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2006-12-12, 01:51 PM
I'm totally stealing this idea from the Wizards boards, but I'd like to try and build a D&D city, brining in the effects of magic and magic users. I'll set up the city, and lets see how it evolves. Feel free to "move in" commoners/PC Classes/NPC classes as you see fit.
- Fleeing a shattered world, an alliance of races (straight from PHB excluding halflings) arrive in a jungle continent via a magical portal.

Rough Demographics:
Humans - 1000
Dwarves - 500
Gnomes - 250
Elves - 600
Half-Elves - 100
Half-Orcs - 100

- They heavily fortified they opposite end of the portal, founding a city named New Sanctuary.
- Shortly after arrival a majority of the Dwarves & Gnomes travelled to the nearby mountains to form an outpost.(occurred within 6 months of arrival)
- Likewise, a large group of Elves constructed a fleet of ships and sailed to a nearby chain of islands to settle. (occurred within 6 months of arrival)
- Many small tribes of Jungle Halflings (Regional Variant race) are scattered through the area, with most tribes reacting in a friendly manner to the new comers.
- The Government of New Sanctuary is an oppressive regime, run by a council of 5 powerful citizens (Wizard (Conjurer) 16 , Wizard (Transmuter) 15, Cleric 12 (of Kord), Fighter 15, Fighter 12, Ranger 13)
- The Council runs all but the most private aspects of the average citizens town life, using the "Good of the Many" philosophy to direct the settlements expansion and work efforts.

Year 1 Month 8 A.E. (After Exodus)

- Aprox. 8 months after arrival, Lord Mitchell Everto (Aristocrat 3 / Fighter 7) unhappy with the influence that the government wields, leaves with his wife (Aristocrat 2), and a small group of loyal citizens. Heading for a sheltered cove approximately 2 days overland from New Sanctuary.
-The cove and a majority of the land is densely covered with jungle (will need to be cleared for farming) as well as marshy.
- While angry at Lord Everto's departure, the council has more pressing matters (like feeding everyone in the city) and does not stop him from leaving.

Estimate of Group with Lord Everto.
1 Blacksmith - Expert 3
50 Commoners - Commoner 1 - 4
1 Cleric of Kord - Cleric 3
1 Mason - Expert 2
1 Seamstress - Expert 1
20 Guards - Warrior 1
1 Guard Captain - Fighter 2

At this point, I'll let someone handle the remaining 4 months of year 1, feel free to build whatever you'd like as well as immigrate people here. After that, I'd like to advance the timeline by 4 months per post If you have any questions, please PM them too me so as not to needlessly clutter the thread.

- Also assume a .5% growth rate due to births.

Have at it!

2006-12-13, 07:49 AM
Nothing? Nobody is interested in doing this? It's actually quite interesting to see a town evolve post by post....

Grey Knight
2006-12-13, 06:06 PM
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