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2006-12-13, 12:27 PM
Here's the deal. I want to start a webcomic. The only problem is this; I can't draw. This wouldn't be a problem except that I'm not doing a stick-figure comic here (not saying Rich can't draw), I'm going for a more serious feel. I've seen webcomics before that are written by one person and drawn by another, so I thought, if I want to find an artist, what place is better than here, with so many talented people around?

I designed a character using HeroMachine 2. If you are interested in maybe drawing a webcomic for me, take the info below and load it into HeroMachine 2 (UGO.com has a free version) and draw your own version.

2.0u*f1*Character Name*Hair:Standard,longbraid2,ADA600,FFF701,100,10 0,25,Eyebrows:Standard,eyebrows1,FFF701,ADA600,100 ,100,21,Eyes:Standard,plain1,0000FF,FFFFFF,100,100 ,20,Nose:Standard,thinslant,EFD3C6,F7EBE7,100,100, 27,Mouth:Standard,smirk,EFD3C6,F7EBE7,100,100,18,B eard:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,26,Ea rs:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,19,Skin :Standard,fraBlank,F7EBE7,EFD3C6,100,100,6,Mask:St andard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,22,Headgear: Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,29,Undersh irt:Standard,fraBlank,727272,636363,100,100,7,Over shirt:Standard,jerkin,5A5A5A,4B4B4B,100,100,8,Coat :Standard,trenchopen,434343,313131,100,100,24,Righ tGlove:Standard,nofingers,202020,181818,100,100,17 ,LeftGlove:Standard,nofingers,181818,202020,100,10 0,16,Insignia:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100, 100,9,Neckwear:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100 ,100,23,Belt:Standard,buckle,5A3410,BDBDBD,100,100 ,15,Leggings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,1 00,10,Overleggings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF ,100,100,11,Pants:Standard,gangsta,727272,636363,1 00,100,14,RightFoot:Standard,combatboot,5A3410,724 D21,100,100,13,LeftFoot:Standard,combatboot,724D21 ,5A3410,100,100,12,Back:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,F FFFFF,100,100,3,Wings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFF FFF,100,100,4,Tail:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF ,100,100,5,Aura:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,10 0,100,2,Companion:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF, 100,100,31,Background:Standard,hmlogo,848484,FFFFF F,100,100,1,RightHand:Standard,broadsword,BDBDBD,5 A3410,100,100,30,LeftHand:Standard,fraBlank,94007A ,182863,100,100,28,#

Some notes: This character looks older than what I was going for. Around 18 is what I want. Also, the hair is not right. I wanted pigtails, but the only ones I could find (in Feminine hair) looked dumb. I'll allow some liberties with the hairstyle, as long as it pulls her hair back.

Finally, I wasn't sure if I should put this here or in the Arts and Crafts section. If I got it wrong, could a Mod help me out and move it?

2006-12-13, 01:47 PM
Good luck. It's very hard to find the right artist, believe me.

The number of writers in webcomics who are looking to collaborate with an artist is at least three times the opposite. It's like being a guy at an engineering school, trying to date.

From the time I had the idea to collaborate with an artist on a new project to the time I found one to start formulating a story with was about a year. Then that artist and I decided we had too much other work to do and we shelved the project (notably, this was Tim Buckley of Ctrl-Alt-Del).

After that, I halfway kept my eye open for other artists who might be right for the project, considering everything about them: their skill set, their track record, their initiative, their artistic goals, their geographical location, the compatibility of our personalities and senses of humor...

In the 2 1/2 years after that, I went to about 30 conventions and had personal contact with about 75 artists before I put the idea to Jamie for Erfworld. And then we worked on it for 9 more months before it was seen by anyone else.

I was very, very lucky to find someone like Jamie, who not only has the talent and the drive to do something like this, but who gets along with me (not easy sometimes), and can see the broader picture of where the comic is headed.

So keep putting feelers out, talk to as many artists as you can. Try some inquiries on DeviantArt.com and other places. Make sure you find someone you can work with, who shares your goals for the comic, whatever they are. Best of luck.

2006-12-14, 10:14 AM
Thanks for the advice! I was planning also to look for artists in other places besides here. I didn't think it'd be easy.

2006-12-16, 06:24 PM
Artist seeking writer for (at least semi) serious comic. Scifi or fantasy (I'll even take horror) with a continuing plot (as opposed to gag-a-day). Don't be fooled by my current comic, Ecnad Otatop. I'm capable of alot less blocky/alot more serious stuff.

I have to say, though, I'm baffled by that massive block of text in the OP. Also, I have a little difficulty with female characters (though I can usually get it right in three tries).

2006-12-18, 03:17 PM
Click on this: http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/heroMachine2/heromachine2.asp

Then hit the Load button, copy and paste that block of text I put up there, and you'll see the character I designed.

2006-12-18, 10:00 PM
Tell you what I have been messing around with Hero Machien too and I like the idea of a female action hero. I am not much of an artist either but I will fiddle with it in my sketch book. And after Xmas I will show you what I have done because I am pretty sure I am getting a Tablet. in the mean time I got bored and suped up what you made in photoshop.

Edit: ^ took about 30 seconds literally.

Edit2: I made this a few hors ago and I thought it was ironic that I stumbled on to your post. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/44955560/

2006-12-21, 08:42 PM
I wish I had the time to work on a webcomic. Oh well..
Here's something I doodled today:

2006-12-22, 02:03 PM
Nice, I drew something in like 10 seconds that gets the idea across but looks like crap I'll upload it later. Great DOODLE by the way.

The Extinguisher
2006-12-31, 12:55 AM
Seriously, it's very hard to just find an artist, unless it's with a partner you know offline. I only got an online because we had a previous friendship. But he lives in Ejeept, so that kind of sucks. Ah well Beggars can't be choosers.

Anyway, goodluck on your comic.

EDIT: I thought of something. Try looking on the smackjeeves forums (it's a webcomic site). I'm pretty sure they have something for people looking for partners.

2007-01-12, 08:02 PM
A lot of reasons that it's so hard to find an artist is because the writer wants so much of them. The "writer" will give a block of story line they got and want the artist to do story boarding, positioning, and to immediately fill in any detail that the "writer" didn't do. Of course they expect this because these sound like things an artist would do, and so the "writer" immediately writes that off as one more thing they don't want to do. In truth, the "writer" is closer to a playwright than anything else. I'm gonna get a flack for putting this up because I am halfway venting at what people have expected of me when we "collaborated" to make something.

Viscount Einstrauss
2007-01-12, 09:42 PM
No, I totally agree. The writer needs to figure out blocking and positioning himself, not rely on the artist. Hell, I'd even argue that the writer should hand the artist mock-up pages with crudely drawn stick figures before he even starts to tell the artist what he has in mind.

The artist is already doing the longest, hardest job, after all. He can't be expected to be psychic too.

(so, perhaps I too am venting)

The Extinguisher
2007-01-12, 09:45 PM
Hey. I do all that stuff. Actions, posititioning, clothing. Then again, I have a very funny artist, and the stuff I write isn't set in stone.

It's about 50/50

2007-01-17, 10:15 AM
My usual way of working with Jamie on Erfworld is to describe each page by panel. These include panel size, position, and description. Then the dialogue and SFX below the description.

I do the lettering, which takes an average of 4 hours a page (page 17 took 6 or 7 hours), and gives me a last chance to revise the script so that it works with the art. If Jamie lettered, he'd have less time to draw and he'd feel constrained to stick to the letter of the script.

The more the writer can assist the artist, the easier things will go. Both jobs are hard to do well, but yeah the art generally takes more time. Help your artist any way you can, writers.