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Veg Sorbet
2006-12-10, 04:44 PM
Out in the countryside, at the site where the final battle with the entity known as 'The Masters' was fought, a large metal archway stands, 20 feet high, on a base totalling 10 feet by 10 feet.

The arch, made of individual metal bars, is constructed of individual latticed sections, with bars criss-crossing inside the structure for extra support. At the very top, a tall lightning rod is fixed.

On either side of the base, two yellowish crystals have been placed, in contact with the metal.

Off to one side, a leather tent stands close to a large scortched area, with remains of what may once have been a bonfire, now no more than a scattering of fine ash.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-10, 04:48 PM
Note: any and all times mentioned here are GMT!

Okay, between Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th December, I'll be starting my first bit of major 'plot', which towards the end will involve a fight of some sorts.

I'm treating it in part as an attempt to see how well I handle the 'DM' kind of role, so feel free to jump in when things start happening - there will be a major lightshow to provide a reason for being there, though that will happen long before anything else.

Anyone who does show up - be warned that I have no knowledge of D&D, so if you use any "official" attacks, please provide a description of what the attack does, and a rough estimate of the desired effect - not in terms of damage roles, as none of the planned opponents have stats of any kind, and I'll have no clue what you are talking about.

2006-12-10, 04:51 PM
A flash of purple light brings a figure with a scarred face and naturally pale-green shaggy hair to the site. He takes in the appearance of the arch for a while, noting it's construction. Eventually, he vanishes again with another flash of purple light.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-11, 10:24 AM
One of Cain's shadow hounds forms from the shadow of the arch and sniffs the ether. After some level of expolration, he takes up watch on a nearby rock.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-11, 10:35 AM
Val appears in a flash of green light, and looks up at the archway. As he does so, a bolt of lightning strikes the arch, and the electricity jolts down it, and into the two yellow crystals, which atart to glow slightly.

He places the glowing book he is carrying in the tent for a moment, then raises a large shield of orange energy around him, and approaches the archway, drawing his sword.

Anna shimmers into existance close to the tent, and watches Val. She spots cain's hound, but ignores it.

When Val reaches the centre of the arch, he places the blade into the ground, and traces a line backwards about thirty feet from the centre of the archway. At the end of this line, he draws a circle large enough for him to sit inside. He drops the shield, and sheathes his sword, before heading off to find some firewood.

During the day, as the storm overhead rages on, more lightning is attracted to the archway, and the crystals slowly grow brighter. Val builds and lights a fire, and cooks some bamhacon on it. He and Anna talk together for much of the time, ignoring the arch completely.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-11, 10:41 AM
The shadowhound, water fizzing into steam all around him, drifts about snffing for a bit, before getting comfortable in the circle Val drew.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-11, 03:53 PM
More and more lightning strikes the arch, and the yellow glow from the crystals becomes stronger.

Val turns to the circle, and notices the shadowhound. Blast it. He raises a hand pointing at the creature, and mutters something under his breath, attempting to teleport it a few feet away, so he can have access to the circle.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-11, 03:58 PM
The shadow hound looks dissaprovingly and wanders off to relieve itself on the archway.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-11, 04:22 PM
Val goes over and occupies the vacated circle, shaking his head slightly. He sits there in silence for a while, as if meditating, as more lightning strikes the arch, and jolts downwards into the crystals at its base.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-12, 03:26 AM
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Veg Sorbet
2006-12-12, 06:11 AM
Lightning continues to strike the archway, and the glow around the yellow crystals increases. the temperature around the archway is gradually increasing.

Val sweats slightly as he sits there, mentally preparing himself. Anna stands back, and watches, various conflicting emotions confusing her somewhat. She fiddles abent-mindedly with the ethereal trace of what was her engagement ring when she was alive.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-12, 10:33 AM
The heat, coupled with intense concentration and lack of sleep, gets the better of Val, and he gets up quickly, moving back towards the tent, wiping sweat from his face with a rain-soaked sleeve.

He ducks down into the tent, and the gauntlets begin to glow. His clothes dry, and he flops himself down on his bed. Anna enters through the tent wall, and looks down on him, concern showing on her foxish face. you okay, love? she asks.

Val props himself up on his elbows and looks up at her. just tired. haven't had enough sleep in ages. He lies back down, putting his hands behind his head, and lies there silently for a while. Anna stands, watching him, her ears turned downwards, looking rather miserable. again, she subconsciously plays with the ghostly silver band that was her engagement ring.

Outside, lightning continues to strike the archway.

2006-12-12, 10:46 AM
From what appears to be a blue circle of water walks in a small figure, about the size of a half-ling. This mysterious figure sits down, in direct eye contact with the arch, And starts humming a tune.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-12, 12:04 PM
((what is it about this archway thast's attracting these creatures?! :P))

For a while, Val sleeps, his snoring drowned out only by the thunder. After a surprisingly short while, though, he wakes, sits up, and sighs.

Anna on realising he's awake again, tries depserately to perk up a little. Then she notices him staring down at the floor of the tent, now well-trodden earth, with a few patches of weak, dying grass. What's wrong? she asks, worry creeping across her face. Val sighs again, and shakes his head slightly. I'm just wondering whether I should've said proper farewells to everyone, instead of rushing straight up here and just vanishing.

Anna's ears fold down again. well, we both know its too late now. remember what Master Jureik said back at the mansion. she says, almost reluctantly, sighing. Val nods. now its begun, its best to keep going, I know. I just don't feel comfortable disappearing without having said anything to anyone other than Ilias and Cosmo. He trails off for a bit, and slowly a smile comes to his face. And now I think about it, asking Cosmo to pass on a message wasn't such a good idea Anna laughs, and shakes her head.

Listen, if you want me to go back into Town for a while, you know, pass on any messages... she tails off shrugging slightly. Val thinks for a moment and nods. That would be great, Anna. thanks. He sighs, looking out at the weather. I suppose I'd best get started... He gets up, and picks up the book, then pauses.

Listen, are you really, 100% certain that you want to stay on the ethereal plane here, rather than coming back with me? He asks, seriously. Anna nods.

Positively. Somehow I just know that as soon as I step onto Kroizian soil, I'd have Agents from Heaven's Fortress coming to drag me away. Even if someone was to resurrect me, they'd still be harassing me. She shakes her head.

I don't even know why they want me so badly - I mean, I wasn't exactly the best fighter ever, only a field medic with minor healing powers. It never made any sense to me at all... She shakes her head, throughout all this, she has been playing with the ring. She sighs slightly. At least here, I'll be free from them. I'm integrated somehow into the laws of this world now, we saw to that when I first went to the Ethereal Plane. she shakes her head again. Val notices the ring, bites his lip slightly, and begins searching his pockets for something. Anna doesn't notice, her eyes now fixed on something outside the tent.

Maybe one day, I'll get bored of being dead, and ask Inari to resurrect me, but for now, I'm perfectly hap... She trails off, knowing that, in truth, she isn't completely happy.

She looks up at Val, just in time to see him pull something wrapped in ancient, crumbling paper from one of his pockets. Is that...? she trails off as the paper crumbles away, to reveal a small band of silver, with some very old, battered, and slightly bloodstained string dangling from it. She shudders slightly at the sight of the string.

Val nods. I took it from you when I found your body. You'd been dead for a few days by then. He pulls out a small knife, and cuts off the string, letting it fall at his feet. He sits back down on the end of his bed for a short while, both of them looking at the ring. They slip back into the Kroizian language as they speak.

((Gleep! need to remember this is pbp, and I'm not writing a novel!))

2006-12-12, 12:10 PM
(( I suppose it doesnt really matter if you write in a novel style))

After looking at the archway, the figure in the cloak makes his decision and attempts casting a conjured bolt of lightning at the rod.

Much to his surprise, the bolt of lightning is repelled and flies off to the yonder.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-12, 12:27 PM
((trust me, that last post could easily have been almost double the length it was. I get very carried away at times.))
((and why would a lightning rod repell the lightning?))

After a time, Val finally collects the book, and heads back out to the circle he drew before, and sits down, opening the book up in his lap. He conjours his bright-orange energy field as an unusual umbrella to keep the elements off of the book. He begins turning the pages, as Anna shimmers out of existance, heading for the town.

2006-12-12, 12:37 PM
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2006-12-12, 12:38 PM
(( the lightning was magical and to truly say, I just felt like it :P))

With one last glance at the gate, the figure takes a scroll from inside its robe, reads it, And as the scroll burns to ash, A portal of shimmering light appears. Enveloping the mysterious figure, and dis-appearign along with him.

Where the figure was standing, there was only a stone, a peculiar stone in nature. Yet, it seemed like it belonged there. Along with the engraving, I will return.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-12, 01:02 PM
Val sits down in the circle, the book open in his lap. He holds his hands out in the direction of the two energy crystals, and the blue glow from the gauntlets seems to extend, to connect with the yellow glow from the crystals. He begins to chant softly.

cynoeswr grymoedd, mi galw ar chwi gwneuthuriad gweledig yr terfyn cyfrwng bydoedd.
cynoeswr grymoedd, mi galw ar chwi gwneuthuriad gweledig yr terfyn cyfrwng bydoedd.
cynoeswr grymoedd, mi galw ar chwi gwneuthuriad gweledig yr terfyn cyfrwng bydoedd.

As he speaks, the air under the arch begins to ripple, and slowly a strange, translucent
Semi-glass-like substance begins to form.

Lightning continues to strike the arch and travel down into the crystals.

2006-12-12, 01:19 PM
A small white wolf trots by and wanders in a circle around the gate, looking up at it. Another wolf joins it and they sit down to watch the lightning.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-12, 01:30 PM
Val opens his eyes for a few minutes, staring at the substance. He pants slightly, but grins. Ilias! Hi there! you're now looking at the barrier between this world and Kroizia! he calls.

((unfortunately, I've timed the start of this rather badly, as I'll be going out for an unknown amount of time in about half an hour. not sure I'll be back again until after midnight GMT. sorry!))

The barrier shimmers slightly, and seems to pulse every time lightning hits it.

Val stares at it intently, then closes his eyes, and begins to chant again.

terfyn, gwrando at fi, gadael i fi toriadau chwi ar hyn o dro ffurfio yr drws i mewn i Kroizia.
terfyn, gwrando at fi, gadael i fi toriadau chwi ar hyn o dro ffurfio yr drws i mewn i Kroizia.
terfyn, gwrando at fi, gadael i fi toriadau chwi ar hyn o dro ffurfio yr drws i mewn i Kroizia.

As he chants, lines slowly begin to form along the barrier. Slowly a clear-cut line forms down the middle, and as he finishes the third chant, it reforms into the shape of a pair of huge shimmering doors, from behind which almost blinding white light comes pouring through the crack.

((and I'm afraid I'll have to leave it there - I've got things to prepare... sorry again! will be back on most of tomorrow, though.))

2006-12-12, 02:12 PM
((Oh well, I don't have much time today anyway. I should have plenty of time tomorrow, though :)))

More wolves appear around the gate. They look up at the blackened sky, their eyes glowing brightly white. They let out an eerie howl among the blowing winds as lightning gathers around them. With a rolling of thunder they ascend to the stormy sky in a rush of air.

A moment later the sky lights up in massive discharges of lightning as the storm rapidly intensifies to a level where one might start to worry for the natural balance.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 08:03 AM
With his eyes still tightly closed, Val opens up both his hands, so that his palms face the crystals, which fly from their places, into Val’s hands. The energy within them seems to surge into his body as they make contact with the gauntlets and his entire body appears to burst into brilliant white flames. He doesn't seem to notice this, or be at all affected by it, though.

In a deep, booming voice, he recites here more lines, as the energy pours back into the archway.

a yr trydan gafael yma, mi cadarnhau yr drws a ceisiadau chwi agored!

As Val speaks, the archway itself lights up with energy, spreading dazzling light around for miles.

Lightning continues to strike the archway, though it doesn't seem to travel down any more, now the ritual is under way.

((*sigh* another day of sporadic posting ahead.))

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 08:37 AM
Val repeats the line again. The energy becomes even more intense.

a yr trydan gafael yma, mi cadarnhau yr drws a ceisiadau chwi agored!

The doors begin to glow with the same intensity and brightness as the archway.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 11:07 AM
Though lightning continues to strike at the arch, it seems almost insignificant now.

a yr trydan gafael yma, mi cadarnhau yr drws a ceisiadau chwi AGORED!

As Val practically roars the final word, the gates slowly begin to open. The dazzling light remains, and Val continues to pour energy into the gateway.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 11:36 AM
The dazzling brightness slowly subsides until the archway and doors are simply glowing blazing white light continues to pour from the open doorway. Val still pours more energy into the archway.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 12:29 PM
Slowly, the scene on the other side becomes clear. A dank, dreary rocky landscape sprawls for miles. Wind-beaten trees spread off to one side, forming an ominous-looking forest, and a small hill with a cave mouth is immediately apparent to the left. From the inside of this, sinister-looking red glowing eyes peer out. A foul stench of rotten flesh, and other equally nasty things, emanates from this land.

Vall, still with his eyes firmly closed in concentration, continues to pour energy in.

((note to any would-be helpers, I'll hopefully be back around 9.30/10.00 GMT. Forgot that Wednesday was Scouting night. I'd rather be here than being mauled by 11-14 year-olds wielding bandages [first-aid session tonight, "yay"] but its my last meeting before the uni breaks up so i figure i should probably go. apologies for my lack of organisation.))

2006-12-13, 12:42 PM
The storm rages on, the sky almost seething with energy. Strange howls can barely be made out among the crushing winds and roaring thunder.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 04:59 PM
((I'm back!))

Cautiously, Val opens his eyes. The white flames of energy continue to dance wildly around him, and it pours from him into the archway. As he sees the scene before him, a look of horror crosses his face. “No! Brace yourself!” he calls, as a horrible scratching, scraping shriek comes from the cave, and hundreds of vile, purple-skinned, winged creatures emerge, rushing towards the gateway, their evil red eyes dulled somewhat by the brightness of the archway.

2006-12-13, 05:17 PM
Lightning strikes from the sky at the beasts as five white wolves fly out of the clouds and descend upon them, eyes glowing brightly

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 05:24 PM
The swarm of creatures keeps coming. The ones hit by lightning let out pained, piercing screams before plummeting to earth. Others swarm around the wolves, pecking, biting, scratching and tearing at them.

Val tries to move, and finds himself locked in place, unable to do anything other than pour energy into the gate. A couple of the creatures dive-bomb him, but are fried, turning to ash as soon as they get close.

((description of the creatures: Vaguely man-shaped, they have purple skin and thick grey hair in patches all over their bodies.
Each creature has two leathery, bat-like wings spreading out from joins near the shoulders.
Their heads are small and round, with a massive, curved beaks full of sharp, jagged teeth.
They each wear leather straps with inch-long spikes protruding outwards on their wrists and ankles, and have long, clawed hands and feet.))

2006-12-13, 05:30 PM
The wolves snarl and attack in a howling fury as the winds pick up in strength, whirling around with crushing force.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 05:35 PM
The winds slow the creatures down somewhat, and make it harder for them to fly straight, but they continue to press onwards, as more and more continue to come from the cave.

The wolves find the creatures fairly tough, they don't seem to feel that much pain.

2006-12-13, 05:52 PM
The ground trembles as lightning strikes downwards and spreads out to blast the beasts. The wolves keep biting and tearing, their wounds closing up almost as quickly as they get them.

((Sorry, I probably should get some sleep. Haven't had much lately.

If the battle continues just assume that lightning keep striking once in a while, and that the wolves keep attacking randomly. They will take some wounds, but will keep going.))

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 06:01 PM
((Righto. Sorry again for the organisational screw-up.))

The lightning takes out a small cluster, but more keep coming. The wolves tear at the creatures, eventually managing to getthrough the creatures' tough flesh.

Val watches this, and calls out to them Aim for the wings! they're the weakest point! A couple of incredibly dense creatures swoop down at him, and are vapourised by the energy he is giving off.

2006-12-13, 06:15 PM
a silver-rimmed portal opens, and Zimbraw, Quollar and Jureik step out. Quollar opens up two smallish portals, and draws out a pair of machetes. He gives a loud battle-cry before charging at the swarm.

Jureik shifts from human to hybrid form, and seems to fly at them, surrounded by ghostly green energy. He throws balls of the stuff at the creatures. Zimbraw stands back, out of the way.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 06:22 PM
Quollar, Jureik and the wolves continue to attack the creatures fiercely, though they fight back just as hard.

Slowly, the intensity of the energy around Val weakens, though he still finds himself glued in place, unable to do anything other than watch the fight, and yell out instructions.

2006-12-13, 06:25 PM
Slowly the mass of creatures spreads out, on both sides of the archway. some continue to try divebombing Val, but get incinerated, others swoop down on Val's tent, tearing it to shreds before relaising that it isn't alive.

Zimbraw spots several staring to fly off towards the town, and opens portals in front of them, opening the other end up into a specific part of his cave network, where they are butchered by some unknown source.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 06:37 PM
Anna shimmers into existence by the remains of the tent, and stares around her. One of the creatures swoops down at her, and promptly crashes into the ground because of her incorporeal state. She turns lazily, as ghostly green energy wraps itself around her, then blasts it with a jet of the same energy.

The wolves continues to attack, now felling several iof the creatures.

As the creatures swoop low over Quollar, he raises the blades, and slices expertly at the leading attacker, severing its ugly head.

Jureik hovers in the archway, blasting creatures with balls of ethereal energy.

Val continues to sit there, though the energy field is quickly depleating now. at last! the doorway's stabilising. It won't close until I step through, though.

As this thought crosses his mind, another creature dives at him, and drives its beak through his shoulder. he yells in pain.

2006-12-13, 06:48 PM
Zimbraw hears Val's cry, and makes the mistake of looking in his direction, and recieves one of the bracelet spikes to his face for it. Not thinking, he raises his staff, and jabs it at the creature, falling backwards as his wounded leg gives way.

The creature crumples down on top of him, knocking the wind out of him.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 06:54 PM
Anna also hears Val's cry, and swiftly moves towards him, ignoring any of the creatures that attempt attack her.

The one attacking Val pulls its beak out and goes to grab at his throat instead.

Val finds himself suddenly free to move at ther last of the energy leaps from him into the gateway. He falls backwards with the weight of the creature on top of him, but throws a fist into its gut with as much power as he can manage.

Quollar, Jureik and the Wolves continue their various attacks, downing more and more of the creatures, though still more continue to come.

The creature on top of Val suddenly finds itself flying sideways, blasted by a jet of ethereal energy. Anna stands, looking wild and angry.

2006-12-13, 07:01 PM
Zimbraw struggles to get the creature off him, wincing every time he breathes. He watches as Quollar, Jureik and the wolves continue their attacks. All have now taken various minor wounds, but are managing to keep on top of things.

He frowns slightly, though, as he sees something unusual happeing with the archway, which appears to be bending slightly in Anna's direction.

Finally, fed up of the creature on top of him, he creates a portal directly beneath him, slipping away for a while into an unknown world.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 07:12 PM
The energy within the archway, and the doors, begin to warp slightly. Tendrils of energy slowly snake out towards Jureik, Anna and Val, vapourising any of the creatures they strike on their way.

Jureik seems not to notice as his collides with him, and begins wrapping itself around him.

Quollar and the wolves continue their fight. Quollar ends up with a beak chomping down on his left arm. He drops that sword, and swings wildly at the creature with the other. It falls away.

As Val's energy tendril hits him, he feels a strange sensation, not quite painful, but not altogether comfortable either. He blasts a few lightballs at any creatures that come close to him.

A burst of lightning fries a few more of the creatures.

2006-12-13, 07:30 PM
Zimbraw reappears, as the archway becomes more and more unstable. More tendrils of energy lash out at Anna, Jureik and Val. One almost gets Quollar as it speeds towards him, though he diverts it through a portal at the last minute.

As Anna's tendrils strike her, she screams in agony, and goes flying backwards, writhing.

Jureik's tendrils seem to break off as he moves around, as do Val's when his sits up, looking at Anna, horrified.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 07:47 PM
As the doorway distorts further, its use as a portal appears to diminish, and after a while, the creatures can be seen flying towards them, but disappearing when they reach the archway.

The remaining creatures continue to fight furiously. Quollar takes some major blows, before creating a portal and vanishing through it. two and a half of the creatures make it through with him. The remains of the half splatter on the ground, no more than a bloody mess.

The wolves continue their fight. Jureik alone appears to be the least damaged.

Energy tendrils continue to shoot towards Val and Jureik, but break off as soon as they move. More and more tendrils latch on to Anna, who writhes in sheer agony.

Val slowly gets to his feet, blasting a few more of the creatures, quickly finding that his own energy reserves are somewhat drained. He goes to draw his sword, but finds that his arm has been disabled by the beak through his shoulder.

2006-12-13, 07:57 PM
The Kroizian scene slowly fades, and the Townian countryside returns as more and more tendrils of energy shoot out in various directions, not all of them focussing solely on the three Kroizian's any more.

The creatures remaining on this side swarm down on anything living that they can see. Any getting too close to Anna get vapourised. The wolves struggle, but manage to keep on top of things.

Zimbraw uses carefully placed portals to defend himself, whilst rummaging through one particular portal for something.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 08:02 PM
Val dodges, ducks and dives various attacks, taking several bad hits, so that his robes are quickly shredded and bloodstained. His ponytail becomes undone as a claw clips the back of his head, and his hair is soon blown wildly by the wind, obscuring his vision.

He is knocked to the floor by one of the creatures, and his hand fals on something metallic.

Almost all the enrgy from the gate is now pouring itself into Anna at a rapid rate, though she now appears to have passed out from the pain.

2006-12-13, 08:05 PM
Zimbraw accidentally closes one of his defensive portals, and one of the creatures collides with him, ripping, tearing and slashing horribly. He opens a portal back to his cave directly underneath him, hopeing to time it so that it closes with the creature part-way through, though he misjudges, and the portal closes everal seconds too late.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 08:24 PM
Val's fist closes around Quollar's dropped machete, and he quickly lashes out with it, battling against exhaustion, reduced power levels, severe pain and dizziness from blood loss. He stumbles slightly as he fights.

The archway completely empties of energy in one final, dazzling jolt, accompanied by an explosive, thundrous noise. The earth trembles, and for a few seconds the fighting stops as total darkness falls over the area, before a large flash of light errupts from Anna's direction.

Then the battle resumes. Out of those left, the one in the best condition is Jureik, followed closely by the wolves, who seem to have gotten the knack of taking the creatures out.

Val, in a pretty dire state, is somehow managing to just about keep going. He stumbles and falls several times, taking many more blows. then, through a gap in the swarm of attackers, he spots Anna lying on the ground, not moving, but fully corporeal. He sees a couple of the creatures swooping down at her, just as one lands on his back, pulling him down towards the floor, its claws digging into his shoulders.

Jureik notices that Val has gone down, and does his best to try to reach him, but at every turn is swamped by more and more of the creatures.

As Val slips further towards unconsciousness, the Gauntlets begin to glow, then blaze dazzling white as their protective element takes over, and the creatures that touch him back away, whatever apendage they used to attack him burnt severely. They hiss and shriek with rage, but back away.

2006-12-13, 08:46 PM
As the creatures begin to realise that they are beaten, they start flying around the area aimlessly, running from person to person, trying to find a weak target.

However the only truely defenceless target, Anna, causes them more problems, as more of them begin to crowd around, they begin to fight each other.

Jureik takes advantage of their unclarity, and blasts his way towards Anna, only to find that the creatures there are now completely psychotic, and attack him with horrific strength and speed, swarming around him. I cannot manage this alone! he thinks to himself, as he attempts to defend himself.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 09:32 PM
A lightning strike takes out a good portain of the 'aimless' creatures, who are also being viciously attacked by the wolves. ((hope you don't mind what I've been doing with them, Ilias))

As Jureik is almost overwhelmed, he lets loose a blast of ethereal energy, which elminates all the creatures who were swamping him.

He immediately kicks off the ground, taking flight, and heading towards Val, where a circle of the really, really dense, and now rather fried creatures is still bysily trying to peck, scratch and claw its way through Val's impenetrable defensive shield, looking surpirsed each and every time they get burnt.

Jureik lands, and puts the dense creatures out of their misery with unother ethereal blast. He kneels beside Val, and slowly lets a lick of his own ethereal flame drip off onto Val.

It hits his shield,and the whole thing seems to burn with the faintly green ghostly energy. Val's body transforms to his hybrid form, his eyes snap open and he stands at a ridiculous pace. Anna! he mutters, spotting the large horde of swarming, fighting creatures surrounding her body.

Leave her alone! Val roars, dashing in, blasting at them furiously. Jureik grins, leaps up, and charges in as well.

Two of the wolves also bound into the fray as the group is broken up, and a lot are dispatched. soon they break up enough to reveal Anna's body lying, miraculously not torn completely to shreds. Ignoring the fight around him, Val rushes to Anna's side, and touches her.

Jureik notices this, and turns to the wolves. I know this seems obvious, but try to keep the Hoals away from Valthreborn! he calls, blasting as many as he can.

Val removes one of the gauntlets, and touches Anna's face, grimacing when he finds it freezing cold. He checks her breath and vitals, and feels them very faintly. Anna... Wake up! He says, as softly as he can. please... he grabs the gauntlet he removed, picks Anna's body up gently, and shimmers out of existance.

Jureik and the wolves keep fighting the creatures.

2006-12-13, 09:50 PM
As the swarm diminishes, clusters of the creachers move further out into the countryside. Jureik leaves the wolves to deal with the ones still hovering around the arch, and gives chase to those in retreat.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-13, 10:06 PM
Val reappears at the site, in 'human' form, with his wounds healed, though his robes are badly torn and bloodstained still. He lazily conjours the orange energy shield to fend off a swooping creature, which collides with it, and slumps to the ground with a broken beak and a dreadful headache.

Val is soon involved with the fighting again.

As the fight wears on, a small silver-rimmed portal appears under the Lost Tome, which Val had thrown aside when the creatures appeared. The book falls through, and the portal closes again.

2006-12-14, 07:13 AM
((Sorry that I had to go, I had expected to have more time, but the lack of sleep got me :( And you've handled the wolves nicely I think. It's been interresting reading :)))

The wolves continue the fight, seemingly unconcerned with their quickly healing wounds, or anything else for that matter. They charge wildly at any remaining creatures, their eyes glowing brightly and their bodies seething with energy as the storm rages on around them.

((The aftermath of this is going to be so much fun for Ilias :)

... you're mad!))

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-14, 07:55 AM
The majority of the creatures are now dead, the few that remain are rapidly weakening, and the ferocity of their attacks is rapidly decreasing.

Val is casually walking around, searching for the Lost Tome, for the most part ignoring the creatures, except when they get too close.

2006-12-14, 08:08 AM
The wolves hunt down a few more before seemingly loosing focus.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-14, 08:11 AM
Val blasts the final creature, as Jureik reapears in a flash of green light, looking rather battered, but at the same time somewhat satisfied.

Val apporaches the wolves. Many thanks, as always, for your assistance.

2006-12-14, 08:15 AM
One wolf charges off in no particular direction. Some of the others follow for a bit, then charge off in other directions. The storm takes off a bit, but remains strong. A single wolf stays, blinking a bit, then bows slightly at Val You're welcome.

The wolves then disappear as the storm blows off across the ocean.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-16, 12:44 PM
((wow. last couple of days got really busy.))

Val and Jureik converse in Kroizian for a while, then continue to hunt for the book. The longer the search takes, the more concerned they become.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-19, 08:11 PM
the two Kroizians, by now very, very worried, continue their fruitless search. Jureik stops abruptly at the spot where the book disappeared from, frowning slightly. Val looks at him. What's wrong? Something feels... familiar about this spot. Jureik replies. in what way? It reminds me of... Zimbraw and Quollar's portals, but there's something else too... Val frowns, and concentrates.

He eventually notices the familiar enrgy pattern of the powers used to open the portals, then shudders, as he recognises the other pattern. He swears in Kroizian. What is it? Odugon. Jureik's eyes open wide. One of them is an Odugonite? Val frowns. Very possibly. Zimbraw spent a lot of time in Kroizia as you know, and was eventually banished - Odugonism could account for it. Jureik frowns. We need to go see him immediately. Val nods. Follow me. He vanishes, in a flash of green light, Jureik follows.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 04:37 PM
Anna appears in a flash of green light, and looks around. After a moment of intense concentration, she surrounds herself with ghostly green energy, which drops away from her, taking the shape of a large, ghostly fox, which promptly turns and dives back into her body.

Her form slowly blurs, and changes, until she resembles a dark-furred werefox, still wreathed in ghostly energy. She walks around, investigating the area, sniffing at familiar scents, and some less so.

She shudders as she senses traces of evil energy around where the book disappeared, then frowns when she feels a trace of familiar energy. Val? does that mean he's still here? or is it Master Jureik? She pauses, trying to sense where they teleported to, however, though the energy trace is still there, the destination of the teleportation is no longer clear. She sighs, and turns to leave the area.

2006-12-24, 05:08 PM
A pained screech echoes through the air, as one of the corpses of the creatures seems to suddenly regain its life. It looks around, and spots Anna, takes flight, and swoops down on her.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 05:10 PM
Anna freezes, and reluctantly turns. as it swoops, she drops to the floor, arms raised over her head. the energy around here increases, soon resembling ghostly green flames dancing around her body.

2006-12-24, 05:12 PM
The creature misses her, and goes on to crash into the ground, lying dazed for a few minutes.

A second creature begins to stir.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 05:18 PM
Anna gets nervously to her feet, and searches the terrain, looking for any traces of something she could use as a weapon. she spots a glint of something shiny and heads towards it.

2006-12-24, 05:20 PM
The first creature stumbles to its feet, screeching again.

The second creature also screeches.

A third creature writhes, and flexes a wing, which opens directly in Anna's path.

2006-12-24, 05:21 PM
Bel'Gaer walks toward the portal. Grinning at the thought of fun, he flies through, and follows towards the neares tliving individuals.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 05:22 PM
Anna gasps, barely managing to hold back a scream. she steps back, and forms two balls of the ghostly energy.

2006-12-24, 05:24 PM
The first creature flies towards Anna, the second takes to the air, then swoops down on Bel'Gaer. The third slowly gets to its feet.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 05:26 PM
Anna takes a deep breath, trying to compose herself, closes her eyes, then lets the two balls fly towards her assailants.

2006-12-24, 05:29 PM
The first creature moves to dodge the ball, though it gets caught in the ankle as it flies up, and it becomes momentarily sidetracked.

The third creature is hit directly in the chest. it falls backwards, clutching at its chest, accidentally stabbing itself with a claw.

A fourth creature stirs and screeches.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 05:32 PM
Anna takes the oppertunity to dash towards the object on the ground. She dives downwards, grabs at it, and rolls back up into a standing position, holdng the machete that Quollar dropped in the previous battle.

Deciding to go on the offensive, she runs towards the first creature, yelling a Kroizian battle cry.

2006-12-24, 05:36 PM
the first creature launches itself at Anna.

the third lies, writing in pain, coughing up blood.

the fourth takes to the air, screeching furiously, turns towards Anna, and dives downwards.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 05:38 PM
Anna dodges the first creature, then launches a ball of energy at it. then swings up at the fourth creature with the machete.

2006-12-24, 05:42 PM
the first creature barely manages to avoid colliding with the ground again, then swipes at Anna's back with its spiked bracelet.

the fourth creature screeches in pain as Anna cuts through the thin flesh of its left wing, which sends it plummeting into the ground with a heavy, sickening thud.

the third dies a slow, agonising death

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 05:48 PM
Anna yells as the spikes dig deep into her back, and almost drops the machete, at the last minute managing to twist around and slash at the creature with the weapon.

2006-12-24, 05:57 PM
the creature screams with pain as the blade digs into his side and dark, purplish blood sprays out

the fourth creature gets to its feet, its injured wing drooping slightly. it lunges at Anna, attempting to drive its beak directly into her head.

the second creature realises that Pete-the-player misread churchofbanjo's post earlier, and moves to attack someone who is actually still there ((though I'm somewhat confused as to how Bel'Gaer managed to get through a portal that isn't open :p)) It flies high in the air, then dives downwards, freefalling towards her. At the last minute, it pulls out of the dive, directly in Anna's face.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 06:05 PM
Anna, the first creature's spike still embedded in her back, winces with the severe pain as the creature pulls back, away from her. she fails to notice the other two creatures, as she is pulled backwards by the first creature.

However, this means that the fourth misses her head, instead, its shoulder collides with hers. All three tumble over in a heap.

2006-12-24, 06:19 PM
The first and fourth creatures struggle to disentangle themselves from Anna and each other. The fist manages to wrench the spike out of Anna's back, accompanied by a loud crack, as the back of one or more of her ribs break.

The second creature lands, somewhat confused by his target disappearing just as it swoped on it. it had managed to bite and scratch at thin air for a couple of minutes before realising what was going on.

noticing its brethren on the floor, tangled with Anna, it believes that the two are pinning Anna down, ready to kill her. it drools slightly at it begins imagining the feast it presumes it iwill shortly be able to participate in.

Veg Sorbet
2006-12-24, 07:19 PM
((this fight to resume sometime after christmas. g'night all, merry christmas, and happy holidays, if anyone's reading this and wishes to recieve such a message.))

Anna cries out in pain as her ribs break, and is almost paralysed with pain as the two creatures writhe and violently thrash around in the attempt to untangle themselves.

2007-01-03, 03:14 PM
With Anna unable to offer much resistance, the two creatures manage to untagle themselves. hungrily, one of them lunges at Anna, aiming to tear her stomach open.

The other two notice this, and draw closer.

Veg Sorbet
2007-01-05, 08:15 PM
Anna slips in and out of consciousness, aware only of the pain as all three creatures piece her stomach with their long beaks, tearing at her organs.

However, a sudden explosion of ghostly green flames throws them backwards, badly burnt. they lie writing on the ground.

Anna's almost unconscious mind, gradually being swallowed by blackness suddenly jolts slighty, as a long-dormant power begins to rise within her.

The inherited healing powers that had long lain dormant slowly bubble up through her, and her terrible wounds begin to heal. her mind begins to clear slightly. However, it consumes a good deal of her energy reserves trying to deal with the terrible wounds to her stomach, and she forces it to stop before it drains her completely.

Her left arm moves slightly, and her fingers brush the blade of the machete she had been using. the fold around the blade as she uses the last of her energy to teleport away.

2007-01-06, 05:47 PM
The three creatures die slowly.

More of the creatures begin to recover, as though they had never been dead. Some take up a perch on top of ther archway, whilst others take flight, spreading out across the countryside, and beyond.

2007-02-01, 06:52 PM
Several soldiers dressed in purple full-plate appear near the arch in flashes of purple light. Each holds a small mobile-phone like device, which they each point at one of the creatures still nesting on the archway. The creatures let out surprised screeches as they are hit by jets of light, before being surrrounded by a mesh of bright, solid energy. some start to fall off of the arch, but in a flash of light, vanish before they hit the ground.

The soldiers quickly depart in the same way they arrived.