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2013-06-19, 08:55 PM
I've been working on a few DnD next races. Here's the first of them. Its likely pretty rough, but I'm satisfied with the basic mechanics. Underneath it, for context, I've provided my DnD Next 'human' fix, since I find the humans presented to be both overpowered and boring. But I am concerned that the Draugr presented here might be overpowered, especially the Blue-Dead subrace...

2013-06-19, 08:56 PM

Cultural Details:
Alignment: Draugr are usually neutral, although they can be any alignment. Many Draugr return to the living lands out of a sense of duty, be it to their community, to their ideals, or to their kin. Others return to wreak havoc, or to exact vengeance on those who troubled them while alive. More ancient Draugr tend towards Lawful, for the simple reason that their ordered existence lends itself well to immortality. And the longer they exist, the harder it is to justify such emotional extremes as 'good' or 'evil.'
Religion: Draugr follow the deity they did when they were alive, or else they follow Death. Draugr gods tend to be old and almost forgotten, and if they follow the more common religions, their outlook on those faiths is usually archaic-seeming to the modern church. Many Draugr remember a time where blood-letting was the norm for even the kindest of gods.
Language: Draugr speak common, but they are often able to read and understand ancient versions of the language. Draugr's barrows are often filled with artifacts inscribed with verses of this language. Many draugr also speak the languages of the underworld, such as Fair Folk, demons, and devils.

Names: Draugr most commonly use the names they used in life, although these names often are of an archaic form to their more modern versions. Others see their new undead existence as a turning point, and choose a new name to reflect the transition.

Size: Medium.
Low-*Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of you, you treat shadows in that radius as normal light, and you treat darkness in that radius as shadows.

Unliving: Draugr are immune to disease and death effects. In addition, they cannot become exhausted or fatigued. Draugr do not need to sleep, eat, or breath. Draugr count as undead.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common

Subrace: Choose a subrace. Two subraces are described here: Hel-blár and Haugr.

Ability Score Adjustment: +1 Constitution

Hel-blár (Blue-Dead)
A blue-death cast to the skin marks these undead. The Hel-blár have access to powerful trollskap magic, sorcerous powers granted by their connection to the Underworld.
Ability Score Adjustment: Your starting Charisma score increases by 1.
Speed: 30 feet.
Trollskap: Choose one spell: Enlarge Person, Invisibility, Darkness, or Cause Fear. You may cast that spell 1/day for every five levels you have. Charisma is your magic ability for it.

Haugr (Barrow-wight)
These gaunt, pale corpses have the uncanny durability of the dead. Their skeletal, half-flayed forms can be terrifying to behold.
Ability Score Adjustment: Your starting Strength score increases by 1.
Speed: 30 feet.
Unkillable: Haugr gain damage reduction 1/-. This increases by an additional 1/- every five levels thereafter. In addition, they gain Diehard as a bonus feat.

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Human (work in progress)