View Full Version : Have any PnP products used pre-recorded narrating/acting?

2013-07-03, 03:30 PM
I had this weird idea and I'd like to know if anyone has ever released something similar. If you've heard of something like this then would you mind sharing?

So you get a campaign kit together, maybe a book, some maps, tokens, etc., but you include pre-recorded bits of dialog, monster sounds, ambient effects, BBEG catchphrases, and the like through a little downloadable soundboard or browser login page. If the game is released as an e-document then it may even be able to be embedded into the DM's reading for the module. Passages of text could be clicked on for narration, monster stat blocks could have a sound effect for each attack or ability, and various environmental cues could be used by clicking on the map graphic.

It seems like the kind of thing that could give a bit of a boost to the bad actor "there's a guy and he gives you this mission" DMs out there, and a bit of a fun feature to everyone else.

Any thoughts?