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Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-14, 07:46 PM

Aerin begins in square O5.

Initiative (1d20+14=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777646)
Preparatory Rounds:
Round 1: Draws longsword, designates Douglas for purpose of Dodge feat, uses scroll of gate to summon 1 solar to squares NM4-5 (Solar's Initiative (1d20+9=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777695))
Round 1 (Solar): Draws weapon, Divine Favor
Round 2: Righteous Might (squares OP4-5)
Round 2 (Solar): Righteous Might (squares LMN3-5)
Round 3: Divine Power, applies oil of greater magic weapon +5 to longsword
Round 3 (Solar): Divine Power
Round 4: Divine Favor
Round 4 (Solar): Prayer
Round 5: Ready action (no peeking :smallmad:) abundant step to 5 feet from Douglas when he begins casting a spell
Round 5 (Solar): Ready action (no peeking here, either :smallmad:) miracle to duplicate dimension door to other side of Douglas

2006-12-14, 08:20 PM
Aerin (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=3517)
Douglas (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/view.php?id=67)

Douglas begins in O35.

Round 1: Quickened Imbue Familiar with Spell Ability (Complete Arcane)
Familiar contributes one 5th level spell slot to:
Ward Against Dispelling (Epic Spell in character notes)
Round 2: Assay Spell Resistance (Complete Arcane)
Moment of Prescience
Familiar casts Magic Circle Against Evil on Douglas
Round 3: Quickened Ray Deflection (Spell Compendium)
Maximized Spell Turning
Familiar casts Fly on Douglas
Round 4: Quickened Greater Arcane Sight
Superior Invisibility (Spell Compendium)
Familiar casts Reduce Person on Douglas
Round 5: Quickened Greater Blink (Complete Arcane)
Ghostform (Complete Arcane)
Familiar casts Haste

Familiar still has the following 5th level or lower spells available:
Split Ray Enervation

Initiative: (1d20+10=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777693)

Just as the judge signals that preparation time is over and the match can begin, a blazing inferno appears and engulfs Aerin and her summoned Solar.

Cast Celerity to go first, use the standard action to cast Time Stop.

Time Stop round 1: recover from being dazed by Celerity
Time Stop round 2-X: move to location below, ready action to cast Maximized Empowered Twinned Fire Admixed Searing Delayed Blast Fireball when Time Stop ends.

Saves for the fireballs are DC 30.
SR check for Solar: (1d20+29=47) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777716) passed. Assay Spell Resistance gives me enough bonus to automatically beat Aerin's SR.
Damage: (40d6/2+240=316.5, 40d6/2+240=318.0) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777712)

Moved to (no peeking unless you can see through Superior Invisibility, range when Time Stop ends is greater than 120 so True Sight can't see far enough):
50 feet up in J34

Note: If your readied action was against me casting something, it fails because you can't see or hear me to tell when I'm casting.

2006-12-14, 08:26 PM
((Douglas, I draw your attention to this quote:

For spells with durations longer than instantaneous, the backlash damage is per round.
Roll damage every round please))

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-14, 08:30 PM
((Also, Aerin is female. Grr.))

2006-12-14, 08:33 PM
((Oops, forgot about that. Since that rather drastically changes the power of that spell, I'd like to redesign it a little. Hmm, I've usually played with a house rule that epic spells cannot be mitigated below the original unmodified DC of the seeds, but that's not in the RAW. Would it be legal for this tournament to mitigate it down to DC 0 with XP cost?

Edit: Corrected. Sorry for not noticing that little entry on the character sheet.))

2006-12-14, 08:34 PM
((Keep it at the DC you have))

2006-12-14, 08:44 PM
((Ok, made familiar an extra caster in ritual spell with one of the spell slots from Imbue Familiar with Spell Ability to replace 9d6 of the backlash and dropped Dispel Psionics from the list of blocked spells/powers for the final die.))

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-14, 09:01 PM
Reflex saves (1d20+23=37, 1d20+23=34) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777741) Aerin takes no damage, thanks to evasion.

Solar's Reflex saves (1d20+18=26, 1d20+18=37) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777743) The solar fails the first save, taking 316 points of fire damage, killing it.
Aerin uses a charm of mirror image. Mirror Image (1d4+4=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777750)

There are now six Aerins, who ascend with their wings to an altitude of 50 feet, taking up squares LM4-5, MN4-5, NO4-5, OP4-5, PQ4-5, and QR4-5.

((Actually, I was just looking at your sheet, and you have a rather serious problem. You have neither any spell components listed in your equipment, nor do you possess the Eschew Materials feat. That means that your DBFs, Magic Circle against Evil, Ray Deflection, Spell Turning, Fly, Reduce Person, and Haste spells did not happen. Therefore, the solar is still alive.))

2006-12-14, 09:26 PM
Four white-hot rays of fire spiral around each other from an invisible source 80 feet away, unerringly seeking out the true Aerin and burning deeply into her body. One ray misses and continues on another 15 feet before fizzling out, but the other three cause massive burns.

Move to N21 on the same level as Aerin looking at Aerins through Gem of Seeing, cast Quickened True Strike, cast Maximized Empowered Twinned Split Ray Fire Substituted Fire Admixed Searing Polar Ray. Use True Strike bonus on one ray, Moment of Prescience on another.

Polar Ray attack rolls: (1d20+45=51, 1d20+50=69, 1d20+25=36, 1d20+25=40) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777806)
Damage: (50d6/2+300=380.5, 50d6/2+300=379.5, 50d6/2+300=393.0, 50d6/2+300=391.5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777813)

Fire immunity reduces damage by half rather than eliminating it thanks to Searing Spell.

Unless I missed something, the 3rd ray misses but the other 3 all hit.

2006-12-14, 09:54 PM
((Tell that to all the other spellcasters in this tournament who didn't bother to note such trivially cheap mundane possessions as a spell component pouch. I haven't checked the whole list, but there's at least two or three besides me that don't have a single non-magical item in their equipment list and don't have Eschew Materials, but I haven't seen anyone complaining when they cast spells with material components or foci.

Also, Vael made no mention of the omission when he checked my sheet, and if he's really going to enforce a rule that if you didn't make explicit note of such basic items you don't have them, then he should have pointed that out in glaring red flashing letters a foot tall before approving it.))

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-14, 09:59 PM
((Polar Ray requires a focus component which you do not have))

((I have gone through your spell list. These are the spells you cannot cast, owing to your total lack of all material and focus components:
Read Magic (F),
Light (M),
Message (F),
Grease (M),
True Strike (F),
Floating Disk (M),
Reduce Person (M),
See Invisibility (M),
Web (M),
Glitterdust (M),
Fly (F),
Haste (M),
Fireball (M),
Magic Circle against Evil (M),
Locate Creature (M),
True Seeing (M),
Delayed Blast Fireball (M),
Polar Ray (F),
Ray Deflection (F), and
Spell Turning (M).))

((Well then I guess I'm the first to notice. If Vael wants us to be able to cast without material and focus components, he should have said something about it. Since he didn't, I am assuming that they are, in fact, required as per the RAW. The fact that Elya has her spell components on her equipment list bears witness to my point.))

2006-12-14, 10:03 PM
((Hey, if you don't want to buy them, it isn't my problem. I also didn't mention the backlash thing, if you notice. I assumed you knew.
I'll let you off, should you have enough money to buy them))

2006-12-14, 10:06 PM
((Nitpicking on an item as cheap and universal as a spell component pouch is akin to suggesting that most of the competitors in this tournament are fighting mostly nude because they didn't actually type in that they have a set of clothes, which at least several of them did not. If Vael rules that I have to have a spell component pouch listed on my sheet in order to use it, I would be very surprised if he does not also rule that I can add it retroactively. Otherwise, quite a few of the matches already completed, not just mine, would have to be redone because one or both combatants lacked the components for some of the spells they cast.

Edit: Spell Component Pouch added to sheet, 5 gp deducted. You might want to make a general announcement about this because I am far from the only person who omitted it.))

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-14, 10:06 PM
((In that case, can I revise my equipment list in mid-battle as well?))

2006-12-14, 10:09 PM
((I am letting him add it on the basis that he assumed he did not need it))

2006-12-14, 10:11 PM
((Well I have a shirt. And I am furry, so who needs pants.))

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-14, 10:40 PM
((Very well.))

Aerin is struck by the rays. Her smoking corpse, reduced to -201 hp, plummets fifty feet to the ground, taking additional falling damage (5d6=16) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=778130), putting her at -217 hp and quite thouroughy dead.

2006-12-14, 11:57 PM
((That only cancels out the penalty for being large from Righteous Might, putting your touch AC back at 40, just barely low enough for the final ray to hit. Even without that, I can't figure out how you're getting more than 379 max hp. I'm getting 330 (base from your sheet) + 22 (Righteous Might con bonus) + 16 (Divine Power temp hp) = 368, putting you at -11 with just the first two rays))

The metal sphere flies through empty space, falling to the ground after a clean miss. Another quartet of rays strikes from 10 feet above the previous location. Only two hit this time, but the damage is still incredible.

Familiar cast Celerity as an immediate action, interrupting your turn, when you threw the bands, followed by Teleport with the standard action granted. Teleport error: (1d100=69) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=778026) on target regardless of the familiarity of the arena.

The familiar is dazed for this round, but I am not.
Quickened True Strike plus another metamagiced Polar Ray and a move.
Polar Ray attack rolls second time: (1d20+45=50, 1d20+25=41, 1d20+25=35, 1d20+25=31) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=778033)
2 hits
Polar Ray damage second time: (50d6/2+300=386.0, 50d6/2+300=392.5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=778035)

389 damage after reduction for fire immunity.

Move to

((Edit: Also, it appears that unless you can explain this roll (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=777915) so suspiciously close in time and description to your posted miss chance roll, you attempted to cheat by rerolling.))

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-15, 12:37 AM
((Oh. Crap, I forgot I was large. As far as my hp go, that is totally my math error, and I apologize. And as for the first roll, that was for another possible attack option I was considering. I decided against it before I saw the roll result and hit back, but I guess it must have logged the roll anyway. I'll edit my post above))

2006-12-15, 12:44 AM
((Ah. No biggie as long as the mistakes get fixed in the end, plus I don't think it really mattered here, but you might want to put a little more detail in the description of your rolls in the future.))

Douglas dismisses his invisibility and lands next to Aerin. "Oops, I think I may have overdone it a little here. Does anyone have a True Resurrection handy? I'm not sure there's enough left for anything else."

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-15, 12:53 AM
Iames appears and looks down at Aerin with a wince. I'll do it. His eyes glow violet.

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-15, 01:00 AM
Aerin's body glows and she gets to her feet. Turning to Douglas, she extends her hand. That was impressive. Now I remember why I never fight casters on my own. She seems quite angry, though not entirely at Douglas, and she forces herself to smile nonetheless.

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-16, 04:09 AM
((*pokes douglas to respond already*))

2006-12-16, 05:00 AM
I thought that summoning/calling epic creatures was against the rules:

These are the rules I have on summoning:
1) No Gods
2) No characters/advanced monsters.
3) No Tarrasque/Epic Monsters
I think that covers everything I want to avoid.

I also had plans with some Solars (CR 23 => Epic), but when I read this I kicked my two scrolls of Gate in the garbage bin and redeployed my resources ...

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-16, 08:49 AM
((*shrug* Vael didn't object when I mentioned calling the solars, apart from a brief debate over who got to control their actions))

2006-12-16, 10:50 AM
Um, I really consider anything in the monster manual (except the tarrasque) to be non-epic.

2006-12-16, 11:16 AM
Well, that's a very house-rule (and not RAW) view of epic. The tarrasque has a lower CR than a solar, a CR that doesn't exceed 20, a non-epic CR.

2006-12-16, 05:59 PM
((*pokes douglas to respond already*))
((Sorry, I've been distracted by going home for Christmas. Fall semester just ended yesterday at college.))

Douglas shakes the offered hand. "My experience has been that people capable of defeating skilled spellcasters in single combat who are not skilled casters themselves are extremely rare. For one not in that small group, you put up a decent showing - many would have died to the first fireball - but I'd advise against relying on illusions to much for defense. Even my invisibility spell is far from impenetrable, so I make sure to have a backup plan in case it fails."

Lord Iames Osari
2006-12-17, 10:17 PM
Aerin nods choppily. Thank you for the advice. I'll keep that in mind for my next fight. She bows politely to him, then turns and leaves the Arena.

2008-12-04, 03:19 AM
((First of all... I'm very sorry for bringing this old thread back up. I found it in a Google search for something unrelated, but now I have a really quick rules question and I'd greatly appreciate enlightenment.

Is the Solar really killed by that spell? Was the spell given an evil descriptor that I'm not aware of for it to deal lethal damage to the Solar, or am I getting the rules for regeneration wrong?


2008-12-04, 03:48 AM
((Holllyyy crap, this thread is two years old o.o))