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2013-06-27, 07:00 PM
So I am setting up a non-magic Psionics based PbP campaign, and while most everything can be done by just dropping spellcasting classes, and going with Dreamscarred Press's well made classes, but I do want to port over a bit of flair.

So far, I have most of a refit of a bard done. But it could use a little work on powers list.

Basically, PP and Powers Known as Psychic Warrior, but I have no idea what kind of powers I want to give it outside of all Clairvoyance and Clairsentience powers. I was thinking of throwing in a little bit of other powers in for spice.

I want to make a port of the Magus, Inquisitor, Ranger, Paladin, perhaps Witch.
Analogs of Druid and Cleric are not on my list.

Also, with the advent of talents (psionic cantrips), I am also thinking of porting over a few cantrips and orisons. Anyway, just wanting to see if the glory of the playground would like to bounce around a few ideas while i continue to work on the Bard, and then post it, and others as I work on this.

Just going to reserve a few slots up front to post some goodies.

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Reserved for posterity.

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One last reserved post just incase things get REALLY crazy.