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Admiral Squish
2013-07-29, 07:39 PM
Child of Apollo

HD: 1d8
Skill Points: 4+int
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Heal, Intimidate, Perception, Perform, Sense Motive

1st|+0|+0|+2|+2|Divine Performance, Bonus Feat

2nd|+1|+0|+3|+3|Arrow of Light 1d6

3rd|+2|+1|+3|+3|Bonus Feat

4th|+3|+1|+4|+4|Arrow of Light 2d6, Archery +1

5th|+3|+1|+4|+4|Divine Performance

6th|+4|+2|+5|+5|Arrow of Light 3d6

7th|+5|+2|+5|+5|Bonus Feat

8th|+6|+2|+6|+6|Arrow of Light 4d6, Archery +2

9th|+6|+3|+6|+6|Divine Performance

10th|+7|+3|+7|+7|Arrow of Light 5d6

11th|+8|+3|+7|+7|Bonus Feat

12th|+9|+4|+8|+8|Arrow of Light 6d6, Archery +3

13th|+9|+4|+8|+8|Divine Performance

14th|+10|+4|+9|+9|Arrow of Light 7d6

15th|+11|+5|+9|+9|Bonus Feat

16th|+12|+5|+10|+10|Arrow of Light 8d6, Archery +4

17th|+12|+5|+10|+10|Divine Performance

18th|+13|+6|+11|+11|Arrow of Light 9d6

19th|+14|+6|+11|+11|Bonus Feat

20th|+15|+6|+12|+12|Arrow of Light 10d6, Archery +5

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Child of Apollo is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with light armor, but no shields.

Bonus Feat: A child of Apollo gains a bonus feat at first level. At 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter, the child of apollo gains another bonus feat. The bonus feats are selected from the following list:
Agile, Alertness, Dodge, Far Shot, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, Improved Critical, Improved Initiative, Improved Precise Shot, Many Shot, Mobility, Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Persuasive, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Shot on the Run, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization.

Divine Performance: Once per day per level, a child of apollo can use his song or poetics to produce magical effects on those around him (usually including himself, if desired). While these abilities fall under the category of bardic music and the descriptions discuss singing or playing instruments, they can all be activated by reciting poetry, chanting, singing lyrical songs, singing melodies, whistling, playing an instrument, or playing an instrument in combination with some spoken performance. They gain one ability at 1st level, and one additional ability every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, etc.). Once selected, these abilities cannot be changed. An ability cannot be taken more than once.

Starting a divine performance effect is a standard action. Some divine performance abilities require concentration, which means the child of apollo must take a standard action each round to maintain the ability. Even while using a divine performance that doesn’t require concentration, a child of apollo cannot cast spells, activate magic items by spell completion (such as scrolls), spell trigger (such as wands), or command word. Just as for casting a spell with a verbal component, a deaf child of apollo has a 20% chance to fail when attempting to use divine performance. If he fails, the attempt still counts against his daily limit.

Arrow of Light: At 2nd level, a child of apollo can conjure an arrow of searing sunlight that he can fire to devastate his foes. As a standard action, the child of apollo can shoot this arrow, as a ranged touch attack with a range of 100 feet and no range increment. It affects a single target and allows no saving throw. It deals 1d6+charisma damage at 2nd level. Every even-numbered level thereafter, it’s damage increases by 1d6. An arrow of light is the equivalent of a spell whose level is equal to one-half the warlock’s class level (round down), with a minimum spell level of 1st and a maximum of 9th when a child of apollo reaches 18th level or higher. Any effect that modifies the attack or damage roll of a normal arrow similarly modifies the attack and damage rolls of the arrow of light.

An arrow of light is subject to spell resistance, although the Spell Penetration feat and other effects that improve caster level checks to overcome spell resistance also apply to arrow of light. An arrow of light deals half damage to objects. Metamagic feats cannot improve a child of apollo’s eldritch blast (because it is a spell-like ability, not a spell).

Archery: A child of apollo gains a +1 enhancement bonus to all attack and damage rolls with bows at 4th level. Every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by +1.

Divine Performances:
Fascinate||Fascinate creature that can see and hear your performance
Suggestion|Fascinate, Lv 9|Target a single fascinated creature with a suggestion effect.
Mass Suggestion|Suggestion, Lv. 15|Use suggestion on multiple fascinated creatures.
Healing Hymn||Heal a single target 1d6+ cha mod, +1d6/4 HD.
Mass Healing|Healing Hymn, Lv. 9|Heal multiple targets with a hymn
Inspire Competence|Lv. 5|Grants a +1 bonus to skill checks, +1 /4 HD.
Song of Freedom|Lv. 13|Break an enchantment on a single target.
War Song||Grant allies a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, +1 /4 HD
Inspire Heroics|War Song, lv. 9|Add war song bonus to AC and saves
Inspire Greatness|Inspire Heroics|Gain effective HD equal to warsong bonus. [/table]

Fascinate: A child of apollo can use his music or poetics to cause one or more creatures to become fascinated with him. Each creature to be fascinated must be within 90 feet, able to see and hear the bard, and able to pay attention to him. The child of apollo must also be able to see the creature. The distraction of a nearby combat or other dangers prevents the ability from working. At 1st level, a child of Apollo can fascinate a number of creatures equal to his charisma modifier. At every even-numbered level thereafter, the child of apollo can fascinate an additional creature with a single use of this ability.

To use the ability, a child of apollo makes a Perform check. His check result is the DC for each affected creature’s Will save against the effect. If a creature’s saving throw succeeds, the child of apollo cannot attempt to fascinate that creature again for 24 hours. If its saving throw fails, the creature sits quietly and listens to the song, taking no other actions, for as long as the child of apollo continues to play and concentrate (up to a maximum of 1 round per bard level). While fascinated, a target takes a -4 penalty on skill checks made as reactions, such as Listen and Spot checks. Any potential threat requires the child of apollo to make another Perform check and allows the creature a new saving throw against a DC equal to the new Perform check result.

Any obvious threat, such as someone drawing a weapon, casting a spell, or aiming a ranged weapon at the target, automatically breaks the effect. Fascinate is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting ability.

Suggestion: A child of apollo can make a suggestion (as the spell) to a creature that he has already fascinated. Using this ability does not break the child of apollo ’s concentration on the fascinate effect, nor does it allow a second saving throw against the fascinate effect.

Making a suggestion doesn’t count against a child of apollo’s daily limit on bardic music performances. A Will saving throw (DC 10 + ½ child of apollo’s HD+ child of apollo’s Cha modifier) negates the effect. This ability affects only a single creature (but see mass suggestion, below). Suggestion is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting, language dependent ability.

Mass Suggestion: This ability functions like suggestion, above, except that a child of apollo can make the suggestion simultaneously to any number of creatures that he has already fascinated. Mass suggestion is an enchantment (compulsion), mind-affecting, language-dependent ability.

Healing Hymn: A child of apollo can use his music or poetics to heal the mounds of injured allies. The child of apollo sings a short hymn, immediately healing a single ally within 30 feet HP equal to 1d8+child of apollo’s level. For every 4 HD the child of Apollo possesses, the amount healed increases by 1d8.

Mass Healing: When using the healing hymn, the child of apollo can heal more than one ally with each use. For every 4 HD the child of apollo has, the healing hymn affects 1 additional target.

Inspire Competence: A child of apollo can use his music or poetics to help his allies succeed at a task. This affects all allies within 30 feet that are able to see and hear the child of Apollo. The child of apollo must also be able to see the allies.

The allies gets a +1 competence bonus on skill checks with a particular skill, chosen by the child of apollo when he begins performing, as long as he or she continues to hear the child of apollo’s music. Certain uses of this ability are infeasible. The effect lasts as long as the child of apollo concentrates, up to a maximum of 2 minutes. A child of apollo can’t inspire competence in himself. Inspire competence is a mind-affecting ability. For every 4 HD the child of apollo possesses, the bonus to the skill checks increases by 1.

Song of Freedom: A child of apollo can use music or poetics to create an effect equivalent to the break enchantment spell (caster level equals the character’s child of Apollo’s level). Using this ability requires 1 minute of uninterrupted concentration and music, and it functions on a single target within 30 feet. A child of apollo can’t use song of freedom on himself.

War Song: A child of apollo can use song or poetics to inspire courage in his allies (including himself), bolstering them against fear and improving their combat abilities. To be affected, an ally must be able to hear the child of apollo sing. The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears the child of apollo sing and for 5 rounds thereafter. An affected ally receives a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 HD the bard possesses.

Inspire Heroics: A child of apollo can use music or poetics to inspire tremendous heroism in himself and his allies within 30 feet. To inspire heroics, a bard must sing and an ally must hear the bard sing for a full round. A creature so inspired gains a +1 morale bonus on saving throws and a +1 dodge bonus to AC. The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears the bard sing and for up to 5 rounds thereafter. Inspire heroics is a mind-affecting ability. This bonus increases by +1 for every 4 HD the child of apollo possesses.

Inspire Greatness: A child of apollo can use music or poetics to inspire greatness in himself and willing allies within 30 feet, granting them extra fighting capability. To inspire greatness, a bard must sing and his allies must hear him sing. The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears the bard sing and for 5 rounds thereafter. A creature inspired with greatness gains 1 bonus Hit Die. For each HD gained, they gain 1d10+con mod temporary hit points that last until the bonus HD dissappear. The bonus HD count as regular HD for determining the effect of spells or abilities that are HD dependant. Inspire greatness is a mind-affecting ability. Every 4 HD the child of apollo possesses, the number of bonus HD granted by this ability increases by 1.