View Full Version : Social Puzzle Help? [D&D Next]

2013-06-08, 05:39 AM
Soon, my players will be arriving at a long lost fortress on an island in the middle of a massive lake. The souls of the former occupants are trapped as ghosts, reliving the last few moments of their lives from when the fortress was overrun (unsure of who).

I was thinking that maybe it was based on three principles that the former occupants held dear: compassion, truth, and mercy (or justice, maybe?). They would have to perform acts within the fortress related to these principles in order to open the door. Outside of that, I got nothing. HELP!

2013-06-08, 02:33 PM
Do you mean that you want RP encounters, or quests with these themes?

I read your request as the latter, so here are some.

Truth: A ghost is troubled by a long forgotten secret (who killed him? did his lover betrayed him?). He requests the PCs to venture into the library or other section (perhaps it's warded against ghosts and dangerously trapped and/or full of monsters) to find it. Only once it's known can he rest easy in the afterlife.

Justice: A particularly evil spirit or monster (perhaps it holds a clue to the attackers' identity) dwells in the fortress, torments the "good" souls, and defiles it with his acts. The souls cannot harm the beast. Defeating it will bring justice.

Mercy: One spirit has a particularly painful death to relive, and wishes release. It tells them that exorcism materials are in another section and must be retrieved to release him from his pain.