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Toy Killer
2013-08-05, 08:24 PM
So, I'm working on a game that will feature a group of elite super soldiers in a D&D 3.5 game, but I want it to be pseudo modern SEAL style game.

I'm looking for ideas for missions to send them in on. I want it as open ended as possible, so the players can utilize their E6 scope of skills.

Thus far I have:

Destroy a Golem Factory
Sabotage a Teleportation Circle
Start up a Revolution
Replace a recipe for a Cauldron concoction.

2013-08-06, 04:29 PM
Black ops? No prob.

Wipe out a cluster of villages. Reasons can vary.

Assassinate the head of a government and replace him with a puppet. Bonus points if it's their own government. Again, reasons are up to you.

False flag attacks on cities to garner public support for foreign military conflicts or justify war on once peaceful neighbor.

Escort diplomats to Underdark to negotiate races for covert military alliances or just general peace that the public would probably not approve of.

Silence 'dangerous' individuals in the interest of continued stability.

Insert into enemy nation and train oppressed populace to wage guerrilla war on government.

That's all I can think of now.

Storm Bringer
2013-08-07, 06:48 AM
steal something form a enemy base without being detected.

plant something in a enemy castle without being discovered.

make a covert contact with a agent in deep cover, find out about some War Winning Plan the bad guys have, and try and stop them enacting it.

"extract" a high level defector (for example, the prince who is third in line for the Throne) in such a way the other side thinks they are dead.

shut down a enemy Black ops unit working in thier home territory.

really, go watch a far spy flims, and take the basic plots and modify to suit needs.

2013-08-07, 09:44 AM
Are we talking 'Where Eagles Dare' or tv 'A Team' kind of operations?

2013-08-07, 04:47 PM
Steal important documents (incriminating, war plans, sensitive military info) from the foreigners'/merchant's/mage guild's/church's/etc headquarters. Being discovered will severely damage public relations, so discretion is critical.

Destroy enemy infrastructure (bridges, farms, buildings, recruitment centers, start fires) to weaken their capabilities in anticipation of conflict.

Ambush enemy tax caravans to deprive them of needed money.

Toy Killer
2013-08-07, 11:43 PM
Are we talking 'Where Eagles Dare' or tv 'A Team' kind of operations?

Well, I guess I'm talking "Blackwing Elite" Missions. I have always felt that a major fault of D&D is inter-player 'smacking'. The DM creates a dungeon that's intended to challenge the PCs, but One PC is out shined by another in a role that he is supposed to excel at. The DM tries to tweak the plan to give the player a chance to shine. The other players are miffed at how this PC got 'His own Encounter', blah de-frickin' Blah.

I'm trying out something experimental. The players will strive for utility and general capacity, rather then Optimization. I'm pulling heavily from the Black Company magic system to revoke the core power of Wizards and literally handing that ability into anyone's hands who is willing to put the Skill points into Magic. The players won't even come to me for rulings on builds, instead referring to their team leader, who will Yay or Nay on the choices (Allowing him to suggest more potent builds for the team). I don't care if the players are able to kill a Balor in a single blow, because they won't face a Balor in the game. Most of the time they will face simple commoners and Warriors, occasionally a True blue Fighter (*Gasp and Awe*), that they rightfully should be able to take out with impunity if they have the drop.

The point isn't if they can kill something, it's how they complete the mission.

So, at the end of each secession they will receive a manilla folder with a mission cover sheet and Need to know information. Depending on what knowledge skills they have, I will add in with a red marker specifics that will (Usually) help them out. They will have 'Standing Orders' that cannot be broken, (As far as their superiors should know at least) and a primary objective that must be completed for mission success, with Secondary objectives that should be completed along side, and optional objectives for brownie points and extra gold. The players will receive experience for the missions based on their difficulty, and most of the gold will be spent on specific items for the next mission's goals and saved for gear up grades (Plus the ever elusive 'Retirement' that these Rimari Angels hear so much about)

The players will have a month to plan and execute the mission, with something going awry in each mission. I will have a budding story line if the first few secessions go well; but this is more for experimentation with the basic expectations of the game and I've really been aching to try out the Mercenary Campaign idea from Complete Warrior since the book came out.

TL;DR? Where Eagle's Dare is probably closer.

2013-08-07, 11:47 PM
Are you going to be having them perform actual 'black' ops?

Toy Killer
2013-08-08, 12:09 AM
Well, the back drop is that they are part of a reformed Thieves guild. One that turned attention to Global Politics and world influence. The front for the guild is a run down church where the patrons go and 'tithe' large sums of money to a defunct church of Rimari, one of the 'Old Gods' before the kingdom of Tribune was established. As far as the nations are concerned, weather or not they believe the god Rimari is sending angels to grant them fortuitous miracles is of no concern to the Black Wing Elite. As long as the patron's don't look closer and the miracles are performed, everyone is happy.

One of their standing orders is that no one can prove that the organization even exists. They can leave black feathers in a mark's bindings to show that the Rimari Angels delivered the Mark, but they won't be trading favors. After all, Rimari speaks in Gold, in the old legends.