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2013-06-28, 09:10 AM
What I am looking for is a comprehensive list of items, gear, weapons, armors ect.... this list should include name, cost, weight, damage type, damage die, critical multiplier and its general information. (IE: Dagger 1d4 19-20 x2 pierce/slash 1lbs 2gp -found in phb 116)


2013-06-28, 09:39 AM

2013-06-28, 02:58 PM
yes whil the SRd does have the information that are in the core books it does not have the information from the other books like the complete series, magic item compendium , ect and I was looking for a list done in either text or spreadsheet format.

Raineh Daze
2013-06-28, 03:15 PM
Complete list of weapons, I think. (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=9053)