View Full Version : PF, Custom Dog/Wolf sentient species, would like ideas. W.I.P.

2013-07-27, 10:49 PM
Alright so cats, ravens, frogs, rats, lizards, snakes, foxes...and I'm sure I missed some. We've seen sentient races of all of these, but I want a dog person. I think having a dog/wolf character could be incredibly cool. I found a humanoid canine for 3.5, but it didn't have anything I was looking for in this race. I see a race that is revered for it's hunting and tracking capabilities, and mistreated in many cultures. Their fierce nature and known mistreatment throughout history makes them stand out in many communities and avoided by many, but once in conversation, they have a natural charm and ability to gain trust. I don't have a name for them either, so if you'd like to suggest one, please do. I see the dog people having these traits:

2RP - Monstrous Humanoid
0RP - Medium Size
1RP - Fast 40 ft speed
0RP - Standard Ability: +2 Wis, +2 Str, -2 Int
0RP - Standard Languages: Common, Canine
2RP - Bite: 1d4 damage
1RP - Low-light vision
4RP - Scent

Using the Race Builder rules from Advanced race guide.

Admiral Squish
2013-07-28, 12:56 AM
I made the Adlet (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=286517) race for my campaign setting. I'm sure you could de-fluff them a bit to make them fit into any setting you so desire.

2013-07-28, 01:47 AM
Indeed. I was thinking of making a few alternates as well. A more lithe and charismatic variation more resembling a coyote, the Coyotl. A more animalistic raging beast resembling a wolf, the Siri. And possibly a magical blink dog-gy race.

2013-07-28, 07:42 AM
I'd like to see an attempt to include a semi-quadruped gait similar to gorillas or the Guild Wars' Charr. Firstly, it would constitute a logical reason as to why other species see them as primitive and dismiss them. Secondly, it'd be a neat disadvantage to counterbalance the actually amazing scent ability to try and keep the level adjustment low. Thirdly, they would be less of a suspiciously furry race and more unique, with the interesting disadvantage of needing to holster their weapons to get around fast.

Something like:

Movement speed: 20 ft/turn hobble or 40 ft/turn quadruped.

The name of the species (and the names of the more wolf/coyote/dingo like subraces thereof) should be something which sounds like a growl, yelp, howl, bark or combination thereof; Grrahuul or somesuch. Other species would have different names for their ilk, some slur-like, some respectful or at least innocuous.

A dog and a wolf bite has evolved for a cooperative kill first and foremost rather than killing a prey-animal on your own like a tiger would. The teeth are more chunky, slightly more blunt and excellent when it comes to grabbing and holding onto something. Wrestle a prey-beast down by an ankle and let someone else gouge out the throat? Sure. The bite might as well stay at 1d4 damage, but lead to a very nice bonus to grappling and, when letting go with the teeth and gripping with the hands, provide a way to coup the grace a grappled opponent.