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2013-07-25, 12:54 AM
Hey, if anyone here wants/needs a custom magic item I'd love to stat it out for them. I enjoy making magic items and I'm willing to help, just post your requests here. Although I must ask for you to give me time, Im going to get surgery friday and will be recovering. Hopefully I will be able to still build your magic items. :smile:

2013-07-25, 03:29 AM
I hope your surgery goes well and you mend/heal quickly :smallsmile: Will they be keeping you in the hospital?

Now, to the subject at hand: while I truly stink at thinking up PrCs and spells, items are fairly easy to think up :smalltongue:

Boots of the cheetah/raptor: grants a boost to your base land speed and a bonus to your jump and/or climb skill.

Monocle of all-sight: able to be used so many times a day to see things no normal eye can see - magical portals, invisible creatures, secret doors, etc.

(cursed) Armor of retreating (yeah, that's not very creative): a suit of armor fashioned from the shell of a tortoise, magically imbued with the power to let it's wearer retreat into the shell. It could grant an AC bonus of of some sort, maybe full cover. Lowers base land speed due to it's weight and awkward shape.
~ Curse: once the armor is worn it can only be removed by magical means, your spine becomes attached to the shell. The wearer begins to gradually transform into a tortoise.

Hilt/handle of transformation: a magical hilt/handle that conjures up a see-through but still solid weapon. The wielder may select up to three weapons at it's initial use - all decisions are final, but separate users may select their own three.

(cursed?) Ring of "Did that just happen?!": A magical ring with numerous abilities that may either hinder or help it's user and their party. Roll a d% and hope for the outcome you want. (I've actually attempted to make this one, it was an item I had placed in a dragon horde so I've got a list of random things somewhere if you need it)


Bottomless tankard/mug/flask/goblet: A drinking container that fills at the holder's command. Only able to spawn drinkable liquids such as milk, water, mead, wine, ale, beer, and all manner of various other drinks. Upon finishing, the cup cleans itself of it's most recent liquid.

(More to come, I'm tired and must head off to bed at 6:20 AM!)

2013-07-25, 04:24 AM
Heal quickly! =D

I just made these items but I'd love for new takes on my pre-epic bard :smallbiggrin:

Fiddle of wailing: It's a Violin made out of a Banshee's bones and vocal chord strings. Go crazy with it.

Shedding rags (Armor).

2013-07-25, 03:59 PM
Fiddle of wailing
This fiddle is among the most potent of all musical magic items. It is a violin glowing with unearthly radiance, constructed from the bones of people either killed or possessed by a horrible banshee, and its strings are the vocal cords of the banshee itself. Decorated with a horrible motif of death and destruction, this is a horrible creation. Once per week it can cast wail of the banshee as a 20th level caster. Anyone listening to a song played on this violin must make a will save (DC 20) or be affected by a fear spell, this has a 50% chance to penetrate any immunities to mind influencing effects, and finally, once per day the violin can cast animate dead on a corpse.
Craft wondrous item, Wail of the banshee, Fear, Animate dead, 366000 GP

Thats the first one, that is the cost to buy it btw, not to craft it.

2013-07-25, 07:00 PM
I made an item a while ago, it is complicated enough to be an artifact, but maybe you could draw inspiration out of it:

So I had an inventor character who turned into an NPC in the campaign craft a bag of holding for me, basically it was a 2-way bag of holding, so you could transport items between his workshop and the bag.


Later on we exchanged in some valuables and he modified the bag, he put a sorting beast in it and armor plated the inside, stuffing a whole bunch of locked and isolated safeboxes in the walls, like a mix between a bank vault and an apothecary, the sorting beast's arms were quite a bit longer but was built into the bag, it could reach out of the bag by about 1' so it could walk around like a spider with a deflated bag abdomen, it could function as a sorting beast on the outside but still be inside the bag.


The machine could probably have been further outfitted, the bag could be able to expand on the inside, ect. Maybe if it was a mix between an ozodrin and evolutionist kinda flavor.

As far as balancing this, putting gold cost to it, and spells... who knows.

Items I want?

This spell, on some chains.

I want a flying 'roomba' crystal making full intelligent use of persistent prestidigitation, keeping warm meals warm, keeping cold drinks cold, cleaning dirty things, clothes, floors, dishes, peasants, lighting people's pipes, holding a solid little candleflame in the darkness, ect.

I want an item that cooks for the party intelligently, benign, loyal, cooperative and with an ego score, and I want the party and the item to be able to hold an entertaining conversation.

A silent image hologram projector disk (inverse projection), so you can holodeck a story to the king as you are explaining it.

Finally a pokeball which grants an animal an intelligence of 3 and they must not be more than 1/4th the player's HD.

2013-07-27, 09:45 AM
Fiddle of wailing is a great name. Unfortunately, that's the best part; the execution is rather lukewarm. However, it's gong to be a lot easier to salvage than you might think. I think caster level 20 is crazy for this item. It should be caster level 17 just to keep the cost in check.

A lot of information is missing: aura, caster level, etc. If the gp is market price then it should be Price: 366,00 gp. If it is the cost to make then the term is "cost". Cost is 1/2 price.

Your description could use a bit of work. Use active rather than passive verbs. More importantly, 2 errors really detract from this item: banshees don't possess people and as they are incorporeal don't really have vocal cords. The victim's bones and vocal cords should make up this item.

However, here's what I get for 20th level . Boring math stuff is here. You've been warned.

Obviously, this item is use activated. So let's check the pricing:

Wail of the banshee costs 20 x 9 x 2,000 = 360,000. Since it can only be cast once per week, the cost should be divided by 7. This drops the price to 51,428 gp.

Fear If this spell is just continuous (and since you don't limit how long it lasts I'm guessing this is the case) so it doesn't get a reduction 20 x 3 x 2,000= 120,000 AND multiple effects costs 1.5 more so the total is actually 180,000 gp. [Seriously you needed it to be CL 20?]

Animate dead once a day costs 20 x 3 x 2,000= 120,000/5 = 24,000 gp and also costs 1.5 more 36,000 gp.

51,428 + 180,000 + 36,000 = 267,428 but held items cost twice as much. The total is 534,856, which is far too expensive for this item.

If you add the requirement that the caster must be an evil necromancer (which makes sense since all the spells are necromancy then the price can be reduced 60% to 320.913 gp

All spells are necromancy and CL is 20 so Aura is Strong Necromancy. A typical violin weighs about a pound. Since is partly made from bone, which is heavier, it would probably weigh 2 lbs.

One Question:
Does the fear effect last for 20 rounds or for as long as the fiddle is played ? It could be for as long as the fiddle is played or 20 rounds whichever is longer.

Here it is properly formatted and I took the liberty of editing your text as well.

Fiddle of Wailing
Aura: Strong Necromancy, CL: 20th
Slot: None (Held), Price to buy: 320,913 gp, Weight: 2 lbs.

This violin glows with unearthly radiance. Bones from those who were killed by a banshee make up the fiddle board and pegs while their vocal cords make up its gruesome strings. Its sound board and black plate are decorated with motifs of death and destruction.

Once per week the violin can be used to cast wail of the banshee as a 20th level caster. Anyone listening to a song played on this violin must make a Will save (DC 20) or be affected by a fear spell, which has a 50% chance to penetrate any immunities to mind influencing effects. Finally, the violin can cast animate dead once a day.

Prerequisites: Craft wondrous item, animate dead, fear, wail of the banshee and Caster must be an evil necromancer. Cost to make: 160,456 gp, 12,836 XP and takes 320 days to create.