View Full Version : Help with a character concept: Arcane Musketeer (Pathfinder)

2013-07-10, 03:58 PM
Hey all. So I had an idea I'm trying to think through with gestalt. An Arcane Musketeer. It is strictly Pathfinder and main book pathfinder, I may be able to work some stuff in with approval, but nothing crazy or too much. So far I would think that the way to go for this would be Spellslinger Wizard (Ultimate Combat) and Magus (Ultimate Magic). I like the whole magic through a rapier and flint lock pistol thing. Only problem is that I can't figure out a way so I can hit with my sword, and cast a spell through the pistol.

Spellslinger allows you to cast a spell through the pistol, as long as it's cone, line, etc. Magus allows you to cast a spell as part of a full round action, but requires a free hand even if the spell doesn't require semantic. Is there a way around this I'm not seeing? I REALLY like the concept and all. Thank you ahead for any suggestions