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2013-06-25, 09:26 AM
I'm thinking of creating a Steampunk Campaign setting, with a low amount of magic (maybe an occasional Sorcerer but no wizards or clerics, something like Girl Genius). I'm creating a system to replace spells that's most based on the Pathfinder Psionics system, and for now will use the Psion/Wilder powers as it's basis. Later I'll post example conversions between powers and inventions, and I'll post classes that use this on separate threads.

Many people simply stumble through life, lacking the passion or inspiration to forge their own destiny. But for every thousand people, there is at least one who has the proper balance of insanity and drive to truly change the world. These Inventors have insight into the natural universe and are able to craft great inventions to achieve many ends: those that are great, those that are terrible, and some which simply cause you confusion. Love them or hate them, they have shaped the world into it's current state.

About Inventions
Inventors have flashes of inspiration that are as quick to decompose as they are created. Creating an invention typically takes a standard action, it can be activated by the Inventor as a swift action, and it can be used before deteriorating for a number of rounds equal to the invention’s effective inventor level (including the round that she uses to create the invention). Otherwise it is a one-time effect, similar to spells and powers. Only the Inventor fully understands how it works, so only she can use it. An Inventor uses a combination of her insight and materials around her to craft inventions (instead of casting or manifesting them)

Every Inventor has a daily supply of points called ingenuity that can be used to create inventions they have learned or researched.
In addition, most inventions require materials to create. For an Inventor to craft an invention of the highest level he can craft, he must have material components equal to 10 * the number of points spent * the inventor level of the effect. The inventor may lower the effective inventor level to the minimum needed to craft the invention. Once the effect is used, she can salvage half of the components out of the wreck that results and use them for another invention. Similarly to craft an invention of the second highest level he must have components with a gp value of 5 * the number of points spent * the inventor level. Any other invention is free monetarily for the inventor since she has gained enough mastery over inventions of that level to salvage what she needs from around her.

2013-06-25, 09:27 AM
First, and example of a converted power. I'll take Foxhole (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/psionics-unleashed/psionic-powers/f/foxhole), a 1st level power that moves earth.

Level 1
Crafting Time One Standard Action
Range 20 ft.
Effect Four 5-ft. squares of loose earth, sand, snow, or similar unworked terrain (S)
Duration Instantaneous
Ingenuity Cost 1

With a high intensity burrowing robot, a chemical solution that burns away the terrain and builds up foam, or one of many other methods, you create a foxhole as the power Foxhole.

Augment You may augment this invention in one or more of the following ways:
1. For each additional ingenuity spend, you can burrow one 5-ft, cube instead of affecting four 5-ft. squares. Only one of these cubes need be in contact with the surface when you start manifesting.
2. For each 2 additional ingenuity spend, you can affect substances with an hardness of 2 additional points (such as stone or ice) starting at hardness 0.
3. If you spend 2 additional power points you may craft and use this device as a swift action, and have the option to use it as a free action that turn or on subsequent turns as a swift action.

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There's quite a few things that do this already.

Mechonomicon (compile of constructs)


Gramarie (Brilliant Class)


Eisenmeister (Tech)


Golem Maker (More Golems PrC)


Effigy Master (Better golem crafter)