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Shadow of the Sun
2006-12-05, 08:54 PM
This is just an explanation of the campaign world I am writing- many people will see the Michael Moorcock and the Terry Pratchett influence in my design

The World, The Realms and the Like: The world is a small area where the four realms overlap. The four realms are: The Realm of Good, the Realm of Evil, the Realm of Law(means order in my campaign) and the Realm of Chaos. The realm of good is like heaven, the realm of evil like hell. The realms of law and chaos are a little less clear cut- The realm of law focuses primarily on permanence, being unchanged, lots of laws, like physics to keep it going. The realm of chaos is always changing, never fixed, with little to no natural laws, which make it almost sanity shattering to mortal beings. In each realm, there is ordinary matter, like iron and gold, but also "soulstuff" which I have dubbed anireso- a portmanteau of two Latin words - animus and reson, which mean respectively, soul and stuff (imaginative, aren't I?) The world contains matter and anireso, but it contains an equal blend of all the "flavours" of anireso- chaos, law, good and evil, making the world truly neutral when compared to the realms, which each contain only one flavour. However, the world isn't the only place the realms overlap- the realms also overlap in such away that there is a relatively equal area of each aspect of the alignment table, with the universe representing true neutral. The opposing realms are constantly at war with each other, as is expected.

The Gods: The gods are beings from the realms. The beings are composed entirely out of anireso. They are tasked with making sure the gods of the opposite alignment do not get a foothold on the world- being an area where all the realms overlap, it is essentially the perfect strategic point in the wars between the realms, and as such the opposing alignment gaining control of it would be catastrophic. Due to the gods being from the realms, they have a lot of power- the gods of law have power in making natural laws, the gods of chaos in breaking them. The gods of good and evil have power due to the blend of anireso- by manipulating there own parts of it, they can change it all

Magic: Magic comes in two flavours- arcane and divine. Divine magic is the same as it is in all campaigns, but arcane magic differs a bit. Arcane magic is essentially bringing in anireso from the realm of chaos and manipulating it in such a way as it temporarily changes natural law around the caster in such away as to allow the effect desired to happen. This process is exhausting- because it is the energy of chaos, it is hard to control, so it requires a lot of focus. Sorcerers are beings that have natural skill in the summoning and controlling chaotic anireso, and thus are all chaotic. Mages (because I hate the word wizard) gained there magic by studying how a Sorcerer casts his magic and trying to duplicate it when they had no natural talent- this means they had to study and learn and practice. Spells are essentially pre-made packages which remove the understanding of magic- the mage knows the spell, not the mechanics behind it. As a result, learnt magic is very dogmatic. Druids do there magic by tapping into the inherent divinity of nature. Arcane magic cannot be used in the realm of law- the overabundance of law energy means it automatically fizzles.

Life: Life is essentially matter in which anireso is locked- anireso brings life and causes it. Non sapient life is inherently neutral. Sapient life begins neutral, but as a living being thinks, it changes the anireso of his soul to a different balance. The soul of an object is essentially a small god.

The races: generic D&D races, but the DM can add any race he wants.

Other stuff: The world is special because it doesn't spontaneously change, but nor is it permanent. This means that living matter evolved because instead of remaining constantly the same or constantly changing, it changed due to the demands set on it. The blend anireso is what allowed it to do this, so life as on Earth only exists in an area of balance between law and chaos. An object can become "chaos purged" which means it becomes unchangeable. Chaos purged weapons are in high demand because they cannot break. Chaos purging a living thing essentially turns it into a statue until chaos is reintroduced.

So, whaddya think? I haven't been playing long, but things like this pop into my head from time to time.

2006-12-05, 09:18 PM
That ANisero reminds me a lot of the "Poserium" from one of my games in RM2K3. Except... Poserium was the energy that droves Physics, and by commanding it, you commanded physics to do your bidding. So yours is Chaos, mine is law. And mine is a computer game that I stopped working on, and yours is a D&D campaign setting.

Shadow of the Sun
2006-12-05, 09:23 PM
In my setting, Lawful Anisero causes the laws of physics, but by utilizing Chaotic Anisero, you can negate natural law. The basic idea is that Chaos is inherently law breaking, and as such, by channeling it correctly, you can change the laws of nature temporarily. Lawful anisero makes the laws, Chaos anisero breaks them.

2006-12-05, 09:36 PM
Hm. I use WAY too many Physics related energies. SO just one question: is this an energy, matter, concept, or a fusion of these things? For example, the Lifestream is both Energy and, as Mako, mass.

Shadow of the Sun
2006-12-05, 09:46 PM
Anireso can interact with the physical world, but only when a god wishes to become corporeal. It is essentially what allows life to exist, and it is what the soul and the gods are formed of. It causes the natural laws to exist, so it does effect matter, but indirectly.