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2013-06-08, 01:01 AM
I've been working on this for a bit over at MinMaxBoards, and would love for you all to give it a PEACH!

TravelLog's Discworld Compendium (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=9743.0)

2013-06-09, 06:17 AM
Discworld stuff is always fun. What level is this Compendium for? I have made my own version of the luggage (see my creations) which is fairly generic. Rincewind's luggage is homicidal but not all of them are.

The only problem I have with Rincewind is that you've given him 7 levels of Wizzard without explaining what the class is (or at least how it differs from a standard wizard). Guess that is on your to-do list, eh? Love the Template that he has though.

Constructs cannot make 2 attacks with a bite unless they have 2 mouths. Creatures never get iterative attacks when they are fighting with natural weapons such a a bite or slam.

I love your Ank-Morpork feats and deities.


2013-06-09, 09:11 AM
Bit worried about "Gone Right Out The Other Side". That kind of thing would be hideously powerful on an illusionist. I mean, think about it. With just a silent image, you could create anything you can think of out of thin air, including magical items and living creatures. And I'm sure you could go even more weird with it.

I have an Igor race somewhere, I'll go see if I can find it.

Here it is. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=128446)

2013-06-09, 10:03 AM
For that feat, remember that you have to have disbelieved the illusion first. You don't get saving throws vs. your own illusions since you KNOW they aren't real to begin with.

Debby, you mean I should mention that his INT is too low to cast spells?

As for the level, it varies. I'm hoping into flesh it out into a full setting, so some stuff will be fairly powerful while other stuff is more suitable to lower levels.

2013-06-09, 10:26 AM
For that feat, remember that you have to have disbelieved the illusion first. You don't get saving throws vs. your own illusions since you KNOW they aren't real to begin with.

Really? Where does it say that?

2013-06-09, 11:06 AM
There's a whole series on wizards about illusions.

Here's the first one: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/rg/20060207a

The notable bits tend to be comments along the lines of "you can use illusions to deceive others" or "creatures you target with the illusion", etc.

On top of that, I'm using common sense here. It's up to DMs to decide, ultimately, but I expect a degree of reasoning and logic here.

2013-06-09, 11:17 AM
Common sense is difficult. But sure.

That said, I wouldn't trust anything Wizards have posted online. Especially the rules sage and customer service. Quite a lot of it is horribly, horribly wrong.

2013-06-09, 11:29 AM
Fairly said. :smallbiggrin:

Anyway, I like your Igor race, it's quite similar to my own thoughts on the subject. Mind if I make a few adaptations of it for the compendium?

2013-06-09, 11:29 AM
This is fantastic. Some thoughts:


Dex and Cha both look kind of high
Int and Wis look kind of low-- he's not a wizard, but he is pretty genre savvy
He tends to have pretty decent Knowledge checks in the books-- he delivers plenty of exposition that way

The Luggage

I don't think it was ever successfully hit by a spell. Perhaps a golem's magic immunity, with a chance of something extra happening?
You need to specify what type of bag of holding it acts as, I think.

The Vestiges are FANTASTIC.


Hard of Smell seems quite good.
Disciple of Mrs. Cake made me laugh out loud
Melodramatic Environment doesn't follow. Wouldn't a circumstance bonus to Cha skills be more appropriate? Possibly balanced by a penalty to deceit?
Worse than Whips is quite good.
Tradition of Treason is REALLY good.
Gone Right Out the Other Side could use better wording, especially when it comes to your own illusions. If you fail the save, you think they're real but they're not; if you pass the save, you either know they're not real and they're not, or you can think they're real and have them be?

The First Guitar should probably grant a bonus to Perform checks (it seems to play itself), and increase the area of Bardic Music (it's an electric guitar! It's loud!). Also, possibly, grant some bardic music abilities to those who don't have any?

2013-06-09, 11:45 AM
--Dex is high to ensure good initiative checks. Rincewind is also very quick. CHA is high because, despite Rincewind's desires to the contrary, he really does get along with people well even in preposterous circumstances.
--For knowledge checks, I did what I could with his horrendously low skill points. Wizard and low int means basically 1 per level. Int was low to ensure he couldn't cast spells, and he is on numerous occasions noted as being not very smart.

The Luggage:
--that effect is because it's made of sapient pearwood, which is noted several times as reacting very strongly with magic.
--Hmm. Type II I guess?

Glad you like the vestiges!

--You are correct about melodramatic environment. I'll make that change.
--Tradition of treason is to help make competent viziers at low levels with a non-magic class. I actually think Worse than Whips is better, to be honest.
--I will clarify that Gone Right doesn't apply to your own illusions.

--Good point.

I'm working on making races of Discworld, but have run into trouble figuring out vampires and werewolves in Discworld as races. Thoughts or suggestions anyone?

2013-06-09, 11:54 AM
Fairly said. :smallbiggrin:

Anyway, I like your Igor race, it's quite similar to my own thoughts on the subject. Mind if I make a few adaptations of it for the compendium?

Go right ahead.

2013-06-09, 01:33 PM
First few races are up!

2013-06-10, 04:40 AM
The BAB for the luggage is +10 (as 14th level cleric) not 18. It's grapple is BAB + Str modifier plus special size modifier 10 + 7 + 0 or 17 (Str 25 is +7 not +8)

Without the feats Multiattack and Improved Multiattack, the luggage cannot make slam and bite attacks at the same BAB. One attack is at -5 to hit as a secondary attack. If both attacks are primary, then they cannot be used together as a full attack.

Here is how it looks if both attacks are Primary attacks:

Attack: Bite +17 melee (1d8+7) or Slam +17 melee (1d6 +7)
Full Attack: Bite +17 melee (1d8+7) or 2 slams +17 melee (1d6+7)

If Bite is primary this is how it looks:

Attack: Bite +17 melee (1d8+7)
Full Attack: Bite +17 melee (1d8+7) and 2 slams +12 melee (1d6+3)

Str has a modifier of +7 not +8. Primary attack does full strength bonus damage and secondary attack does half strength bonus damage.

Attack is BAB + Str mod + size modifier or +17 and full bonus is +7 and half bonus is +3.

It doesn't qualify for the Awesome Blow feat because it isn't Large. The luggage actually works better if it is Large.


2013-06-10, 10:10 AM
Thanks Debi, I'm at work now but I'll fix it later.

@All: Any suggestions or comments on the Binder of the Dark, the races and other artifacts? In particular, I'm trying to figure out how to stat out the werewolves, vampires and trolls with as low LA as possible. Trolls I want LA +0 if possible. The hope was to have Humans, Trolls, Dwarves, Werewolves and Vampires all at LA +0, though realistically I imagine the latter 2 would be at least +1 or +2