View Full Version : Trying to Homebrew Some Spellthief Arcana for a Pathfinder Magus

2013-06-15, 08:43 PM
I'm trying to homwbrew some magus arcana that the magus can take to gain some more anti-caster utility. The first one I came up with allows the magus to steal spells that he dispels or counters. The idea is to make dispelling/counterspelling more of an offensive option.

Any thoughts on balance or alternatives would be greatly appreciated.

spell reaver (magus arcana)

magus 6
ability to cast dispel magic or similar spell

When you counter, dispel, or otherwise negate a spell or spell-like ability you may spend a number of points from your arcane pool equal to the spell's level to choose a new target for the spell. The new target must be a valid target relative to you (for example, spells with a target of 'self' may only yourself).

If the countered spell is not yet known, such as a spell countered by dispel magic, this feat does not reveal the name of the spell but it does reveal the level.