View Full Version : Ask me for some homebrew (pleas read first post)

smoke prism
2013-06-04, 06:36 PM
Hi playground.

So I've got about 8 free days and what better to do than some homebrew, but the problem is I'm coming up empty on idears. So if you've got any Idear for spells,monsters,base classes and prestige classes (I proofer to work in3.5, but I can do pathfinder at a push). If you want it for a game give specifics (or I'll interpret it my own way) and a deadline (set-out like this:D/M/Y).

(Note: I only have core and psionic 3.5. I'm also not that good with spellcasters)

(note 2: I will put priority on homebrew for games.)

2013-06-07, 08:54 AM
I made this request in another homebrew thread but didn't really get the results I was looking for so if you still have some time, maybe you could take a shot at it.

I would like to see a class based around the four elements, fire, earth, air, water. I see this as a class that uses all of the elements without focusing on a single one and isn't limited to total uses per day as with spellcasting.

Personally I see this as either a warlock variant with elemental invocations or a swordsage variant with 4 elemental disciplines but anything you come up with would be great.

smoke prism
2013-06-07, 10:43 AM
I will see what I can do.