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2013-08-02, 06:12 PM
I don't think I'm alone when I say that the equipment trick feat is severely underused for how much potential it has. Using rope, scabbards, shields and sunrods in new ways is interesting. Now let's see how far we can take this. I'll need all the help I can get to make adequate equipment trick rules, so please send me any ideas you have. If it is nice enough I might make a base class who specializes in them.

New Equipment Tricks:

Alchemist's Fire:
-napalm (Throw Anything): you can smash the Alchemist's fire on an object mid-throw and shower opponents from above with fire. Instead of dealing damage normally, you may shatter the Alchemist's fire and cover two adjacent 5 foot squares with the alchemists fire. Opponents in these squares take 1d6 fire damage. There is no splash damage and no one is caught on fire.
-carpet (Point Blank Shot): You may throw the fire at the ground, creating 3 adjacent 5-foot squares filled with fire that last 1d6 rounds. This fire deals 1d3 damage per round to anyone standing in or stepping through this area.
-pyromania (Intelligence 13): you know how to light things on fire. When attacking unattended objects with alchemist's fire, you deal double damage.

-reach weapon (weapon proficiency (spiked chain or whip)): you may use a bandolier as a reach weapon that does 1d4 piercing damage.
-damaged goods (dexterity 13): you are half as likely to have an alchemical item go off due to damage on your person. Additionally, if used as a reach weapon and your attack hits, you may expend one of your held alchemical items to have it take effect on your target.
-to the brim (intelligence 13): you can store 50% more items on your bandolier than usual.

-slashing weapon (base attack bonus +2): you are proficient with using broken bottles as weapons, they have the same stats as a dagger with the fragile special quality.
-thrown glass (Throw Anything): you can throw a broken bottle or a handful of glass as a weapon with the stats of a shuriken.
-nimble gatherer (intelligence 13): you may gather harmful substances into a bottle without a chance of poisoning yourself.
-glass underfoot (point blank shot): you can throw an empty bottle at the ground, creating two five foot squares of difficult terrain.

Grappling Hook:
-weapon proficiency (base attack bonus +2): you gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency (grappling hook)
-steal (Improved Steal): the grappling hook can be used for the steal combat maneuver to opponents within 15 ft
-grapple item (Dexterity 13): you may grasp one unattended object within 25 ft as a standard action and pull it toward you with a move action
-quick release (sleight of hand 5 ranks): you can release a grappling hook from it's point of grappling as a move action from any end of the rope.
-entangle (Improved Trip): you swing the hook at an opponent's feet, causing it to wrap several times around their legs. They must use a DC 20 Strength check or a DC 15 Escape artist check as a standard action to be free.

-blind (sleight of hand 4 ranks): if you have a sack on your person, you may place it over someone's head as a part of the 'dirty trick' maneuver. This gives you a +2 bonus to such a maneuver as long as you have a sack handy.
-stash (sleight of hand 6 ranks): you may stash something in an empty sack as a free action that you just successfully stole from an opponent.
-money club (weapon proficiency (club)): if you have gold in a bag or pouch, you may use it as a club with damage according to how much you have: 0-50 gold: 1d4, 51-100 gold: 1d6, 101 gold+:1d8
-tight fit (intelligence 13): you may fit 50% more in sacks.

-enduring shadow (ability to cast 1st level illusion spell or fetching or tiefling): a flask of shadowcloy lasts for 1d4 rounds instead of 1.
-shadow sneak (stealth 4 ranks): you may pour out shadowcloy onto your person so as to hide better in the shadows. You gain a +2 bonus to one stealth check and use one bottle of shadowcloy.
-snuff light source (Point Blank Shot): if you throw a bottle of shadowcloy at the only light source, you may darken the whole area by one step. If the light sourse is mundane, there is a 15% chance the light will go out.

-quick light (Quick Draw): drawing and lighting a torch is a move action.
-obscure vision (intelligence 13): you can hold the torch at an angle that you cast a shadow over your features, giving you +5 to disguise in dark illumination where you hold the only light source.
-lit throw (Throw Anything): you may throw a torch as a weapon, dealing as much damage as a gauntlet appropriate for your size plus 1 fire damage. This action can also light something on fire that is flammable.
-torch club (base attack bonus +2 or Fire Hand): you can weild the torch as a weapon without taking the non proficiency penalty. If you have Flame Hand as a feat, your torch weapon damage increases one die step (d2-d3-d4-d6-d8).

Others I have yet to do:

Bear Trap: quick trap, throw trap, efficient trap
Umbrella: feint, trip, use with dagger
Holy symbol: intimidate, thrown weapon, melee weapon
Holy Water: douse weapon, douse armor, baptise, barrier
Saddle: hang on, jump off, quick saddle, not enough space
Cloak: feint, trip, disarm, quick release
Backpack: flank ac, thrown distraction, pungee protection
Spellbook: two-handed club, ranged weapon
Oil, Lamp: oil slick, wall of fire, sure fling
Embalming Fluid: well preserved, ranged poison
Powder: stretch use, blind
Powder, Flash: ignite, reignite
Acid: lockbreaker, sunder, dissolve
Smokestick: shape smoke, concentrated smoke, lodge smokestick, double throw, quick light
Tanglefoot Bag: fuse, grapple, sticky trap, entangle item

This is taking a bit longer than I figured, so I'll get back to it later.

2013-08-03, 01:01 PM
Update Log:
-8/2: Bottle, bandolier, grappling hook.
-8/3: Alchemist's fire, sack, shadowcloy, torch.