View Full Version : 4e Enchanted Thoughts Part 1: Armor.

2013-06-17, 02:27 PM
Just ideas for enchanted armor.

1: Fabric of Identity. Level 1 magic item
The plain grey cloth of this armor changes as you watch, a maelstrom of colors replacing the grey every so often.
+1 to AC, 5 to bluff. Armor can take on any appearance as a free action.

2: Bovine armor. Level 3 magic item
The supple, white and brown leather makes you feel a rash of anger when touched.
+1 AC, increases attack roll by 1, damage roll by 5 minus other bonuses.
Once per encounter, you do 5 damage when you hit a target with Bull Rush.

3: Hide Of The Archon. Level 7 magic item
This armor's gloves and boots are fitted with an opal, with a color brightening and changing every few seconds.
+5 to charm effects. Once per encounter, if an opponent makes physical contact, they take 1d6 lightning, fire, ice, water, rock, or wind damage.

4: Binding Chainmail Level 10 magic item
The links of this heavy dark iron Chainmail make a tight and form-fitting armor.
+2 fortitude and +5 to endurance. Once per day, you can immobilize an opponent for 1D8 turns, and it takes a -2 penalty to saving throws.

Scales Of Justice Level 12 magic item.
The golden scale armor shines with a radiant brilliance.
+5 radiant resistance, +5 damage against evil creatures.

6: Defender's mantle Level 10 magic item
This silver plate armor is engraved with various runes of gold that provides you a feeling of courage and strength when touched.
+1 will, + 1 strength, +5 AC. Once per day, you can summon a earth elemental of your level to defend a bloodied ally.

2013-06-26, 10:53 AM
In general, firstly, make sure you mention what types of Armour can be enchanted with the enhancement. It seems to be obvious that the 1st is cloth, the 2nd is leather, etc., but flavor text isn't the same as rules. Also you should mention each level the enhancement comes in, unless you meant for them to be unable to be upgraded...in that case then no matter how good these are no one will use them.

1) This shouldn't be a level 1 magic magic, you can buy +1 Magic Armor (Cloth) to get a +1 enhancement bonus as a level 1 item. Even if that is what you meant by the +1 AC, this item is getting +5 (!) to bluff and a glamor on top of that. If you meant that the AC bonus is in addition to the enhancement bonus...well even if you type the bonus as an item bonus, that would be very powerful... If you removed the +1 AC, I'd probably make this a level 2+ (2/7/12/17/22/27) enhancement, write up the glamor as a proper power (at-will) and make the bonus to bluff an item bonus equal to the enhancement value of the item. If you kept the +1 AC, you'd have to type the bonus as an item bonus, and if I allowed the item at all, it would be level 5+.

2) Again with number one, if the bonus to AC is meant to be its enhancement bonus, that is not how it should be listed, and if that's a bonus, it needs to be typed as an item bonus if it's added at all. Increasing attack rolls is frankly ridiculous, but that aside shouldn't be on armor. If you wanted to keep it on an armor, well, it needs to be typed as an item bonus, the level of the item needs to be 5+, and the bonus needs to be restricted in some way, like only to melee basic attacks (frankly even that would still be overpowered, bonuses to attack rolls are awesome). The next bit isn't clear but if you mean +5 damage, well, again, needs to be an item bonus, and just no. At best, if this didn't have the AC and bonus to attack rolls, the bonus would be equal to the enhancement value of the item; though again I don't think this property fits an armor. Considering how rare bull-rushing is the encounter power is mostly irrelevant, but it should be written up as a proper power all the same. The item probably needs to be redone in general, perhaps something like;

Bovine Amour (Level 2+)
The supple, white and brown leather makes you feel a rush of anger and adrenaline when touched.
Armor: Leather, Hide
Enhancement: AC
Property: Gain a +1 item bonus to attack rolls when bull rushing. Increase the distance you can push the target by 1 square (you can slide yourself into any square the creature vacated).
Level 12 or 17: Increase the push distance by 2.
Level 22 or 27: Increase the push distance by 3.
Power (Encounter): Free Action. You can use this power when you successfully bull rush a creature. The creature takes 10 damage.
Level 12 or 17: 20 damage.
Level 22 or 27: 30 damage.

3) +5 to charm effects? +5 to what? If that's attack rolls, well, this is completely broken. If it was damage, it would still need to be typed, and should probably scale instead based on enhancement bonus. The per encounter power needs to be written up as a power, and you need to redo the keywords, Cold, not ice or water, and rock and wind aren't damage types.

4) A bonus to fortitude isn't as out of line as a bonus to AC, though I would reduce this to +1, and type it as an item bonus (or even remove it, make it +1 for the level 15/20 version, and make it +2 for the level 25/30 version). The bonus to endurance should be an item bonus equal to the enhancement bonus. The power though is completely wrong. The immobilize needs a proper duration, either saving throw ends or until end of the targets next turn, and the saving throw reduction need a duration. There should probably be an attack roll involved too.

5) The radiant resistance could probably come up, even if it was 10, becoming 20 in epic tier, it won't get much use as most enemies don't use radiant. Again the damage property, if it was on an armor at all, should be an item bonus equal to the enhancement value of the armor. That property would probably drag the level up though.

6) See the note on fortitude in 4 for the will bonus here. No rules element except for leveling up in the game enhances an attribute though, so neither should this. An item bonus to a handful of strength based skills would be fine though. As for the power...again, write it up fully, and the elemental shouldn't scale.