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2013-06-27, 04:40 PM
So I'm running a game of Kingmaker and am trying to figure out what I can expect out of these rules. Are they balanced? Do they scale well? Do they do better than any old homebrew system that you may have come up with?

Those of you who have played extensively with them, if you could revise them, what would you do?

2013-06-28, 06:47 PM
I remember from my Kingmaker campaign that some of my players came up with a hypothetical get rich quick scheme, that involved basically spending all of their BPs on building buildings that created magic items, and then profiting wildly.

Thankfully they're considerate enough players that they didn't go through with it, but I don't think there was anything in the rules that would have prohibited it. Depending on whether you're using the original rules for it right out of the Kingmaker AP or if you're using the errata'd version found in the new Ultimate Campaign book, that's a possible.

A quick houserule of "Don't be a ****" would probably fix it. :smallsmile:

2013-06-29, 02:08 AM
The thing we've run into is that, of all the roles, the guy most adept at making the city planning should NOT be the actual leader.
The last thing you want is the game progressing 2 years without the other players interacting, which if the leader is the chief city planner, is wont to happen.
Also spreadsheets.

2013-06-29, 11:35 AM
I'll be sure to keep an eye out for these things, then. And to set up a spreadsheet to minimize hassle.

Could either of you comment on the scaling of Control DCs with Kingdom size? Does it get better or worse with increasing development of settlements? Do the rules actually scale well to a 100-hex kingdom such as they might be wont to create if we get all the way to book 5/6?

2013-06-29, 05:53 PM
a lot of that can depend on dice rolls. If they're good at planning and making use of the mechanics, then they'll likely rarely fail.
However, there are a lot of random events that can royally screw with what the players build. If, say, a rampaging animal levels two important city blocks, they can start botching rolls much more often and start a downward spiral.
My party went from being one month from ranking up to spending 4 months rebuilding after a single random event.
So, tl;dr: "yes and no"