View Full Version : Best Zombie Apocalypse System

2013-08-09, 01:13 AM
What would be the best system for a long term Night of the Living Dead style campaign?

2013-08-09, 01:25 AM
All Flesh Must Be Eaten?

2013-08-09, 04:42 AM
All Flesh Must Be Eaten?

Seconding it.

You can do everything with it.
Night of the living dead? Check.
28 days later? check.
shaun of the dead? check.
Evil Dead? Check.
Resident Evil? Tough but doable.
Dawn of the Dead? both check.
Zombies in space? Check.

Kid Jake
2013-08-17, 12:41 AM
I kind of like World of Darkness for a good zombie romp. Combat can get lethal pretty fast and the skills are pretty well suited to running from the undead.