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2013-07-17, 09:03 AM
I'm trying to build a system that will let my players take over and manage a piece of land. It isn't meant to affect their skill in or out of battle, although some of their treasure could be coming from it.

I'm trying to think of mechanics for managing a piece of land.

Have you heard of something like this in a pen and paper role playing game that isn't to complex?


Right now I'm thinking that they get a town with stats and amenities. The stats are km2, population, morale, and economy. Depending on the amenities of the town they have access to different "tax actions". like "tough on crime" or "mining subsidy" that would change their stats. Every time you take a tax action you can trigger an invasion if your land/economy is too high compared to other numbers, or a revolt if your moralle is too low.

GMs can insert plot obstacles as barriers to completing tax actions, like guilds and organized crime, which the players can negotiate with, or beat up, or whatever.

As a tax action you can also invade other places.

The outcome of an invasion/revolt would be determined by stats, but also by a "key battle" where the players take part in fighting for their state. If the situation is such that whether or not they won the key battle they would still succeed, than they can skip it.


How does this sound? Can you think of problems or other aspects to add from it? Do you think it would be fun?

2013-07-17, 10:21 PM
I think it would be better to have the rules be more loose. Simply ask your players how much they want to tax, guards to hire, laws to enact, etc, and then as the GM decide how it affects their subjects and neighbors. You can have several adviser NPC's to give suggestions or warn of possible uprisings/attacks. If their neighbor does start a war, a military adviser could give them major tactical advice that may or may not go in their favor, as well as having a "key battle" involving the players.

2013-07-18, 10:13 AM
Two very important questions:

How micro-manager-ish do your players enjoy being? Some players would love a pen-and-paper version of SimCity, others may hate anything more complicated than setting a tax percentage...
Do you want this to be a central part of the campaign/adventures? If you want the game to be focused on defending/growing the town and weeding out evil influences that try to enter it then your answer will be very different than if the players just want to have some side income/influence for between quests.

2013-07-18, 02:35 PM
Actually I just found out about Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign by looking around, which is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for! Thanks for the help though.