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2006-12-09, 01:36 PM
I just wondered what anybody thought of my campaign; its the first I've really created, and so most of the differences from the norm are in background rather than in mechanics.

My campaign sort of evolved from the idea of an underwater city, Atlantis. Not a sunken ruined one (ironically, by the time I had got some sort of idea about the history of the world, it was the one of the only non sunken cities) but a functional city underwater.

I worked out a background that basically involved most of the world being destroyed by Flux Magic* in the catacalysmic series of wars known as the Fall, sinking the most of the three continents. The few parts of land that remained where left infertile and useless for the most part, and the refugees could see little hope for the future. It was an elven engineer by the name of Faulen who created a series of subships, submersible aquatic craft and led a few of the survivors (mostly elves) away from the devestated few islands that remained.
This fleet travelled for many years, before coming across the Sphere, a large bubble of about 3 mile diameter that extracted breathable gases from the water and filtered out waste products. Some say that Faulen used the last of her Flux to create it, whilst others say it was the deities, but whatever caused it, it some became useful. Faulen constructed a infrastructure of beams to support a city contained within the Sphere, Atlantis.
Other cities that exist include the Deep Cities, founded by the dwarves and halflings just before Atlantis, a series of tunnels dug into the seafloor and Tojanda's Spine, an orc settlement built into a large coral reef.

This is at least a hundred years into my world's history, but recently, settlers have begun to try and set up villages on some of the islands, since they have had time to recover from the Fall. Subships, first created by Faulen, have now become the equivalent of surface vessels, used for both trade and war.

There was something I had been wondering about; I don't want Atlantis to become obselete, and I was thinking how many islands became too many so that the underwater city just became impractical?

*Flux Magic is, or rather was, an artifically produced form of magic that existed before the Fall. In the Fall, all of the constructs that produced Flux were destroyed, so Flux Magic is all but lost, its mana now takes the form of artifacts within the campaign.

2006-12-09, 01:59 PM
I got other options. There are plenty of aquatic races capable of building underwater cities. The Aventi (basically aquatic humans), sea elves, merfolk, Locathah, sahuagin, Tritons, numerous aquatic fey… the list goes on.

So you could simply have the elves meet up with any number of aquatic races. But its your world so whatever floats your boat… or sinks your city… or whatever…

2006-12-09, 02:09 PM
I guess, but I'm kind of happy with the way I've got; there's nothing wrong with it. I decided that I didn't want sea elves or really aquatic sentient races in this. A few aquatic races, but not those that the survivors could get on well with. Then again, I could see Faulen having some sort of aquatic parentage to look to the ocean...