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Scots Dragon
2013-07-09, 03:52 AM
So I've been using the Pathfinder Campaign Setting lately for a lot of things, but anyone who's noticed my posts at all over the past few years would note that I'm the kind of person who prefers somewhat older games. Particularly those which are presented in OSRIC and various other similar retroclones based off of certain fantasy games. Therefore I got around to thinking about whether or not I could start converting-back various bits of material so that it would be easier to play Pathfinder-related games within old-school rulesets.

I decided to start off with the sorcerer, which can be found here (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pqnmf3yyrvTHLLGzgOXNzbsZa4s_nV_W1CFhDIAukQs/edit).

My approach here has mostly been to convert flavour over mechanics, and instead of expending spell slots, my sorcerer uses a mana system. But it is generally based off of the same approach. The Pathfinder Sorcerer can be found at http://d20pfsrd.com, for comparison, though I've deliberately included several differences.

A few notes;
The spell progression is deliberate. A sorcerer receives only one spell at each level of advancement, which I thought was a decent cost for being able to cast dozens of spells per day without preparation. This seems to be a bit more unbalancing in AD&D than it is in D&D 3.5e
Mana progression is similarly determined, as is the fact that the sorcerer can progress much more rapidly.
The arcane sources are something I'm still working on, and haven't been tested yet; they're probably woefully unbalanced, but I've made it something that you don't necessarily get to choose.
Due to any inherent balance issues, you'll note that I've basically put 'ask your DM' in there about a zillion times.

I'm open to any commentary and criticism.

2014-03-18, 08:59 PM
Bit of a necromancy here, but anyway... That's pretty cool. I've been struggling with making a sorcerer for a long time, but I like this. I'm usually not the biggest fan of spellpoint systems though.