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2013-07-29, 12:30 AM
Hello Stickers, OOTSers, Giants, or is it something else?

If you looked at the title you see what I'm doing. I have lurked for a while in forums learning what I can about pnp and stuff. A friend of mine has let me into his Pathfinder game. Here is how far I have gotten PC building.


28 point buy and 49,000 gold to use. The closest thing I have gotten to pnp was DDO so that should tell you everything I know about pen and paper (which is nothing much). I don't want you to make PC for me but if you got anything helpful to say please speak up. Please and thank you.

2013-07-29, 12:32 AM
All I can recommend is get a feel for how your group works, make sure that how you want to play it will mesh well with how everyone else wants to play it.

2013-07-29, 03:20 AM
Get a feel for your group and don't think of yourself as "one of the guys" until a session or two in. Everyone is feeling each other out and you don't want to do something that could get you kicked out (though given it is your friend who invited you, you will probably fit right in).

Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Be yourself and have fun.

2013-07-29, 10:57 AM
Mistakes will be made. Be prepared for this, it is often fun especially if its funny. If you can see the humour in a mistake it makes the whole thing easier to learn from.

2013-07-29, 11:11 AM
Mistakes will be made. Be prepared for this, it is often fun especially if its funny. If you can see the humour in a mistake it makes the whole thing easier to learn from.


Also - we have to be logged in to see your character sheet. What's the gist of it? What's your character's story and reason for adventuring? Figuring that out will help you a lot in character creation.

There are definitely some class combinations, feat combinations, and other choices that you should avoid if possible, and the Playground can definitely help out with that. Don't worry about creating something uber 'optimized' at first. Your level of comfort with optimization will come with experience, and you'll learn some neat tricks and combinations that can make your character as effective in his as you want him to be.

What kind of group are you joining? What roles are already filled, and what role are you trying to fill?

My own take on that is to try to be good at several things, but be *great* at one thing. It's important to be able to overlap roles with your comrades, but you should be able to shine in one area and really make that your schtick.

Also, don't dump Charisma. No one wants to imagine their hero as smelly and ugly with bad people skills.

2013-07-29, 11:46 AM
I should have told more. I'm making a Halfing Gunslinger. I don't know much about how the rest of the party is built. I got a week to get done. What I know about the story is that we are watching over a princess. And when it comes to role-playing I kind of "wing it". Anything else I should add?

2013-07-29, 02:50 PM
Hi there! Great advice here so far.
You should probably check with your DM if Gunslinger is a good idea. I think it's great, but some people might feel it doesn't fit into the whole fantasy thing.
As a Gunslinger you probably want to be great at slinging guns, so you should maximize Dex, then probably Wisdom, then everything else. Spend about half of your money on one or possibly two good weapons, one third on armor, the rest on other gimmicks. I'll leave the details to the more competent people in the D&D 3e subforum.
Or you could leave a few details open and ask the people in your group for tips. That could be a great way to get to know them better and get a feeling for the group style, as there are a lot of different play styles (which are all valid).
Starting at level 10 is actually not so easy. You will probably be a bit overwhelmed by the options at first. But don't be afraid, just try to do what you think would be cool, ask a lot of questions and adjust your style and your character until you feel comfortable. It will almost certainly be great fun.

Joe the Rat
2013-07-29, 11:19 PM
Yeah, I'll fourth the "see what everyone else is doing" (and see what the GM is taking) before you get too deep into characters. Make sure you;re not duplicating a role.

Unless you're dealing with some highly secretive or competitive players, asking everyone for some help and advice is not a bad thing. Let them know you're new, and trying to learn the rules, and how to do this whole at the table thing. Having the other players give you advice will also get you to about the same level of optimization as the other players - so you shouldn't be too far ahead or behind the curve.

For the first few sessions, don't be afraid to ask questions. Learn the rules that apply to your character first, then start branching out and learn how everyone else works. You'll also start learning the etiquette of your group - how important IC/OOC and metagame is, minimum distance between food and books, how much time to allow for random media quotes... oh, and ask permission before touching someone else's dice.

Kol Korran
2013-07-30, 01:46 AM
People already gave some good advice, I'll try to add some of my own. I may repeat a thing or two. :smalltongue:
My group/s usually found it best if character building is a group undertaking:
- First the DM explains a bit what the campaign is going to be about, things that can be useful, things to avoid, and any house rules and such.
- The players discuss their ideas. We aim to making a working party as much as we try to make working characters
- Then begins the go-and-forth between players and DM and between players themselves.

Most parties I know however focus on the DM-player interaction, which also sounds a bit like your case. As a DM, especially with new players I like to help, but there are some things I require from the player, that helps me help them:
- What is your core concept? When you envision your character, what strikes you in it, what makes you want to play it?
- What are the 3 key things you want to accomplish with your character?
- What is your roll in the party? In combat, in exploration, in social situations?
- Do you have any vision of how it will progress in the future?
- If you can think of them, are there any big "no no"s that will wreck your character? (You don't have to have them, but some players do).

Those help me suggest things to the player. If you can find another player to help you (Highly advised! Not all DMs are up to beat on character creation!) the same questions apply. Unlike a computer game, PnP is a very sociable game, that is what sets it apart. So socialize? :smallsmile: You'll find that many players/ DMs like to help their players out.

(Note: As to magic items? I'd suggest a +2 value magic weapon )aropund 8000) a +2 value armor (4000), a +3 cloack of resistance (9000, saves are a life saver) and the rest on other stuff)

2013-07-30, 08:39 AM
Be sure to chip in for food and beverages! :smallcool:

2013-07-30, 05:27 PM
For a gunslinger, lots of dex, decent wisdom unless you are a pistolero that uses charisma instead, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Hammer The Gap, Clustered Aim. Your design goal should generally be to put as much lead in the air as possible, with as many damage bonuses as you can find. You want to be pouring a whole cup of d20s on the table when you attack, as your individual shots are not all that hard hitting, but it is very easy to hit.

2013-07-30, 11:52 PM
Blargs. Two of party is looking chaotic, I was planning to be lawful. Not sure if they are going to become murderhobo but would like ideas about what can I do.

Joe the Rat
2013-07-31, 08:41 AM
Chaotic what? Lawful what? If you're all good, you can more or less work together for the common Good. You may rub a bit on methods...

The alignment conflict can be fun for roleplay, so long as it doesn't derail the game. If being honorable/disciplined/Lawful is the key aspect you are after, go Lawful Neutral, and go in for the greedy, bloody hijinks (so long as it doesn't go against something you've specifically sworn to).

The Fury
2013-07-31, 11:22 AM
Blargs. Two of party is looking chaotic, I was planning to be lawful. Not sure if they are going to become murderhobo but would like ideas about what can I do.

Like what Joe said, Chaotic and Lawful characters can work together OK. They'll have disagreements, probably, but nothing serious. If someone's playing Evil... well, that's something to be concerned about.
Even if those other players are looking to be murderhobos that doesn't automatically mean that you have to be one too. Depending on the kind of game the DM wants to run you could go against the grain. Though if the murderhobo archetype seems fun to you, go for it. Anyway, try talking to the DM about what kind of game he wants to run.

Be sure to chip in for food and beverages! :smallcool:

Sound advice.

2013-07-31, 02:07 PM
Chaotic does not mean murder hobo. Some people make chaotic because they're lovable anarchists, or because "I want to play a ____ because they're fun, but they have alignment restrictions".

2013-07-31, 03:46 PM
I am Lawful Neutral and here is more about the story. Me and the rest of the party is watching over 50-80 followers and one princess. About my build I have kind of set myself up as a "ninja gunslinger", my Disguise skill is pretty good right now. I got a plan to disguise myself as the princess/one of the followers. Anything else I think to add?

Oh yeah. I don't think the whole party will be "lol lets kill all the things" just I worry that I will be the stick in the mud while the rest of the party are not.

The Glyphstone
2013-07-31, 06:34 PM
Lawful doesn't have to be Paladin stick-up-the-butt, any more than Chaotic has to be purple bicycle monkeycheese random. You can work with and be friends with Chaotic people, you just do things differently than them.