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2013-07-09, 06:27 PM
Hello All.
I was looking for help with my Homunculus Homebrew.

My following questions are in need of answering:
1. Could the Homunculus crafted by a mix of Alchemy and Arcane magics be classified as anything other then a Construct with the Living Construct Subtype?
2. As opposed to the Warforged who some could classify as a Homunculus in some ways this one would be able to regenerate but only using a special Homunculus only skill called 'Self-Repair' or 'Self-Maintenance'. It would repair 1d4+1/level of the Homunculus till level 4 when it would become a 1d6+1/level and then at 8 a 1d8+1/Level. The skill can only be used once per turn as either a Free Action or Standard I don't know which any advice?
3. Again similar to the Warforged the Homunculus would have armor add ons, but with that comes a Inlaid Armor due to the type of being the construct is granting him +1 Natural armor every other level or every 2 levels (1,4,7,10,13) (Max 5) Does this sound to much to you?
4. I was considering doing feats akin to the Warforged Armor feats that can be added onto the Inlaid Armor and stacks with it, but for the most part keeps the same stats as the Warforged Body feats. But Adding 1 known as the Custom Construct Composite Body CCCB for short. This would allow the Composite armor to be crafted now just from Mithral or Adamantine or Ironwood but of whatever the creator wanted (Creator as in the Homunculus' creator). So the +1 twilight Fey/Githcraft Mithral Full-Plate granting a +9 armor 0 ASF but still possessing the -4 to Armor Check could be used on the Homunculus granting him this increased armor Is that a good idea? The custom creation, I designed it for SL purposes if someone constructed a Homunculi like this and wanted to use it for battle, they would make the thing a tank right?
5. I was also gonna make the CCCB armor class be based on weight so anything under 25 would be Light Armor, anything over 25 and under 40 is Medium and 41+ is all Heavy sound ok as it would increase the speed due to the lightness of the armor?
6. What +Attributes would it likely have, what - Attributes?

sorry a total noob.

2013-07-14, 11:09 PM
Unfortunately, without knowing what you want to accomplish, it's impossible to give you answers to your questions.

What do you want them to do? If this is your homebrew, you should decide how you want those questions answered. That would give the rest of us an idea of what you are looking for.

Homebrew can be legal or not. However, I don't recommend breaking the rules until you are more familiar with the rules.