View Full Version : Star wars-mecha crossover

2006-12-12, 11:31 AM
I was planning on starting a mecha crusade campaign. But the setting would of course have starships and high-tech weapons, I prefer the weapons from the polyhedron rules to those in d20future so I will use those for the campaign, and the starwars equipment and credit system. But I will still be using the standard d20 classes. Now, does anybody see anything that I will be running into. And, how can I balance the power unbalance of the characters having all the mecha’s and most enemies not having them? The mecha book has a balancing rule for it, but what is the effective character level of a character in a mecha facing one without? Any suggestions on how I can figure this one out? And as last one, I would like my characters being able to spend their equipment points on both mechas and space ships what would be a good ratio ship-mecha ratio?

2006-12-13, 10:50 AM
Things are working out good, I compared a few weapons that stayed the same between polyhedron and d20 future, d20 future as well futures a new DC to dollar and this is what I found:

DC20 buildpoint2000 dollar2000
DC21 bp3000 dollar2750
DC22 bp3500-4170 dollar3500
DC23 bp4800-5000 dollar5000

Pretty cool hey?
that means that some things turn out a bit cheaper of expansive, but that chart allows me to convert all of the d20 future and d20 future tech stuff to build points that is going to work. I will have a small holiday in a few weeks and will try to put it all in one document. Now what would be the dollar credit ratio?