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2013-07-19, 02:11 PM
The sha'ir, spellcasters who's only limit is their ability to make deals for their magic. A lot has changed since the article that brought them into 3.5 came out. Released at a time that there was only arcane and divine. Well, I think it is time we bring them forward.


Sha'ir have always had a unique way of preparing spells. They take their gen familiar, tell them the spell they want, the gen leaves. Diplomacy determines whether or not they get the spell in the first place, and the type of spell determines DCs and time. Arcane spells known take 1d4 rounds + 1 round per spell level, arcane spells unknown take 1d6 minutes + 1 minute per spell level, and divine spells (known or unknown) take 1d6 hours + 1 hour per spell level.

Mysteries: The sha'ir can cast a mystery from the shadowcaster list he has seen the effects of and identified with a successful Spellcraft check. If the sha'ir seeks to cast such a mystery, the gen must search for 1d6 minutes + 1 minute per mystery level.

If the sha'ir possesses the shadow familiar feat, they gain a +2 bonus on diplomacy checks to retrieve the mystery.


Are mysteries the only system going to be here? No. If you have a system of magic you wish to be added, bring it up. If you have a suggestion as to how it would be retrieved and prepared, then by all means suggest it. The logic behind shadow magic being added, besides being very easy to include, is that there are genies of shadow, which a sha'ir would deal with to retrieve their mysteries.