it fondly from my teenage years and I know for a fact that people never played it before so I decided to put the story of the first game into a campaign. Those that didn't play it probably won't understand half of what I'm saying, but those that did, well - read on.

In any case, the story is slightly changed. The protagonist is changed by the group of PCs that graduated under Teo Mcdohl and their journey basically mirrors the journey of the main character in Suikoden. The stars of destiny are here and they join them along the way. We played a few sessions of it already and are at the part where Ted gives his True rune to the players.

Now, for the sake of fairness, I gave three True runes instead of one randomly decided(Soul Eater, True Water Rune and True Lightning Rune) with possibilities that others that come around will already have a True Rune affixed to them as well. I have some issues though, with making the abilities that the True Runes give balanced, and/or valid. Searching online I found a document that made the runes go into a 3.5 valid form for all runes and I was hoping I could get some input here on what to change. Priorities are for the three main runes I mentioned, but others that catch your eye if something would be changed also is good.

Also, I have problems giving them at certain levels, since they are more of an added bonus to their class than anything else. I was thinking of giving them at level 4, 8, 12, 16 in terms of levels(as there are only four levels of runes, or 5,10,15,20, but they are not really all that powerful for such a level disparity)

In any case, here is the link so I don't suffocate the forum with its length about true runes(and normal ones at that). I pretty much ignored the classes(Rune sage and such) since it was too much hassle and just gave the runes to them on top of their usual classes.