View Full Version : [nWoD] Meta: The Origin (Metahumans in nWoD)

2013-06-14, 06:57 PM
Alright, I have a SUPER rough draft for a homebrew add-on for World of Darkness, called Meta - The Origin. I just wanted people to, if they chose, look it over, PEACH it, can help me refine it. It's in the "imaginary-Greek-letter-before-alpha" stage, as I have yet to get to test it. Anybody who wants to test it, please do, but mostly I'm just looking for preliminary feedback.

Dropbox link for main PDF (https://www.dropbox.com/s/u0p1uw0wezrv544/Meta%20-%20The%20Origin.pdf)

Character Sheet PDF (https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mqxecxu99mcb1p/Meta%20-%20The%20Origin%20-%20Character%20Sheet.pdf)

If you like it, or dislike it, please speak up and tell me why, so I can refine this to a playable state.

A Short intro, in case you want to skip the first page. Metahumans are mortals with superhuman, but not supernatural abilities. They may have been created (on purpose or by an accident), or they may have just been born with dormant powers. Either way, they are left fundamentally changed. They are less common than the supernatural races or the Awakened, but they can be just as potent.

Direct all questions or comments into this thread, or in a PM to me with a self-explanatory title.

Thanks for looking and commenting!