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2013-06-07, 11:41 PM
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New combat system up for critique. No-magic, low-level combat example:

Fighter 1 stats: Fonos, 2nd level "soldier"
Physical: 14 (+2 bonus)
Mental: 9 (-1 penalty)
Metaphysical: 9 (-1 penalty)
Skill: Fight-Melee 3 (Physical)
Skill: Parry 2 (Physical)
Perk: Specialize Melee (+3 Fight-Melee)
Perk: Dodge (gain Parry reserve action)
Gear: Longspear (d10), Buckler (1, Parry +1), Scalemail (d8)

Fighter 2 stats: Secil, 3rd level "knight"
Physical: 14 (+2 bonus)
Mental: 9 (-1 penalty)
Metaphysical: 10 (0 bonus)
Skill: Fight-Melee 3 (Physical)
Skill: Parry 1 (Physical)
Skill: Knowledge-Nobility 2 (Mental)
Skill: Animal Handling 3 (Metaphysical)
Perk: Specialize Melee
Perk: Armor Training (Breastplate)
Perk: Specialize Animal Handling
Gear: Longsword (d8), Breastplate (d10+1), Small shield (d4)

Setup: Fonos is a zealot from an unfriendly duchy. He sits on a post in Secil's hunting grounds, waiting for a shot at him. Secil, proud noble that he is, learns of it and proudly rides out to dispatch the single, foolish opponent. Secil dismounts 30 feet away, and commands his opponent, "en guard!"

Initiative: Fonos rolls a 15, adds his highest ability modifier (+2), so his quickness leads him into battle with a 17. Secil rolls an 8, adds his +2, and goes second with a 10. His strength has already failed him.

Fonos has 3 actions. He begins combat, like Secil, in Offensive posture. He'll try to knock Secil off-guard early with two spear attacks. Furthermore, unless Secil has Dodge, he does not have any actions yet, so he can't effectively Parry Fonos's attacks.

Fonos attacks with Fight-Melee. He rolls (1d20) 10, adds +2 because it's a Physical skill, and +3 for skill points, for a total of 15. He also rolls damage, 6. At the same time, Secil rolls protection, d10+1, for 6. Secil does not get to use his shield, because he cannot yet Parry. 6 damage less 6 protection is 0. But a successful hit always deals 1 damage, so Secil adds 1 to his Physical damage pool.

Fonos attacks again. He rolls 5 to hit, adds 5, for 10. He rolls 4 damage. Secil rolls 8 protection. Secil must add another point of Physical damage.

Fonos has one action left, which he saves for an emergency. He also has the Dodge perk, so he gets an extra Parry action to use if he's attacked.

Secil is next. He has three actions. His max Physical damage is 14 (the same as his Physical score), so he's not too worried about 2 damage. He assumes a battle stance, now that he's ready, and makes his attack. He assumes that he's better trained in battle than Fonos, so he takes half, 10, plus 5 (melee and Phys), for 15. He rolls 5 damage. Fonos uses his Dodge and rolls 18, plus 2 Parry points, 1 shield point, and 2 Physical, for 23. He also rolls protection, 1 for his buckler and (d8) 1 for scalemail, 2 total. Since Fonos's Parry beat Secil's Fight, no damage is scored.

Secil now sees that he has a serious fight on his hands. While still in good health, he'll try to dispatch Fonos quickly, and trust his armor to protect him. Secil attacks again, rolls 15+5 for Fight, and 8 damage. Fonos uses his last reserve action to Parry, gets 6 (1 die, 2 Phys, 2 Parry, 1 shield), and 6+1 protection. Fonos takes 1 Phys damage.

Secil attacks again, using his last action. 21 Fight, 6 damage. Fonos can't Parry, since he's out of actions, so he just rolls protection for 6. One more damage to Fonos.

Round 2 begins, with both opponents at 12 Physical health, but Secil is at a disadvantage from using all of his actions for attacking. If one side gets desperate, he could use a Movement action to take cover behind Secil's horse, or head into the nearby woods to make things interesting. Also, either party can make a Movement contest to flee the battle, which is successful if unopposed. However, that doesn't mean that combat cannot be rejoined later.

2013-06-09, 08:25 PM
First fix: In the first round of combat, you get your three actions immediately. So you can use them to defend against those with faster initiative. However, any actions used before your turn count against the actions you would get at the start of your first turn.