View Full Version : Operation: Virtual Freedom

2006-12-04, 10:36 PM
Hey, everyone who reads the webcomic board. I have started toying with sprites again (I'm sure many of you boo'ed me right there) and have started making a hobby webcomic. It will show up, well, on these boards. Just click the spoiler below my posts.

DISCLAIMER- This is supposed to be satire. I am joking. I am not trying to insult ANYONE or any view, only express a humorous side to a very serious subject. If you dont like sprites, or my comic, tell me if you can be civil. If you like it, also tell me. If you don't like how I express my opinions, or disagree with me, or just feel like yelling at someone, don't bother.

I realize I will probably spell stuff wrong, that sometimes my sprites will come out unclear, and some stuff my amke me laugh but just be painful to others. Just remember, I'm re-learning every thing I knew aobut spriting. Just say to yourself "He's an idiot, but mildly amusing."

Oh and feedback is appreciated.