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2013-06-26, 01:21 AM
Powers granted by elusive entities
1:Storm Pact
The source of your power is one of the many sentient creatures who weild the powers of this domain. Whether it be a deal with djinn or from speaking with storm giants, you gained the powers of the storms to smite your foes.
Boon: Charged Air
When an enemy marked by warlock's curse drops to 0 hp or less, anyone in a 3 space radius takes lighting damage equal to twice that enemy's level.

Lv. 1: Circuit Cordon at will power
The area around you is covered with a dark fog, crackling electricity striking those caught in the mist.
Close burst 3
Int or cha vs reflex
1d8 lighting damage

Phantom Pact
The one you owe your powers to is a powerful creature of death, such as a lich or ghost of a powerful being.
Pact boon: Ghastly Knowledge.
When an opponent drops to 0 hp or less, you gain +3 to attack rolls for 3 turns.

Lv. 1: Spirit Swarm At will power(phantom)
you summon the ghosts of the dead in the area, peppering the opponent with spirits
1d4 fear damage and 1d4 psychic damage
+1 psychic damage for every creature or character killed in the encounter.

Will as more powers and 2 pacts soon.

2013-06-30, 09:59 AM
Well, rather lacking in things to look at, but sure...

Storm Pact
Charged Air: This really, really needs to be non-minion creature. Before looking at the damage, this feature should only harm enemies I think. Having your melee characters be unable to focus fire because you cursed the target is bad. As for the amount of damage, this is well, very high. At MOST I would make this deal just the monsters level in damage, not twice; remembering you haven't given it an attack roll so it's just automatic.

Circuit Cordon: Formatting aside and the utter lack of keywords, a close burst 3 is very large for an at-will. I'd probably make it close burst 1 if it only hurt enemies, or close burst 2 if it hit everyone. However this being a striker power, I'd considering boosting the base damage to 1d10. More important, this should add your charisma modifier to the damage roll.

Phantom Pact
Ghastly Knowledge: I...well, this is pretty ridiculous, and the star pact is crying. If you typed this as a power bonus, and made it only apply to your next attack roll, then it might be okay.

Spirit Swarm: This is lacking too much information to critique to be honest, you need range, keywords, etc. See some of the things on Circuit Cordon though, like missing an attribute to the damage roll.