View Full Version : Homebrewing a magic headband, help? (3.5e)

2013-07-06, 05:08 PM
I'd had the idea for a while to write up stats for a sort of magical headband that bestowed painful visions of the future to it's wearer... the inspiration for this is Cordelia's visions(Angel).

In the beginning, the wearer only gets headaches of a severe sort from the headband, accompanied by vague foggy visions of the near future.

At all times the wearer can resist the damage with a fort save of increasing dc.

But i'm thinking at first it's just headaches on failed save, no damage. Then non lethal damage on a failed save. Then lethal damage on failed save. Then Con damage on failed save. This is physical damage; a mortal brain not being able to handle the visions or something like that.

If the wearer cannot have it removed within an alotted amount of time, the symptoms become fatal... The visions are random, provided at the dungeon master's leisure.

The damage can be healed, or restored. But restoration spells have an increasing chance of failure as well.

The headband cannot be removed with a simple remove curse spell, it has to be manually removed by the original owner, who does not suffer the fatal effects of the headband. Otherwise, limited wish, wish, or miracle.

The wearer can survive and embrace the visions by becoming at least a native outsider(half cel or half fiend).

Can ya'll help me with the specifics? Like a working mechanic for it?

2013-07-06, 10:26 PM
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