View Full Version : new vision idea 4th edition

2013-08-08, 07:58 PM
I had an idea for an alternate way of seeing. This way of seeing is seeing life, not light. The idea is that all life radiates this kind of energy that acts similar to light. Thinking creatures give off the brightest light, and creatures that can't think give off a more dim light. The energy behaves oddly, having an energy radius that i will explain. So let's say a human was off forty feet in front of you. And his radius is based off his size, so let's say his radius is ten feet. Everything within ten feet of him is "lit up" and in detail, so let's say that there is a rock right next to him. You would be able to see this rock, as well as anything else within ten feet of him in great detail, but past that is darkness. And you don't see it in color, you see in black and white, not seeing difference in colors, so a painting just looks like a flat surface of white to you. Also, undead are not alive, so it gives off no "light". Neither do constructs or shadow creatures. And creatures that are microscopic are immune to this as well, unless they are stuck together in a large pile, such as the stuff that redstone is made of. but they give off a light faint enough that you can see your surroundings if you are in a place that has no other light, and you know what square undead, constructs, and shadow creatures are in but they have total concealment against you unless they are within the light radius of another creature or they sneak. you are a life source, so anything close enough to you is seen. And if they are behind a wall, you can't see them, but let's say they had an "aura" of two squares. This means that you would know someone was behind that wall if the wall ended but their "aura" went past it. but not if the wall want let's say a mile in each direction and was fifty feet tall and they were just on the other side of it. If that is the case, you can't tell they're there. Invisibility effects I would say that they would be like the undead or construct, knowing the general area they are in but they have total concealment unless sneaking. And if there is a giant firewall or a dust devil, or magical darkness and the owner of it doesn't want you to be able to see, or something else to that effect, they would not be seen while inside of it. medium creatures give a radius of three squares, small is two, tiny is one. Then large is four, and so on. is this too op? how can i make it not op? how could i give this to a character(feats, background, ect.)? and anything you would like to add to this?