View Full Version : Want to fight with an Iron Maiden, because BoVD says it cannot be done!

2013-06-26, 11:27 PM
In BoVD it specifically states that an iron maiden (given as a torture device) would make a poor weapon. Well f*** that! I would like my evil half-minotaur character to fight with one. Since he is a strong brute he would just grab it and beat people with it! In what ways could I make this effective, fun, and flavorful? What I am looking for is how to use best use an iron maiden as a weapon, and also how to make/enhance it.

How could I optimized the improvised weapon fighting table in CW to get the most benefit of using an iron maiden? Would hulking hurler, PrC from CW, be useful to throw it? Maybe I could homebrew some chains onto it so I can pull it back to me on my next turn and ready myself to throw it again? And maybe some kind of special critical where the enemy gets stuffed inside it for bonus damage?! My DM is pretty accepting of homebrew, so long as it's flavorful, and all sourcebooks are acceptable. LET'S MAKE THE IRON MAIDEN WORK!

2013-06-26, 11:56 PM
Iron Maiden Mace, grapple a creature, pin it, put it in the Iron Maiden, gain bonuses as the creatures life force is sapped from the trapped creature to power the now very effective Iron Maiden weapon.

2013-06-27, 12:04 AM
I'd suggest this thread be moved to D&D 3.5e discussion, as it has little to do with homebrew itself.

I feel like I had something more to say, but I can't recall now. I'll edit this post if I remember it. :smallsigh:

2013-06-27, 01:07 AM
What they mean is that there's not a good analog for it.

I'd say it's closest analog is a caber.

2013-06-27, 01:54 AM
A rather large sized greatclub when used to beat people, and can be used to grapple and deal piercing type constrict damage?

And then enchant it like you would a big bludgeoning weapon.

Requires exotic weapon proficiency (iron maiden) as well as large size, powerful build or oversized weapon fighting feat.

Deals 2d8 bludgeonig damage, crit stats 20/x2
On successful grapple attempt can put the graplee into the iron maiden as a move action that provokes AoO's, dealing whatever damage the iron maiden normally deals while inside. Maintaining a grapple on someone inside the iron maiden is a swift action.
Wielding an occupied iron maiden incurs a -4 to hit.

2013-06-27, 04:45 PM
I can see requiring a certain strength mod to weild it, increasing if it's occupied. In return it does a fair amount of damage, increasing if it's occupied. And the current occupant takes damage each turn it is inside.

Might work as a tower shield providing cover. In some ways might work better as a shield than a weapon.

Now, as far as magical enchantments on it, there's a whole world of things you can do. I assume you don't want to.

2013-06-27, 05:41 PM
I'm also reminded of those crow Zealots from Bioshock Infinite that run around with coffins chained to their backs. Imagine them being twice as strong and can pull it in front of them as a shield or to crush you if you get too close in a fight.