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2013-06-17, 12:17 PM
My RPG (http://esk-cards.wikia.com/wiki/Esk_Cards_Wiki)

I've been working on an RPG that used playing cards as random number generators instead of dice. It's a definite work in progress. My goal is to have it playable by June 25th. But I have enough now that you should be able to see how it works, and I've excised most of the bad ideas.

You have cards in your hand equal to your level. You can play these instead of drawing randomly from the deck to ensure you get a higher result. Additionally, each class has 13 abilities that can be activated by playing the right card if you have it in your hand.

So, I need 2 things.
1) I need people to look over it and tell me what's not clear, and what needs to be fixed to provide balance.

2) I need class skills and ideas. Each class needs 13 abilities. Some classes lack 13 abilities currently. If you find a class like that, please suggest an ability. In general, number card abilities grant +3, face cards +6, and aces +8. Aces ALWAYS REQUIRE AN OUT OF GAME ACTION FROM THE PLAYER.

2013-06-17, 12:23 PM
Oh, as in building characters, when I design RPG's I always have trouble picking a name. The original name was Esk Cards, but that needs to be, prepare yourself for an awesome pun, discarded. Any new suggestions?