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2006-12-12, 04:06 AM
With the semester wrapping up, I got to revise some poetry for my workshop class. And well, sharing is poetry. :) (and excuse the weird disappearing letters, these boards discourage line break)


Wasted and washed in the blue
surf, calm
spraying panic on
our tree,
we gracefully understood.
Shook as we were with the surf,
grown as we were with the strand,
surrendered to try
living forever
on arroz, pollo, with

pressure on our ears, when
buried below the
variegated skies, with wine
and rice.


Would you start
Would yobelieving in chasing
Would yoHow far would you
follow them?

When would he find
Would yothe time to create those tricks
Would yofor the simps?
Silly anecdotes told at twice pace
Would yowalking,
he steals,
Would yoand then stares,

he starves for the curses
Would yoof the foreign man,
he wants his change.

He feels you check
for your, his, wallet,

running and ducking and smiling away.
How far
Would yodid you follow?

Still Dancing

For that one brilliant snare of light
your skirt danced without you
For tbut I get ahead of myself and forget to stare
at the quick click your heels just must make, no,
the pavement behind the Basilica del Voto Nacional,
unfinished and striking at midnight.
unfinishedYou say those lights

are new since they shine so perfectly to the spires
unfinishedas if you're our own khaki'd specialist
For twhen he's finally turned his back
on us. But they are old. The same, and
the peace I can feel near this threshold and embankment of recourse…
the peaLet us be the unfinished towers
just for a moment, and topple

ending the frustration you feel,
lacking the minute hand on your face.
unfinishedFacing the heaving crowd below. Tourists
of us, unfinished.

I will catch you and give, because I would rather
For tfall into the disaster and crowd at our base than stand
in this disarray
unfinishedof masoned stones on rooftops.

"Unidad 1975" - Eduardo Kingman

"These don't look
"Thelike the same Andeans, senor,
"Thelike the samethey catch in my eyes.

Now, if the same spaces as heliconia and
Nowflushing fires, hissing fat from hanging pigs
were this distinct, things would be different.
were thisIt's not a failure, but I can't
pay over fifteen dollars.

I will walk away with five flat
I wildollars, sir" and the art in your
I will walkPVC pipe, a rolled
and tight

wrung heritage in my hands,
as one surviving ancestor
grasps my hand on the street, again
grasto thank a penance
coin. She's cold, and smiling
and coughing.
and couRibbed knuckles and large

spaces near her fingers. And with her brown
and failing touch
and failinaround my wrists, yet
andwith so little vision,
I see who the Andeans are.

Hope this encourages more sharing! :P