View Full Version : Campaign Cartographer vs. AutoREALM: The Final Conflict

2013-07-11, 01:59 PM
Okay, I have a fairly simple factual question and I can't find an answer to it, so:

Does Campaign Cartographer have something similar to AutoREALM's ruler tool? (The thing that lets you draw a freehand route over the map and it tells you the distance in a unit you select, be it miles, leagues, yards, days by horse, etc.)
...and if it doesn't, is there another program that does?

I ask because AutoREALM is increasingly giving me trouble. It weirdly changes and hides parts of maps without any discernable cause, and I have at least one world map that's outright bugged, which according to my research means I can't un-bug it unless I re-do the entire map (that I've been working on for over a decade), and if I'm going to do that, I might as well do it in a potentially more stable format. And if I'm not losing functionality, I'm willing to pay for a more stable format.

Which I guess brings up a second question: is CC more stable than AutoREALM? It seems logical to presume it would be.

That I've been using AutoREALM should make it obvious that I don't care much about it looking pretty and flashy. This is a map to be *used* at every game session. I understand CC has a learning curve but I have the time and will to invest therein. CC has layers, like AutoREALM, which is important to me too.

But really, the ruler tool thing is the dealbreaker. Without that, I might as well use Paint Shop Pro. Or even Excel.

Those of you who have experience with both AutoREALM and CC, if any: I welcome whatever additional input you might have.