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Superpowers in D+D campaigns.

Comics presents both a massive opportunity and huge challenge for DMs looking to present a new gaming experience for their players. They offer almost unlimited scope within a single campaign and the ability to wield highly powerful characters within a wide variety of (helpfully for GMs) strongly preset – but still vague – settings.

Though any of the multitude of comic book worlds would provide for a perfectly interesting setting for a campaign it is their concept of Superheroes and villians where the true opportunity lies. Here are near demi god characters which – whilst mortal – still wield tremendous power through their innate abilities, opening up plans for a whole new story wherein they may face challenges hereto unexplored before.

Below are three lists comprising of, Powers, Weaknesses and Origins each built with the plan of either rolling up a completely random hero/villain or custom building one to fulfill your idealized creation.

How to create
In basis, there are two generation methods; Random and Selected, with random having more potential for high powered individuals with occasionally odd skill sets and Selected being a far more planned out character with potentially lower power levels.


Random Character creation
Weaknesses - To determine the amount of weaknesses you begin with Roll a D6, the number you land on not only determines the amount of weaknesses you get, but the amount of powers you get. After the roll is made, roll on the weaknesses list a number of times equal to the number rolled (e.g. Gareth Rolls a 4 and therefore rolls four times on the weaknesses list.), if you land on the same number twice or more the weaknesses power level is increased, if the weakness is already at it's highest level, roll again.
Powers - The number of powers you roll are equal to twice the levels of weaknesses obtained (e.g. in the previous example, Gareth would roll 8 powers), as with the weaknesses any power rolled more than once increases in power by one level at a time.
Origins - Roll a single D20 to determine the origin of your character.
Starting Level - Regardless of your setting, a random hero starts with D3 levels.


Weaknesses - Firstly, select the number of weakness levels you would like, up to a maximum of 5. Secondly half the number selected, rounding down, this number (E.g. Gareth selects 5 weaknesses, rounding down to two) of weaknesses are randomly assigned in the same manner as random generation. The remaining levels are distributed as the distributor sees fit.
Powers - As with Random creation, the amount of powers are equal to the amount of weaknesses times two, (In this example, 10) and are assigned freely, with one exception, when leveling powers up you must pay the level cost of the previous level as well (E.g. A level 1 power costs 1 point, a Level 2 Power Costs two, and a Level three power costs three) each time you level you must pay the power level cost accordingly (So a third level power costs six levels)
Origin - Select at will.
Starting Level - A selected Hero starts at level 2

Power List (Help formatting would be greatly apprechiated.)
Number Power Name Levels Category

1 Flight 1-3 Movement

2 Super Speed 1-3 Movement

3 Agility 1-3 Movement

4 Teleportation 1-3 Movement

5 Super jump 1-3 Movement

6 Super Climb 1-2 Movement

7 Winged 1 Movement

8 Space Flight 1-2 Movement

9 Levitation 1 Movement

10 Super Strength 1-3 Combat

11 Laser Vision 1-3 Combat

12 Crack Shot 1-2 Combat

13 Enhanced Strength 1-2 Combat

14 Talons/Claws 1 Combat

15 Awesome Strength 1-3 Combat

16 Blademaster 1-3 Combat

17 Life Drain 1-2 Combat

18 Martial Artist 1-3 Combat

19 Archer 1-2 Combat

20 Extra Limbs (x2) 1-3 Combat

21 Devour 1-2 Combat

22 Bone Mastery 1-2 Combat

23 Pain Mastery 1-2 Combat

24 Great Intelligence 1-3 Mind

25 Magic Mastery 1-3 Mind

26 Prenatural Sense 1-2 Mind

27 Mimic Power 1-3 Mind

28 Mind Control 1-3 Mind

29 Animal Empathy 1-2 Mind

30 Terrifying Presence 1-3 Mind

31 Telekinetic 1-3 Mind

32 Telepathic 1-3 Mind

33 Premonition 1-2 Mind

34 Psionic Mastery 1-3 Mind

35 Animal Mastery 1-3 Mind

36 Fearless 1-2 Mind

37 Investigator Extraordinaire 1-3 Mind

38 Mind Link 1 Mind

39 Heightened Senses 1-2 Mind

40 Power Sense 1-2 Mind

41 Necromancy 1-3 Mind

42 Empathy 1-3 Mind

43 Pheromonal control 1-2 Mind

44 Illusion Mastery 1-3 Mind

45 Xray Vision 1 Body

46 Fast Healing 1-2 Body

47 Elasticity 1-2 Body

48 Invisibility 1 Body

49 Shapeshifter 1-3 Body

50 Poisonous 1-3 Body

51 Incorporeality 1-2 Body

52 Toughness 1-2 Body

53 Invulnerability 1-2 Body

54 Regeneration 1-2 Body

55 Size Shrink 1-2 Body

56 Size increase 1-2 Body

57 Size mastery 1 Body

58 Infrared Vision 1-2 Body

59 Energy Absorbtion 1-3 Body

60 Multiples 1-3 Body

61 Underwater home 1 Body

62 Space Home 1 Body

63 Night Vision 1 Body

64 Sonar 1 Body

65 Super Reflexes 1-3 Body

66 Bionics 1-3 Body

67 Animalistic 1-2 Body

68 Undead 1 Body

69 Alien 1 Body

70 Environmental resistance (Region) 1-2 Body

71 Die Hard 1 Body

72 Environmental Boost (region) 1 Body

73 Adaptation 1-2 Body

74 Transformation 1 Body

75 Changeling 1 Body

76 Physical Mutation 1 Body

77 Physical Hardness 1 Body

78 Overpowering Flatulence 1 Body

79 Immunity (energy type) 1 Body

80 Bizarre mastery 1-3 Manipulation

81 Force Fields 1-3 Manipulation

82 Electrical Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

83 Magnetic Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

84 Tremor Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

85 Ice Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

86 Fire Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

87 Wind Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

88 Weather Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

89 Temporal Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

90 Water Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

91 Plant Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

92 Reflection (Energy) 1-2 Manipulation

93 Reflection (Mind) 1-2 Manipulation

94 Reflection (Physical) 1-2 Manipulation

95 Sonic Mastery 1-3 Manipulation

96 Wealth 1-3 Miscellaneous

97 Gadget Wizard 1-3 Miscellaneous

98 Unbelievable luck 1-3 Miscellaneous

99 Energy Infusion 1-3 Miscellaneous

100 Razzle Dazzle 1 Miscellaneous

Superpower Descriptions


Flight – The ability to fly

* lvl 1 Visible means, and capable of glides but not true flight

* lvl 2 Visible means, capable of true flight, equivalent to a Helicopter in speed, manoeuvrability and altitude

* Lvl 3 no visible means true flight, equivalent to jet plane.

Superspeed – The ability to move at incredible speed

* Lvl 1 equivalent to Olympic record holder

* Lvl 2 equivalent to a train

* Lvl 3 equivalent to a jet or faster (if terrain allows)

Agility – The ability to dodge or move with prenatural grace and skill

* Lvl1 equivalent to a skilled martial artist or gymnast

* Lvl2 capable of dodging high speed objects and navigating close obstacles

* Lvl3 capable of dodging bullets and navigating high speed debris fields

Teleportation – The ability to instantly move from one location to another

* Lvl1 requires line of sight, and has only a short range

* Lvl 2 requires line of sight, but could be done blind with risk, and has a modest range (a few city blocks)

* Lvl 3 does not require line of sight, and can be done with pinpoint accuracy at short range, and almost unlimited distance

Super Jump – The ability to leap great distances or heights

* Lvl 1 capable of clearing short walls (1storey), or leaping from one building to another

* Lvl 2 capable of clearing 2 storeys, or leaping across a city square

* Lvl 3 capable of clearing 4 storeys or leaping up to a mile if terrain is clear enough

Super climb – the ability to traverse sheer surfaces

* Lvl 1 capable of traversing vertical surfaces at high speed with little risk

* Lvl 2 as lvl 1 but also able to leap onto a vertical surface and not slip off. Limited ability to traverse smooth surfaces

Winged – has wings that permit flight

* Grants true flight, equivalent to a bird

Space flight – Has ability to use controlled movement in a vacuum or atmosphere

* Lvl 1 able to move in a vacuum without difficulty

* Lvl 2 capable of interplanetary flight in sensible timescale

Levitation – Capable of floating, but not flying

* Capable of rising above the ground, with limited capacity for manoeuvring but with up to 50 storeys in altitude.


Superstrength – The ability to exhibit incredible feats of strength beyond a trained human

* Lvl 1 capable of lifting a car

* Lvl 2 capable of lifting a train

* Lvl 3 capable of lifting a boat

Laservision – The ability to fire laser beams from the eyes

* Lvl 1 Allows attacks against targets with sufficient force to inflict minor damage

* Lvl 2 allows attacks against targets with extreme amounts of damage or force

* Lvl 3 allows attacks against targets with precision and control over the amount of force and damage inflicted

Crack shot – The ability to hit a target with unnerving precision

* Lvl 1 is capable of firing a ranged weapon with extreme accuracy over unusually high distance or through intense cover

* Lvl 2 is capable of using anything as a ranged weapon with extreme accuracy, and to do so even against targets without line of sight.

Enhanced strength – The ability to exhibit strength at the limit of human capacity

* Lvl 1 equivalent to an Olympian, or trained martial artist

* Lvl 2 equivalent to an enhanced human, capable of punching through walls.

Talons/Claws – To have built in natural weapons

* To have natural weapons, be they teeth, talons, claws, horns or spurs, which are equivalent to a blade or club in damage capacity.

Awesome strength – To exhibit feats of strength which go beyond classic connotations of ‘strong’

* Lvl 1 capable of tearing down a brick building with bare hands

* Lvl 2 capable of digging through a mountain or solid rock with bare hands

* Lvl 3 capable of punching or throwing a subject with sufficient force to go through planetary objects

Blademaster – To exhibit extensive skill with swordplay or other bladed weapons

* Lvl 1 equivalent to a skilled martial artist or fencer

* Lvl 2 equivalent to a martial arts master

* Lvl 3 capable of using bladed weapons to damage objects which would normally shatter a blade.

Life Drain – the ability to drain a subject of their power or life in order to gain it themselves

* Lvl 1 using a bite, talon or similar method to pierce the target and may take time to have appreciable effect

* Lvl 2 uses touch to drain a target and effect is almost instant.

Martial artist – The ability to fight without weapons against multiple opponents

* Lvl 1 capable of duelling with up to 3 unskilled opponents

* Lvl 2 capable of duelling with up to 6 unskilled opponents

* Lvl 3 capable of duelling with up to 12 unskilled opponents at once.

Archer – the ability to use a bow with unusual skill or technical ability

* Lvl 1 capable of multiple shots and using bow as a close combat weapon

* Lvl 2 capable of variety of specialist ammunition, permitting unusual equipment in a combat situation

Extra limbs (x2) – Subject has an additional pair of limbs, either grafted, mechanical or natural.

* Lvl 1 Subject has 2 additional limbs with limited combat effectiveness

* Lvl 2 Subject has 4 additional limbs with significant combat effectiveness

* Lvl 3 has up to 6 additional limbs with brutal combat effectiveness

Devour – The subject is capable of devouring an object or person in order to gain power from it

* Lvl 1 is capable of learning memories from tactile contact with an object or person

* Lvl 2 is capable of mimicking powers or regaining health from consuming an object or person

Bone mastery – The ability to create or mold the subjects own bones to use as weapons or defences

* Lvl 1 is capable of creating bone weapons

* Lvl 2 is capable of creating bone weapons and of forming enhanced bone armour to defend against attack

Pain Mastery – the ability to either create pain, or ignore it

* Lvl 1 is capable of ignoring debilitating pain in itself that would cripple normal humans

* Lvl 2 is capable of inflicting debilitating pain through touch


Great Intelligence – The ability to utilise your mind to solve problems at high speed, and interpret correctly the events around you

* Lvl 1 capable of solving complex mathematical or philosophical problems and to interpret information correctly

* Lvl 2 as lvl 1 and capable of precision memory recall

* Lvl 3 as lvls 1+2 and capable of accurately predicting the actions of others

Magic Mastery – The ability to utilise true magic

* Lvl 1 capable of illusions and tricks but not true magic – equivalent to a highly skilled magician

* Lvl 2 capable of true spell casting utilising books and research

* Lvl 3 capable of Instinctual true spell casting

Prenatural sense – The ability to be alerted to potential threats and dangers before they emerge

* Lvl 1 capable of predicting imminent danger to self

* Lvl 2 capable of predicting imminent danger to self and others

Mimic power – The ability to copy other powers

* Lvl 1 capable of researching and gaining limited ability of a power that they have observed

* Lvl 2 capable of gaining temporarily the power of another they have seen or touched

* Lvl 3 capable of permanently gaining the power of another they have touched, but at a penalty such as the death of the copied subject or memory damage to the copier.

Mind Control – The ability to control the thoughts and actions of others

* Lvl 1 capable of limited hypnosis at close range or with equipment

* Lvl 2 capable of significant control without need for equipment

* Lvl 3 capable of total control, overriding self preservation, without need for equipment

Animal empathy – The ability to communicate with and influence fauna

* Lvl 1 capable of communication with a specific kind of fauna

* Lvl 2 capable of communication with all kinds of fauna, and to be able to show limited control over them

Terrifying presence – The ability to inspire fear in others

* Lvl 1 capable of instilling fear in those who can see you

* Lvl 2 capable of inspiring dread in those who can see or hear you

* Lvl 3 capable of inspiring irrational terror in those who can see, hear or sense you

Telekinetic – The ability to move objects with your mind

* Lvl 1 capable of moving small visible objects with imprecise control

* Lvl 2 capable of moving visible large or multiple objects with moderate control

* Lvl 3 capable of moving up to several enormous objects and capable of doing so without clear visibility, and to do so with precise control.

Telepathic – The ability to read and influence the minds of others

* Lvl 1 capable of reading others thoughts and intentions in line of sight

* Lvl 2 as lvl 1 but also to influence the actions of others in a mild fashion

* Lvl 3 as lvl 1 but also to influence the actions of others in a significant, and potentially permanent fashion, and to be able to implant memories and thoughts.

Premonition – The ability to read the future

* Lvl 1 capable of gaining insight and indication of potential future events up to a year away

* Lvl 2 capable of accurately reading and even seeing potential future events up to a century away

Psionic Mastery – The ability to create temporary matter from nothing

* Lvl 1 capable of creating small objects for up to an hour

* Lvl 2 capable of creating up to human sized objects with limited capacity to move them or use them. Capable of creating complex objects such as basic machines which do not require power, or additional limbs. Objects last up to 2 hours

* Lvl 3 capable of producing very large objects (up to coach sized) which can be moved and manipulated and used even by others. Can create complex machinery, objects last up to 4 hours

Animal mastery – The ability to train and control animals to follow instructions.

* Lvl 1 capable of training small animals to follow simple tasks

* Lvl 2 capable of training medium sized animals and animals which are not normally trainable to follow tasks or plans of a modest complexity

* Lvl 3 capable of training large animals and creatures not normally trainable to follow complex plans or conduct complex tasks (assuming they are physically capable of accomplishing them)

Fearless – A heightened capacity for bravery

* Lvl 1 shows control of their emotive state to prevent themselves succumbing to panic or fear. Equivalent to a trained human.

* Lvl 2 has no capacity to appreciate fear and is therefore not affected by fear effects. It cannot learn from experiences that would cause it to show fear or caution (such as being shot)

Investigator Extraordinaire – The ability to assess and investigate a situation to determine the most likely occurrence.

* Lvl 1 equivalent to a trained human, with heightened attention to detail, and analytical capacity.

* Lvl 2 capable of advanced knowledge on a broad range of subjects, allowing them to analyse a scene with a far broader scope of potential possibilities.

* Lvl 3 capable of judging and assessing a scene in extremely swift time, with wide knowledge, excellent attention to detail and analytical skills and excellent memory.

Mind Link – The ability to link with another mind to see and sense what it is experiencing in real time

* Capable of long range telepathy with a specific subject, but unable to influence it beyond discussion with the subjects inner monologue. Capable of seeing, sensing and feeling what the linked mind is feeling, even if it is not human.

Heightened senses – To have sensory abilities far beyond normal human capacity

* Lvl 1 will have one sense heightened to an extraordinary level (eg sight), and be equivalent to another natural creature

* Lvl 2 will have multiple or even all senses heightened, all equivalent to other creatures in the natural order.

Power Sense – To have an additional sensory capacity to detect superhuman power in other individuals and asses it without them revealing it.

* Lvl 1 is capable of detecting a superpower in another individual within line of sight but not determining who specifically in a crowd, nor what power it is, nor how powerful

* Lvl 2 is capable of determining specifically who within line of sight has a superpower, how powerful and what it is.

Necromancy – The ability to speak with, and potentially control, the dead

* Lvl 1 is capable of seeing and speaking with spirits

* Lvl 2 is capable of summoning forth a spirit

* Lvl 3 is capable of raising dead bodies to unlife as a slave at their control.

Empathy – the ability to understand and influence the emotions of others

* Lvl1 equivalent to a trained human counsellor, able to diagnose emotional conflict and influence behaviour.

* Lvl2 subject is capable of influencing the behaviour of others around them to like the subject or to behave in a certain way towards them

* Lvl 3 subject is able to actively influence the behaviour of others to act in a chosen way to the subject or to others, and to influence behaviour enough to convince others to perform acts they would never do normally - unlike mind control the subject is fully aware of what they are doing, and able to stop at any time, but they choose not to.

Pheromonal control – the ability to excrete pheromones to induce behaviours in others around the subject

* Lvl 1 is able to influence behaviour of people in the immediate area of affect. The influence ceases when the pheromones move out of range or concentration.

* Lvl 2 is able to control behaviour of people in the immediate area of affect, and control may linger even after the pheromones move out of range.

Illusion mastery – The ability to summon, control and create illusions

* Lvl 1 is skilled in the use of party tricks, special effects and other methods to create illusions using equipment and sleight of hand

* Lvl 2is capable of summoning small scale illusions using equipment or slight of hand, or drugs. The illusions are more powerful and convincing, and can be used to actively act rather than simply disorient or influence

* Lvl 3 capable of creating true illusions capable of acting independently, and without need for specialist equipment

Xray vision – The ability to see through walls, clothing and other objects to see metal and bone

* Subject is capable of seeing bone and metal even through solid objects for a distance of up to 10 metres.

Fast Healing – Subject heals at a rapid rate but is not capable of regenerating lost limbs.

* Lvl 1 is capable of healing minor cuts very quickly, and major wounds in half the usual time. Minor illnesses have no effect, and major illnesses are fought with unusual effectiveness

* Lvl 2 is capable of healing minor injuries almost instantly and major wounds within a few hours. Illnesses have little or no effect, though major illnesses may take up to an hour to overcome.

Elasticity – The ability to warp the body to stretch, flatten, elongate, or even wrap, regardless of normal bone structure.

* Lvl 1 is capable of significant bodily contortion beyond normal human capacity, but not capable of changing bone structure

* Lvl 2 is capable of tremendous bodily contortion and even gains peculiar resilience as the body molds around dangerous objects (such as blades or punches)

Invisibility – The subject can render themselves invisible to normal vision

* Subject is capable of rendering themselves outside of the scope of normal vision, and therefore cannot be seen without specialist equipment or powers.

Shapeshifter – The subject is capable of changing their shape to resemble something else

* Lvl 1 is capable of camouflaging themselves with different colouration or minor bodily changes, but cannot change gender, species or cause significant difference in body structure. There may be certain traits which cannot be changed (eye colour for example)

* Lvl 2 is capable of mimicking any creature with a reasonbly similar mass and body structure, but leaves no physical clue they are not what they appear.

* Lvl 3 is capable of mimicking anything with a similar mass, even if it is not humanoid, or even living. They are also capable of multiple mimics on the same body (arms as blades, whilst humanoid body with a donkey’s legs for example). Unless they make it obvious in doing this, there is no physical clue that the subject is mimicking.

Poisonous – The ability to create and make use of poisonous material of varying lethality.

* Lvl 1 is capable of creating poisons and using them in equipment, but is not themselves poisonous.

* Lvl 2 is capable of naturally producing poisons on their person, and has means to deliver them

* Lvl 3 is capable of creating artificial and natural poisons, both from their own person and from equipment, and is able to deliver them in a wide variety of methods.

Incorporeality – The ability to move through solid objects without disturbing them

* Lvl 1 is capable of moving through walls and other solid objects

* Lvl 2 is capable of phasing specific objects around them through solid objects when touching them, and even specific parts of objects

Toughness – The subject is unusually resilient to injury and disease

* Lvl 1 is in peak physical condition, equivalent to an Olympian

* Lvl 2 is capable of weathering extreme injury and maintain movement, and capable of surviving most diseases.

Invulnerability – Subject is capable of rendering themselves immune to certain kinds of physical damage

* Lvl 1 is capable of blocking sword blows with their bare hands without damage, and able to ‘harden’ themselves against expected attack to either reduce the damage or negate it entirely.

* Lvl 2 is capable of ignoring attacks from bullets and other standard weapons even if they were not aware the attack was coming.

Regeneration – The ability to regrow parts of the body, or even to regrow the entire body from a small remaining part. This ability does not protect from diseases to anything other than a limited degree.

* Lvl 1 is capable of restoring use of a severed limb by reattaching it to their body. Anything up to significant bodily destruction will be healed at a fast rate.

* Lvl 2 is capable of regenerating the entire body from almost total bodily destruction. Significant and prolonged damage is necessary to overcome the enhanced healing abilities of the body.

Size shrink – Subject is capable of rendering themselves or others smaller temporarily.

* Lvl 1 is capable of rendering themselves up to 10 times smaller

* Lvl 2 is capable of rendering both themselves and others they touch up to 10 times smaller. The other must be a willing participant or will be able to resist the effect

Size increase – Subject is capable of growing to a massive size for the temporary basis

* Lvl 1 is capable of rendering themselves up to 10 times bigger

* Lvl 2 is capable of rendering themselves up to 30 times bigger

Size mastery – The ability to alter the subjects size at will

* The subject is able to increase or decrease their size, or the size of a specific part of their body temporarily.

Infrared vision – The ability to see heat

* Lvl 1 is capable of seeing the heat emanating from objects and therefore potentially through objects (such as thin walls)

* Lvl 2 is capable of seeing heat from objects but is able to do so in a wide variety of spectrums and therefore is less likely to be blinded when in unusual environs.

Energy Absorbtion – The ability to absorb energy from attacks and environment to avoid damage.

* Lvl 1 is capable of absorbing up to a high amount of energy from a specific source (kinetic, electricity, etc)

* Lvl 2 is capable of absorbing up to a high amount of energy from up to 3 specific sources

* Lvl 3 is capable of absorbing up to a high amount of energy from any source

Multiples – The ability to create copies of yourself acting under your control.

* Lvl 1 is capable of creating 1 copy of itself, this acts as a normal person under the subjects control. It is however, only an illusion and cannot take or deal damage

* Lvl 2 is capable of creating up to 7 copies of itself at once

* Lvl 3 is capable of creating up to 50 copies of itself simultaneously

Underwater home – The subject is perfectly at ease even in deep water with no effect upon its body or breathing.

* The subject is capable of diving up to 1 mile underwater, and is capable of breathing without difficulty even after days below the surface.

Space home – The subject is perfectly at ease even in hard vacuum and exposed to cosmic radiation.

* The subject is capable of surviving without difficulty in hard vacuum and naturally occuring cosmic radiation, heat and cold has no effect on them.

Night Vision – The subject is capable of seeing as well at night as in the day

* The subjects vision is not affected by a lack of light in its environment.

Sonar – The subject is capable of emitting a sonar pulse, which it can then detect and interpret

* The subject is capable of ‘seeing’ all around it, even in conditions of no light. It is also capable of ‘seeing’ objects through a solid object (such as a safe or a wall) to a limited degree. To do this, it does emit a low level of noise.

Super Reflexes – The subject is capable of astonishing reaction times and responses.

* Lvl 1 is able to react with very high levels of speed and accuracy

* Lvl 2 is able to react as though able to sense an event seconds before it occurs

* Lvl 3 is capable of reacting to multiple events before they actually occur
Bionics – the subject is owner of a range of artificial limbs, organs or other bodily parts. These may grant unusual resilience or strength, or abilities normal limbs are not capable of.

* Lvl 1 has minor bionics installed (a single limb or organ), and these provide an minor enhancement

* Lvl 2 has several minor bionics installed, providing modest speed, strength and resilience enhancement for the areas affected.

* Lvl 3 has extensive major bionics installed, providing significant boosts to all areas, and includes some built in weaponry and power systems to run them.

Animalistic – The subject shows significant similarities to a specific animal or animals – utilising their strength, dexterity or other abilities.

* Lvl 1 has only limited additional abilities from a single animal – such as claws, teeth, and strength equivalent to a lion, or the bull rush of a rhino

* Lvl 2 has several abilities from a variety of animals.

Undead – The subject is no longer counted among the living, and although it can still function, it is no longer truly alive.

* Subject exhibits extreme resilience to certain kinds of damage (such as blade cuts or drowning) but becomes more vulnerable to others. It no longer heals in the normal way, and may continue to rot even if still capable of moving – defying the natural order.

Alien – The subject is not, and has never been human. Instead it carries characteristics unique to its race.

* The subject may have a variety of differences in regards to its physical tolerances, perspectives, and senses. It may have significant or even dramatic differences in appearance to a human and may exhibit a wide range of strengths and weaknesses by comparison.

Environmental resistance (region) – The subject is capable of surviving far more easily in specific kinds of environmental conditions – such as icy tundra, artic cold, desert heat, vacuum or high pressure environs.

* Lvl 1 Subject shows increased resistance to damage and physical exhaustion caused by exposure to a specified environment.

* Lvl 2 The subject cannot be harmed whilst subjected by a specific environ which would swiftly destroy any normal human

Die Hard – Subject is capable of pushing themselves to continue acting even in the face of massive physical or mental damage.

* The subject is able to maintain their control and push themselves through mental and physical anguish that would cripple a normal human.

Environmental boost (region) – The subject’s physical prowess and/or their other powers are significantly enhanced when exposed to a specific kind of environ.

* Whilst in a specified environment, the subject may become stronger, tougher, or their powers become more effective.

Adaptation – The subject is capable of adapting their body to defend against present and future dangers

* Lvl 1 is capable of minor physical changes to adapt the subjects body to better present against a danger it has experienced. The effect is not instantaneous and requires time to enact, making it a poor defence against present attacks, but ideal for future ones.

* Lvl 2 is capable of significant physical changes to adapt to present dangers. The changes are installed rapidly, but initial exposure to the danger is still required.

Transformation – The subject is capable of completely transforming their body from one physical form to a specified other and then return it again to its original human form.

* The subject is capable of instantly changing their form on command to that of another physical format (such as a werewolf), this may give them significant boosts to strength, resilience or other faculties, but often at the cost of mental control and fortitude. The transformation is temporary and may either be voluntarily reverted or revert automatically after a brief time.

Changeling – the subject is capable of altering their body to mimic anything, but with a significant ‘tell’ such as colour.

* The subject can transform their body to mimic any physical object of slightly above their body mass and smaller, and can do so swiftly without difficulty. The mimickry is not perfect, and will have a significantly obvious tell – such as colour. The subject can mimic machinery or something with multiple or moving parts, but these parts cannot be detached from one another without causing injury, and any mimicked machinery will not function.

Physical mutation – The subject has a physical mutation which grants a minor benefit, but at the cost of being physically present – such as a third eye, unusually long arms or legs, or an additional pair of nostrils.

* The subject has a additional physical difference to normal humans which may or may not be immediately obvious. It may grant a minor additional benefit – such as gills allowing underwater breathing – but has no other additional effect.

Physical hardness – The subject is capable of transmuting their body from flesh into a hardened substance to defend from attack.

* The subject can alter their body to replace or cover their flesh temporarily with a hardened substance such as metal, stone or even diamond. The effect grants them additional resilience at the cost of some agility and needs to be activated to function.

Overpowering Flatulence – The subject is cursed with particularly virulent bodily odours, powerful enough to act as a kind of ranged weapon capable of subduing foes.

* The subject may belch, fart, or otherwise exude flatulence to unleash a cloud of noxious gases at the subjects enemies. The effects may be as minor as mild unpleasantness to instantaneous coma inducing foulness. In all other instances, the power is extremely embarrassing for the subject and any who know them.

Immunity (energy type) – The subject is rendered completely immune to a type of energy

* The subject cannot be harmed by any effect caused by a specific kind of energy, be it sound, fire, electricity, pressure, gravity, magnetism or radiation


Bizarre Mastery – The subject is capable of exerting power over an unusual or even an unthinkable object. This can be as varied and specific a subject matter as it is bizarre, ranging from Paper to Forks to Rubber

* Lvl 1 is capable of limited manipulation of a specific subject matter. They cannot generate it, but can use it in a manner which allows them to create tools or weapons which the object would not normally be capable of.

* Lvl 2 is capable of modest manipulation of a specific subject matter. They cannot generate it, but can use it to create constructs, tools, weapons and equipment, or for it to be used in a manner it could not be used for normally (such as a chocolate saucepan)

* Lvl 3 is capable of extraordinary manipulation of a specific subject matter, and able to create limited quantities from unexpected sources. They can use the subject matter to create complex machinery, weapons, tools, and equipment, even slightly beyond that which such a material should be capable (such as a paper bullet proof vest)

Force fields – The subject is capable of generating and controlling force fields either defensively or offensively.

* Lvl 1 is capable of generating a defensive shield or dome to protect themselves or others in the immediate vicinity of up to 10m diameter

* Lvl 2 in addition to lvl 1’s capacity, is capable of generating shields or domes to protect objects other than themselves up to a distance of 50m away. They can also ‘ride’ a shield placed beneath their feet to achieve limited flight

* Lvl 3 in addition to lvl 1 + 2s capacity, is capable of generating shields and domes offensively, either flinging them outward in a burst of force or even raising a field within a target subject

Electrical mastery – The subject is capable of generating and manipulating electrical energy

* Lvl 1 is capable of firing electrical bolts, but requires equipment to do so.

* Lvl 2 is capable of generating electrical power and manipulating the power they wield

* Lvl 3 is capable of generating electrical power and manipulating existing sources to inflict damage or even create electrical ‘elementals’

Magnetic mastery – The subject is capable of creating and manipulating magnetic fields

* Lvl 1 is capable of limited telekinesis with small metal objects

* Lvl 2 is capable of significant telekinesis with large metal objects, to the point of bending steel girders

* Lvl 3 is capable of exhibiting extreme control over even tiny diluted metal objects (such as extensive iron in the bloodstream), and to generate very large magnetic fields capable of tearing very large metal structures apart (such as bridges, oil tankers, etc)

Tremor mastery – The subject is capable of generating earthquakes, and detecting vibrations

* Lvl 1 is capable of sensing moving objects that are walking over the ground or sound conductive objects with pinpoint accuracy

* Lvl 2 is also capable of generating low level directed tremors up to 1 mile long (richter scale 5)

* Lvl 3 is also capable of generating high level tremors up to richter scale 10

Ice mastery – The subject is able to freeze water and water vapour, as well as potentially other materials.

* Lvl 1 is capable of freezing water or water vapour by touching the area it wishes to affect or by utilising equipment.

* Lvl 2 is capable of freezing water or water vapour in a ‘cone’ effect from their hands with or without equipment, and is capable of providing either a ranged attack, or to create edifices of ice for use.

* Lvl 3 is capable of freezing any material, and can do so without equipment. They can do so without needing to touch the subject, though they do need a line of sight. They can exhibit a high degree of manipulation and precision.

Fire mastery – The subject is capable of manipulating or generating flames

* Lvl1 is capable of manipulating fire to produce fiery blasts or even flame ‘elementals’ but cannot generate flames themselves.

* Lvl 2 is capable of generating their own flames about their person, and using them to produce fiery blasts or even flame ‘elementals’

* Lvl 3 is capable of generating their own flames anywhere within line of sight, including a target, and can manipulate flames to produce weapons, blasts, and ‘creatures’

Wind mastery – The subject is capable of generating or manipulating air currents to create wind

* Lvl 1 is capable of producing gusts of wind from their hands.

* Lvl 2 is capable of producing gale force winds from their hands

* Lvl 3 is capable of producing gale force winds against specific targets within line of sight, and also capable of removing air from a small area temporarily.

Weather mastery – The ability to control and summon different kinds of weather

* Lvl 1 is capable of summoning rain storms of moderate strength, or dispelling them

* Lvl 2 is capable of summoning lightning in a random fashion, and creating small tornados and hurricanes in a uncontrolled fashion

* Lvl 3 is capable of summoning lighting to specific points repeatedly, creating large tornados, and hurricanes, and able to do so inside enclosed spaces.

Temporal mastery – The ability to control of influence the passage of time, or to travel through it.

* lvl1 capable of speeding up or slowing down the passage of time (excluding their own), within an area of 1 mile

* lvl 2 capable of speeding up or slowing down the passage of time, and to even stop it or travel through it up to a few hours ahead or back. This does not affect themselves but could disrupt the timeline

* Lvl 3 capable of manipulating time dramatically for specific locations or objects, even to slow it to a stop or to speed it up a hundred years or more. They are capable of traversing time themselves, and perceiving what events in time have the potential to be rewritten.

Water Mastery – The ability to control, mould and manipulate bodies of water

* Lvl 1 is not capable of creating water but can manipulate existing bodies of a significant size to shape and movement. They are limited to controlling up to 1 ton of water with any precision.

* Lvl 2 is of manipulating water bodies of up to 10 tons with precision. They are capable of creating water ‘elementals’ that are capable of independent action.

* Lvl 3 is capable of manipulating the movement of up to 100 tons of water with precision and capable of manipulating water that is mixed with other objects and substances (such as blood) as well as producing ‘elementals’ capable of independent action.

Plant mastery – The ability to utilise, manipulate and control the actions and growth of flora

* Lvl 1 is capable of using the natural abilities of flora to extract or create weaponry (such as poisons) or to utilise a plants natural ability to disguise, displace or break down objects. It cannot be done outside the natural order.

* Lvl 2 is capable of creating new plant species with additional or more potent abilities than is capable within nature.

* Lvl 3 is capable of communicating with plants, and creating species capable of independent action.

Reflection (energy) – The ability to deflect or reflect direct energy attacks of a specific type

* Lvl 1 is capable of deflecting energy attacks of a specified type

* Lvl 2 is capable of reflecting energy attacks of a specified type with a degree of accuracy, or deflecting related energy attacks of a different type.

Reflection (Mind) – The ability to deflect, reflect or ignore attacks against the mind

* Lvl 1 is capable of disrupting, deflect or disturbing mental attacks against them

* Lvl 2 is capable of reflecting mental assaults against them, or is outright immune to them.

Reflection (Physical) – the ability to deflect or even reflect physical attack

* Lvl 1 is capable of deflecting a physical attack directed against them

* Lvl 2 is capable of reflecting a physical attack directed against them, but with only a degree of accuracy.

Sonic Mastery – The ability to generate and control sound waves

* Lvl 1 is capable of either generating strong shock waves in a roughly directed fashion, or generate and ‘throw’ small very precise sounds to an area within 50ft. Or is able to mimic any sound the subject can hear.

* Lvl 2 is capable of all aspects of lvl 1

* Lvl 3 is capable of all aspect of lvl 1, but is able to direct sonic blastwaves with much greater accuracy, strength and precision. The subject is also capable of reducing sound to nothing.


Wealth – The subject has access to an unusually large amount of financial and personnel resources, either privately or as part of a group.

* Lvl 1 is able to fund large amounts of basic equipment, and source rarer, and more expensive equipment with the capacity to maintain it properly.

* Lvl 2 has multiple properties and access to significant resources of research, equipment, and maintenance facilities

* Lvl 3 has virtually limitless funding and is capable of supporting both themselves and up to 10 other superheros/villains, or a large corporations worth of staff/henchmen. They have sufficient funding to create, utilise and maintain new facilities in extremely difficult to reach locales (deepwater, space, stratosphere, artic, etc)

Gadget wizard – The ability to create and utilise advanced and unique equipment

* Lvl 1 is capable of producing advanced equipment on a small scale utilising basic materials. The equipment cannot be larger than belt sized and is limited by normal restrictions in period technology.

* Lvl 2 is capable of producing advanced equipment up to the scale of a suit/costume, and boasting near future technology.

* Lvl 3 is capable of producing advanced equipment up to the scale of 5 seater air, sea and surface craft and boasting technology significantly in advance of period contemporaries.

Unbelievable luck – The ability to benefit from strokes of good fortune that defy any rational explanation or probability on a regular basis.

* Lvl 1 displays turns of fortune that keep them alive or suffering as little injury as possible. They tend to find themselves in situations that test this more often than they might like.

* Lvl 2 displays turns of fortune that bring them equipment or allies or clues at just the right moment. They tend to lose things when urgency is less.

* Lvl 3 displays turns of fortune that would see them survive virtually unwinnable situations, that turn their enemies to make critical mistakes or to afford opportunities which should never exist. A true generator of deus Ex Machina. However, the subject will tend to suffer in normal day to day life.

Energy Infustion – The ability to infuse energy into solid objects, often causing them to become unstable and explode or simply to grant them usuable power.

* Lvl 1 is capable of passing energy given to them into another object in a similar manner to an earthing rod. They cannot generate energy, but are able to pass it into other objects with touch.

* Lvl 2 is capable of generating small amounts of energy themselves, and passing it into an object to make it unstable and explosive. This only works on smaller objects. They can also act as an earthing rod for larger amounts of energy.

* Lvl 3 is capable of earthing huge amounts of energy, albeit at some physical cost, and capable of generating sufficient power to run a modest size machine (such as a car). Items they pass energy into can be more specifically controlled with how stable they become.

Razzle Dazzle – Among other possibilities, the ability to create minor flashes of sparkling light, to change colour in certain weather conditions, or to melt in strong sunlight.

* The subjects power is interesting to look at but ultimately useless next to useless.

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Superhero Weaknesses

Number Weakness Level Category

1 Family and Friends 1-3 Mind

2 Mental Disability 1-3 Mind

3 Phobia 1-3 Mind

4 Mentally Stressed 1-3 Mind

5 Strict Moral Code 1-3 Mind

6 Impetuous 1 Mind

7 Lack of Self confidence 1-3 Mind

8 Narcolepsy 1 Mind

9 Detachment from society 1-3 Mind

10 Schizophrenia 1-3 Mind

11 Traumatic past 1-3 Mind

12 Sociopath 1-3 Mind

13 Weak willed 1-3 Mind

14 Problems with Authority 1-3 Mind

15 Dark Connection 1-3 Mind

16 Overconfidence 1-3 Mind

17 Hatred 1-3 Mind

18 Spurned Lover 1-3 Mind

19 Wild emotions 1-3 Mind

20 Insane 1 Mind

21 Delusions 1-3 Mind

22 Perfectionism 1-3 Mind

23 Blind 1 Body

24 Only Human 1-3 Body

25 Substance abuse (drugs) 1-2 Body

26 Physical Disability 1-3 Body

27 Unsuitable Physicality 1 Body

28 Physical Mutation 1-3 Body

29 Substance abuse (alcohol) 1-2 Body

30 Terminal Illness 1-2 Body

31 Substance dependency 1-2 Body

32 Physical Cost 1-3 Body

33 Granted Powers 1-3 Powers

34 Powers dependent on (location) 1-2 Powers

35 Powers timed 1-2 Powers

36 Constant Power 1 Powers

37 Unstable Power 1-3 Powers

38 Powers require activation 1 Powers

39 Powers require recharging 1-2 Powers

40 Lack of Power Control 1-2 Powers

41 Achilles Heel (Object) 1-3 Miscellaneous

42 Achilles Heel (Energy Type) 1-3 Miscellaneous

43 Achilles Heel (Magic) 1-3 Miscellaneous

44 Achilles Heel (Physical) 1-3 Miscellaneous

45 Achilles Heel (Element) 1-3 Miscellaneous

46 Achilles Heel (Bizarre) 1-3 Miscellaneous

47 Overt Identity 1 Miscellaneous

48 Public enemies 1-3 Miscellaneous

49 Horrific appearance 1-3 Miscellaneous

50 Poverty 1-2 Miscellaneous

Weakness Descriptions


Family and Friends – The subject has strong family connections or friendships. Whilst a source of strength and guidance, they are also at danger of exploitment.

* Lvl 1 has a close friend or relative who is important to them, perhaps several

* Lvl 2 has a love interest who is the world to them

* Lvl 3 has a family, including children

Mental Disability – The subject has a dysfunction of the mind that may prevent them from comprehending or coping with certain situations

* Lvl 1 has a mild dysfunction which may require a trigger to cause them to struggle to cope or understand a situation or even to simply black out or blank temporarily.

* Lvl 2 has a major dysfunction which may have a trigger that can cause them to blank, or have no understanding of a situation. This can cause them to rush into danger without comprehension or to show lack of caring or graces for others.

* Lvl 3 has a severe dysfunction which may have physical effects, such as preventing proper movement of one or more limbs. It may also manifest as a complete lack of emotion, or to become easily stressed or aggravated.

Phobia – The subject has a fear of a specific subject beyond a normal caution or dislike.

* Lvl 1 is very mild, and the subject will feel uncomfortable when able to view the cause of their fear, and possibly become blinded by it if subjected to prolonged exposure.

* Lvl 2 is modest and the subject will focus all their attention on the fear causing object when aware of it. They may panic, and possibly turn violent

* Lvl 3 is a severe fear of a subject matter, potentially causing the sufferer to fly into panic, rage, and terror and possibly even a catatonic state. A subject which is given prolonged exposure without chance of escape may become willing to do anything to get away from the source of their fear.

Mentally stressed – Although of sound mind, the subject is frequently subjected to stresses of life, and this can cause them distress, distraction, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and have other degrading effects.

* Lvl 1 is subject to minor but frequent stresses, such as modest family difficulties or work/financial pressures.

* Lvl 2 is subject to consistent and strong stresses, such as family problems and traumas, financial difficulties and intense work pressure.

* Lvl 3 is subject to intense and constant stresses, which enact a pronounced physical and mental toll on the subject. This may cause them to act out of character or to act aggressively in a chaotic fashion.

Strict Moral code – The subject is bound by rules which dictate their behaviour. Whilst these are a source of strength, they can lead to the subject being exploited by others, or to come in direct confrontation with others

* Lvl 1 has a basic set of guidelines that they try to live life by. These are not mandatory, and though the subject will abide by them in all but extreme circumstances, they will only show minor annoyance if others do not.

* Lvl 2 has a honour code they abide by. This may be for a specific set of circumstances (such as combat) or more general (do not kill). They are considered mandatory, and to break them would cause significant personal guilt and shame.

* Lvl 3 has a strict moral code by which they live their life and deal with others around them. They will not break them, even under extreme circumstances or insurmountable logic, and will strongly disapprove of others who commit actions which do break the code. To be forced into breaking their own code is to lose their religion, and would cause severe shame to the subject.

Impetuous – The subject is prone to throw themselves eagerly into a situation without fully considering its implications or its dangers.

* The subject is slave to its temper and to its eagerness to get stuck in. This can cause the subject to throw themselves into potentially suicidal situations if goaded sufficiently.

Lack of Self Confidence – The subject struggles to believe in themselves and their abilities, or even in the world and society at large. They are easily prone to depression or to shy from conflict.

* Lvl 1 struggles to consider themselves the equal of their peers and will struggle to take a leading position or to voice their opinion even when they might be the best person to do so.

* Lvl 2 struggles to consider their actions have any meaningful contribution, or are capable of doing what needs to be done. They see themselves as inferior and tend to avoid conflict unless forced.

* Lvl 3 has no belief at all in their own abilities and strengths, and therefore will not use them properly, if at all. They will shy from conflict because they believe they will have only a negative effect if they involve themselves, and will often struggle with any positive encouragement.

Narcolepsy – The subject is prone to falling asleep, suddenly and without warning or with certain triggers.

* The subject may suddenly slip into a state of rest even when in the middle of action, or may be easily induced into a restful state from waking.

Detachment from Society – The subject feels apart from society and unable to fit in, perhaps because of their appearance, perhaps they fear their powers effect on others, or they may simply not be able to understand the people around them.

* Lvl 1 feels prone to being singled out by others, and subject to prejudice or fear

* Lvl 2 feels directly prosecuted by others, or that they may have a severe effect on other people around them. They thereby avoid contact with others and the number of friends and allies suffers as a result. They may also become more attached to those they do trust, and therefore more devastated if that trust is broken or threatened.

* Lvl 3 simply does not understand the people around them. They may be feared, reviled, adored or loved, but the subject themselves has no concept of how those around them live their lives and struggles to feel motivated to protect something about them (such as freedom for example), that they themselves don’t comprehend.

Schizophrenia – The subject suffers from multiple personality disorder, which may cause them to act irrationally or unpredictably.

* Lvl 1 suffers mild personality disorder, and may act unusually in certain situations, or be prone to hearing influencing voices

* Lvl 2 suffers from a moderate disorder, and may exhibit multiple personalities with differing values and perspectives. This may cause irrational or even aggressive behaviour.

* Lvl 3 suffers from a dangerous disorder, whereby they exhibit highly unpredictable behaviour, experience influencing voices, or have multiple personalities which include dangerous or even psychotic examples.

Traumatic past – The subject is haunted by an event in their past.

* Lvl 1 the event is an uncomfortable and sad memory – such as the death of a close family member for which they may blame themselves

* Lvl 2 the event is the echo of a personal trauma, such as abuse or childhood experience of war which creates trust issues or flashbacks

* Lvl 3 the event is a dark secret that has been hidden away – such as a secret family, a history of violence or crime, or responsibility for something terrible. This will cause the subject to become obsessed with hiding the event, and to cover up their shame.

Sociopath – The subject struggles to properly relate with others, and can become isolated and even aggressive because of their social failings.

* Lvl 1 struggles to deal with and trust new people, and may have issues with paranoia

* Lvl 2 struggles to make friends and can often become isolated or difficult to associate with.

* Lvl 3 has few (if any friends), and dislikes working with others, often to their own detriment. They can often alienate those who do care about them, or could help them, and struggle to deal with people properly – potentially creating unnecessary enemies and public anger.

Weak willed – The subject has little will of their own, is gullible and is easily swayed by supported arguments or circumstantial evidence and hearsay.

* Lvl 1 struggles to form their own opinion and tends to follow in others wake. They tend to believe anything they are told at face value if not given reason to believe otherwise.

* Lvl 2 is frequently swayed by other’s opinions, and dislikes decisions. If they hear something that they would like to believe or which is easily believable, they will tend to presume it is truth.

* Lvl 3 is constantly swayed by the opinions of others, frequently switching their opinion even in the same conversation or debate. They hate decision making and being made to lead, and are highly susceptible to being misled. They take almost everything they hear at face value – even if evidence against what was said is glaringly obvious.

Problems with Authority – The subject prefers working alone and distrusts people with authority. This can manifest as rudeness or talking back to outright hostility and rebellion.

* Lvl 1 struggles to take and follow instructions, even when they would be to their benefit. They can be considered rude, and will sometimes deliberately break orders because they were given them.

* Lvl 2 struggles to trust authority figures and organisations, and will regularly act in an aggressive or hostile manner. This can easily lead them to make powerful enemies, or lose friends with organisations and individuals who might otherwise have supported them.

* Lvl 3 despites authority, and will actively strike against it or rebel if constrained. They dislike it sufficiently that they will actively encourage others to rebel as well, and will regularly earn the ire of any authorities who might have been able to help them. This can result in them becoming blind to true dangers as they can become set in their own ‘crusade’ against what they consider oppression.

Dark Connection – The subject has a connection with a villain, evil organisation, or has some other less than savoury affiliation. This connection may be active, or may be from significantly in the subjects past. Unlike a traumatic event, it may not be something which the subject has actively done, but could have an effect on the subjects behaviour and choices.

* Lvl 1 has a previous and long lost connection to a specific villain or villainous organisation. The subject may have been a member, a mentor, a student, friend, affiliate or family member. They have committed no action wrong, but the connection may make them behave in an unusual way towards that villain.

* Lvl 2 has a previous connection to a specific villain or villainous organisation. The subject had an active role, or was actively involved in creating that villain. This may cause the subject to feel guilt, revulsion, anger or in some way act strangely around the villain.

* Lvl 3 still has a connection to a specific villain or villainous organisation. The subject may be working from within, unable to escape, ridden with guilt, or directly related to the villain and this will have a significant effect in their behaviour towards that villain.

Overconfidence – The subject is particularly arrogant or overconfident, and often blind to dangers that they incorrectly consider themselves capable of handling, or blind to risks they are taking with others.

* Lvl 1 is prone to overconfidence, and can struggle not to make dangerous assumptions or to rush in without foreknowledge.

* Lvl 2 is actively affected by vanity and overconfidence, and will often fail to realise dangers to them or others. They are also prone to conducting actions which put themselves and others at significant risk

* Lvl 3 is excessively affected by vanity and arrogance and will regularly fail to understand the dangers of the actions they are taking. Worse they are prone to attention seeking, and public praise, and can

become depressed quickly if not earning the praise of others.
Hatred – The subject is driven by a dark need for revenge, or is filled with prejudicial or even justified hatred of a particular subject, villain or matter

* Lvl 1 is occasionally blinded by anger for a particular subject matter. This can make them incapable of seeing the larger picture or understanding the consequences of their actions. It can also make them easily misled.

* Lvl 2 is regularly focused and driven by their hatred for a particular subject matter. They will struggle to listen to reason, and will act blindly even if it is against their better interest.

* Lvl 3 is completely blinded by anger for a particular subject and will listen to no other argument to say otherwise. They will act with total blindness to any other concern, and will not listen to reason or stop to consider other dangers. They can become so incensed they will act in a hostile manner to others completed unrelated to the subject matter (such as friends and allies)

Spurned lover – The subject has a former love interest which may return to haunt them, either as a necessary but uncomfortable ally, a reminder of a life lost, a mortal enemy, or a haunting past

* Lvl 1 has a single spurned lover who they may encounter with modest repercussions

* Lvl 2 has a single spurned lover who they may encounter with severe repercussions

* Lvl 3 has multiple spurned lovers who may be encountered with potentially severe repercussions

Wild Emotions – The subject struggles to conflict the severity of their emotions

* Lvl 1 is prone to rare but strong mood swings or to suffer unusually strong emotional responses to normal stimuli

* Lvl 2 is prone to regular and strong mood swings or to suffer very strong emotional responses to otherwise normal stimuli

* Lvl 3 is prone to constant and unpredictable mood swings, and to experience intensely powerful emotional responses, sometimes inappropriate ones.

Insane – The subject is completely incapable of controlling their own actions in any reasonable way and is subject to completely random and sometimes violent behaviour

* The subject cannot control their actions and thought processes and has only limited influence upon the choices they make.

Delusions – The subject suffers from delusional behaviour and thought processes which can cause them to believe things which have little or no bearing on reality.

* Lvl 1 has a tendency to believe their own hype, and the reputations of others. This can make them arrogant, or unduly fearful (or not fearful enough) of certain individuals.

* Lvl 2 is prone to minor senility, and can mistake one individual for another, or believe a circumstance to be one thing when it is actually another. This is often memory related, but not exclusively.

* Lvl 3 suffers from dementia or other mental handicap. They can easily and regularly (or even constantly) slip into a delusion that they are living in another set of events (regularly their own past) and that individuals with whom they are speaking are actually someone else. This can cause them to act dangerously, unpredictably and when they are lucid they can become extremely depressed.

Perfectionism – The subject is driven by the need to strive for perfection in their and others actions.

* Lvl1 finds imperfections particularly annoying – especially their own. They are prone to becoming depressed if regularly failing to live up to their own high standards and can cause annoyance in others from constant correction

* Lvl 2 finds imperfection very irritating. They will regularly correct or chide others for failing to live up to the standards they set and can become extremely frustrated if they themselves cant meet them.

* Lvl 3 suffers from an obsession with perfection, sometimes focused into a particular kind (such as symmetry). They can struggle to act against something they see as perfect, and have extremely high standards for themselves and their friends. This can cause tremendous friction and can easily lead to depression. It can also lead to the compulsive need to strive for perfection even when time will not allow.


Blind – The subject is unable to see.

* The subject may have been blinded in an accident, in action or from birth. Regardless of the reason, they are not able to see and must rely on equipment, sound, touch and others to perceive the world around them.

Only Human – No matter what powers the subject may possess, they are just as vulnerable as the rest of us.

* Lvl 1 is trained and significantly tougher and more capable than a normal human. Though they may be able to take a limited number of potentially lethal blows, they are not much tougher than the average human.

* Lvl 2 is trained, and of excellent physical strength, but they are still possessed of human frailties to weapons and other attacks.

* Lvl 3 is barely trained, and of not much better physical fitness than most of the human population. They are just as vulnerable as a normal civilian, and potentially in far greater danger.

Substance abuse (Drugs) – The subject is addicted to drugs

* Lvl 1 the subject is physically addicted to a minor narcotic (such as cigarettes or Caffiene). The narcotic is not illegal but it does have a detrimental effect on their physicality, and a severe effect if they become withdrawn.

* Lvl 2 the subject is addicted to an illegal narcotic, and suffers from all the disadvantages this entails. It can severely affect their behaviour and an absence of the drug can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

Physical disability – The subject is affected by a physical ailment that may have some affect on their ability to perform physical tasks.

* Lvl 1 is missing a limb, eye, ear, or has some kind of minor to moderate ailment affecting their bodies (such as asthma). This ailment may be alleviated by medication or treatment, or may be something that severely affects a specific area (such as lacking a hand)

* Lvl 2 suffers from a severe physical defect or disability. This will make them unusually fragile (brittle bone disease), restrict their actions (respiratory or heart disease), impeach their movement (paralysis of legs) or cause sensory failure (deafness)

Unsuitable physicality – The subject is not in the prime of their life or at the peak of their fitness. And it shows.

* The subject may be too young, too old, too overweight, too underweight, or physically weak to be really suitable for the life of a superhero. Though this does not stop them trying it will have an effect on their physical strength and dexterity.

Physical mutation – The subject exhibits an unusual physical defection which is of minor or no value (and potentially of detriment).

* The subject’s physical mutation may be particularly obvious and repulsive, or prone to attracting undue attention (such as being bright blue and furry). It has no particular physical effect upon the actions of the subject, but can bring unwanted attention.

Substance Abuse (alcohol) – The subject is frequently drunk or inebriated, and struggles to resist the allure of alcoholic drinks.

* Lvl 1 suffers from mild alcoholism, and whilst they will normally act appropriately ‘in costume’, when off duty or when subject to stresses they are prone to swiftly turn to drink. This can make them isolated, vulnerable and further their depression. It can also lead to problems with public image.

* Lvl 2 suffers from severe alcoholism and will often be drunk even when ‘in costume’. Though this may be part of their image, it will normally cause them to act irrationally and even stupidly to the endangerment of others. They will struggle to come to terms with this, and turn to alcohol as the cure for all ills, even if aware of what it is doing to them. This can make them extremely vulnerable and highly prone to public attack.

Terminal Illness – The subject is afflicted with an illness which will kill them in sufficient time. They may be able to exert themselves physically to an extent, but will have limits at which their bodies can cope with strain.

* Lvl 1 is in the early stages, or suffers from a disease which does not affect mind or body too much until the end. It may be curable, but requires advanced treatment, resources, or wealth to be able to do so

* Lvl 2 is in late stages, and the disease is taking a noticeable toll. It may be incurable or require divine or future technology to heal.

Substance dependency – The subject requires a specific substance in order to stay alive or healthy.

* Lvl 1 requires a relatively common and minor substance in order to stay healthy – such as insulin. Although missing their dosage irregularly might have some minor effects, it is not immediately detrimental.

* Lvl 2 requires a regular and strong substance – potentially illegal or rare – in order to stay alive. Missing a dosage could have immediate physical effects, and missing more than a handful of dosages could prove fatal.

Physical cost – Though gifted with enormous power, the subject suffers physical or psychological damage when using it.

* Lvl 1 suffers minor bodily pain with modest usage, and with intense usage may potentially black out, but usage is unlikely to be fatal.

* Lvl 2 suffers severe bodily pain with modest usage, and with intense usage could easily black out or cause lasting harm to themselves. Extreme usage could be fatal.

* Lvl 3 suffers intense bodily pain with only modest usage, and intense usage could be fatal


Granted powers – The subjects powers are a gift to them by another. They may or may not be aware of this arrangement. Their powers are therefore subject to a contract, a trust, a promise or in some way are indebting the subject to the granter of those powers. They therefore can also be stripped from the subject

* Lvl 1 has powers granted by a benign force, but are expected to abide by a code of conduct

* Lvl 2 has power granted by a fickle force, and therefore could find their powers stripped at a moments notice if the granter is displeased.

* Lvl 3 has power granted by a malign force, which will indebt the subject in some damning way in the future.

Powers dependent on location – The subjects powers will only work when the subject is in a specific geographic area or areas. Alternatively, the subjects powers may not work when in a specific area(s)

* Lvl 1 has their powers negated when within a specified locale. This may be an environ or a specific area (like a country)

* Lvl 2 has their powers negated when outside of a specified locale. This may be an environ or a specific area (such as a country)

Powers timed – Though granted with extraordinary power, the subjects skills will only function for a specified amount of time before reverting to an inert state. This may be as much as an hour or may be a matter of minutes.

* Lvl 1, once activated, the subjects powers will last 1 hour. This countdown is reset at the beginning of the next day. Once powers have activated they remain ‘on’ or in a state of readiness for the full length of the time and then cease to function for the rest of the day.

* Lvl 2 can activate their powers on an on/off basis, but the amount of time their powers are available in total for any given day is far more restricted – to as little as 10mins. Unlike lvl 1, they can ‘pause’ this countdown so long as their powers aren’t being used.

Constant power – The subject is not able to ‘switch off’ their power

* The subject’s power are active at all times where applicable, and are in a constant state of readiness when available. If temporarily unavailable, they will become active immediately upon the subject’s powers returning. This can prove highly detrimental to others and to the subject if not properly controlled.

Unstable power – The subject has power, but power has no predictable level of strength, reliability and intensity.

* Lvl 1 has one power with is unstable. If used it may prove far more or less devastating than effective, and may have a much longer or shorter duration. It may prove to be mildly inaccurate or difficult to control.

* Lvl 2 suffers all their powers with instability. When used they can prove to be highly unreliable and unpredictable, and may be wildly inaccurate or utterly devastating. They could also prove to be completely useless or even utterly inactive.

* Lvl 3 has no control of any of their powers strength, intensity and even reliability, which in all cases is completely random. It is also possible that their power may become so unstable as to feedback against the user, potentially harming the subject themselves.

Powers require activation – The subjects powers will only manifest if a specific action is undertaken.

* The subject must do some kind of action in order to manifest their power. This may be a single keyword (Shazam!) or a phrase, action or as simple as putting on their suit. Whilst they have not done this action, their powers have no effect whatsoever.

Powers require recharging – The subject must find a peculiar specified action or energy source in order to ‘recharge’ their powers.

* Lvl 1 is able to recharge from a commonly available power source, or simple action and their powers will be available for a significant time period afterward.

* Lvl 2 must recharge their powers regularly and must do so from an unusual action or power source.

Lack of Power Control – The subject has power but is unable to control its accuracy or intensity.

* Lvl 1 is able to gain some degree of accuracy or control and precision with training or practice, but it is at best limited and difficult to attain.

* Lvl 2 has little or no control of the accuracy or precision of their abilities, and can only wildly ‘fling’ them at their enemies in the hope they will more or less do as desired. As a result collateral damage is extremely likely and can discourage the subject from using their power for fear of injuring bystanders.


Achilles Heel (Object) – The subject is highly vulnerable to a specified kind of object such as granite, wood, garlic, silver, or Kryptonite

* Lvl 1 suffers discomfort and debilitation when exposed to the specified object. It may lessen their powers, and may cause them strong pain after prolonged exposure.

* Lvl 2 suffers intense discomfort and debilitating effects when exposed to the specified object. It will lessen or negate their powers and cause intense discomfort. Prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage and even death.

* Lvl 3 suffers agonizing pain and severe debilitation when exposed to the specified object. Powers cease to function and even moderate exposure could cause death.

Achilles Heel (Energy type) – The subject is highly vulnerable to a specific kind of energy such as electrical, sound, heat, or solar

* Lvl 1 suffers discomfort and debilitation when exposed to the specified energy. It may lessen their powers, and may cause them strong pain after prolonged exposure.

* Lvl 2 suffers intense discomfort and debilitating effects when exposed to the specified energy. It will lessen or negate their powers and cause intense discomfort. Prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage and even death.

* Lvl 3 suffers agonizing pain and severe debilitation when exposed to the specified energy. Powers cease to function and even moderate exposure could cause death

Achilles heel (magic) – The subject is highly vulnerable to the arcane arts

* Lvl 1 will find their defensive powers lessened when attacked by arcane means. They will suffer unusually strongly against arcane attacks.

* Lvl 2 will find their defensive powers negated when attacked by arcane means. They will suffer unusually strongly against arcane attacks.

* Lvl 3 will find all their powers temporarily but completely negated when struck by arcane means, and will suffer severely against arcane attacks.

Achilles Heel (Physical) – Though the subject may be otherwise supremely powerful, they are extremely susceptible to physical attack.

* Lvl 1 will find their defensive powers largely negated by physical attack

* Lvl 2 will find their defensive powers completely negated by physical attack

* Lvl 3 suffers from physical weakness and their defensive powers have no effect on physical attack

Achilles Heel (Element) – The subject finds their powers greatly weakened when exposed to a particular element such as air, water, fire or earth.

* Lvl 1 suffers discomfort and debilitation when exposed to the specified element. It may lessen their powers, and may cause them strong pain after prolonged exposure.

* Lvl 2 suffers intense discomfort and debilitating effects when exposed to the specified element. It will lessen or negate their powers and cause intense discomfort. Prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage and even death.

* Lvl 3 suffers agonizing pain and severe debilitation when exposed to the specified element. Powers cease to function and even moderate exposure could cause death

Achilles Heel (Bizarre) – The subject has an extremely unusual but devastating vulnerability to a specific kind of object, attack, phrase or other bizarre means. Though these may be rare, they are far more potent.

* Lvl 1 suffers intense discomfort and debilitating effects when exposed to the specified means. It will lessen or negate their powers and cause intense discomfort. Prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage and even death.

* Lvl 2 suffers agonizing pain and severe debilitation when exposed to the specified means. Powers cease to function and even moderate exposure could cause death

* Lvl 3 suffers immediate negation of their powers, and unconsciousness when exposed to the specified weakness. Repeated exposure or exposure for longer than a minute can cause death.

Overt Identity – Everyone knows the subjects real name and their alter ego.

* The subject is well known among the public, and they can rarely go anywhere without being in the public eye. Though they may benefit financially, it is likely that even their home location is widely known.

Public Enemies – Through their actions, public fear and prejudice or simply through their vigilantism, the subject has gathered more than a few enemies in the public domain.

* Lvl 1 has a few key public figures speaking out against them. They are few and are not normally in positions of great power, but may be in a position of significant influence or in key positions within society (such as law enforcement)

* Lvl 2 has a number of well placed and powerful enemies that revile them or dislike them in some way or for some reason. Some may be seeking political momentum or advancing their own agendas, some may be taking a stand against vigilantism, or against the collateral damage the subject regularly inflicts. All have sufficient power to issue warrants of arrest or to make life very difficult.

* Lvl 3 suffers the ire of the public at large. They may be afraid, prejudiced or righteously angry at the subject. For whatever reason it may be, the subject has few, if any allies, amidst the people and government, and is regularly hunted.

Horrific appearance – The subject is either physically hideous, or wears a costume that invokes fear and terror. Whilst this may have some benefit against the subjects enemies, it does nothing to endear them to the masses.

* Lvl 1 has a costume and a reputation which invoke responses of fear and terror. It provides minor benefit against their enemies, but also discourages friends and allies.

* Lvl 2 has a physical defect which is hideous to behold, but can be hidden from sight as needed (though perhaps with significant effort).

* Lvl 3 has a severe physical defect which is utterly repulsive and is almost impossible to hide

Poverty – The subject, whether voluntarily or by circumstance, has almost no funding and almost no resources.

* Lvl 1 has very poor funding, but does have basic shelter and food. Equipment resources are virtually non existent

* Lvl 2 has no funding at all, and is completely bereft of resources that they cannot scavenge themselves.


Number Origin Explanation

1 Born Different You were born a mutant, or born gifted with your powers.

2 Came from another world You are not from Earth, but may have been raised here for almost all your life. Or you may have arrived yesterday.

3 Radiation exposure Your powers manifested after exposure to rare or copious quantities of radiation under strange circumstances

4 Toxic exposure Your powers manifested after exposure to a strange and toxic substance

5 Attacked by an animal Your powers manifested after you were attacked by a ferocious animal

6 Strange childhood You may have grown up an orphan, or raised by wolves, or roaming icy tundra. Whatever your peculiar circumstance, you had an unusual and harrowing start in life.

7 Attacked by Villain Your powers manifested after you were attacked as an innocent by a villain, supervillain, criminal or evil organisation or army.

8 Chosen by deity Your powers have been gifted to you, knowingly or not, by a deity

9 Chosen by Superhero Your powers have come from training and the choice of an existing superhero to make you their apprentice

10 Chosen by Aliens Aliens have granted you your powers in order to further their own code of conduct, or to attain their lofty goal

11 Chosen by Evil Known or not by you, an ancient evil has granted you your powers for what nefarious purpose you cannot say.

12 Created by Government You powers have been manifested in you by government experiments from which you may have escaped.

13 Altered by Science Whether directly or indirectly, your powers have been manifested following the experiments of scientists in your vicinity.

14 Hideous accident Your powers manifested after you suffered a hideous accident or were involved in some terrible event.

15 Chosen by Supernatural A supernatural power has chosen to gift your powers to you for reasons beyond our ability to understand or for its own amusement.

16 Bizarre Happenstance Something truly weird happened to you, perhaps your powers manifest when you ate a strange blue cheese, or perhaps it was a child’s wish. Even among the super elite you are an oddity.

17 Tragedy in the Family Perhaps you were driven to become a super after a tragic loss in your immediate family, or perhaps an accident deprived you of your loved ones and drove you to seek justice. Whatever the specifics, it was tragedy that has made you a super.

18 Inspired by Others Inspired by comics, movies and real life supers and the constant misery you see inflicted on others by crime, you have decided that you will rise to the challenge and become a super yourself.

19 Ancient wonders You may have been searching ancient and forgotten places, or have chanced upon an unearthly artefact, but whatever you found has granted you your power.

20 Convoluted origins Your origins are truly confused and fascinating – roll twice, and roll twice more if you get this result again.

Milo v3
2013-08-10, 08:28 PM
While there are descriptions, there aren't really any mechanics to this. Which make it sorta impossible to criticisize.

2013-08-10, 08:31 PM
Is this supposed to be used alongside 3.5 material? To be a new d20 superhero system? Class based? Point buy?

Milo v3
2013-08-11, 02:09 AM
Is this supposed to be used alongside 3.5 material? To be a new d20 superhero system? Class based? Point buy?

I believe alongside 3.5e material because of the title.

2013-08-11, 05:13 AM
So far, the powers are meant to be vague, as many of the powers would have multiple incarnations in how they would work, for example;

A poisonous character could be viewed as Poison Ivy, Scarecrow or even the Joker, who all have three very different ways of delivering the poison and it's effects being vastly different. The level system is in place to remove some of the looseness of the system (which is mainly left up to DM interpretation of how it should work) same with the weaknesses. Whereas I admit some powers are more obvious than others mechanics wise, Super strength level one for example is extremely easy to establish.
The description states "Strong enough to pick up a car" So we look at mechanic wise how strong one would need to be to pick up a car.
The average weight of a car is about "4000lbs" meaning via 3.5 rules you would need a strength of at least 34 to pick one up over your head. So Super Strength raises your strength to 34.

Now I realize that this is but one example among st over 100 powers, but I am hoping this to be a very loose system that I would like to use to set up a new d20 superhero system, but it will require a lot of work with this being just the bare bones.

Milo v3
2013-08-11, 06:01 AM
So far, the powers are meant to be vague, as many of the powers would have multiple incarnations in how they would work, for example;

It's more than being vague about mechanics. There is no mechanics. You can't expect any proper critisizim if theres nothing to see except for:
Here's a list of super powers and weaknesses, you figureout how they work.

2013-08-11, 11:00 AM
I was just reading a proposal to use the Mutants and Masterminds system to play D&D. Dungeons and Masterminds? This seems like kind of the converse. Mutants and Dragons?

Anyway, I am not familiar enough with M&M to really help, but I think a promising approach would be to try to emulate M&M's mechanics using the procedures of D&D, and then translate M&M powers.

2013-08-11, 11:07 AM
I was just reading a proposal to use the Mutants and Masterminds system to play D&D. Dungeons and Masterminds? This seems like kind of the converse. Mutants and Dragons?

Anyway, I am not familiar enough with M&M to really help, but I think a promising approach would be to try to emulate M&M's mechanics using the procedures of D&D, and then translate M&M powers.
Yeah, that's a thing (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=279503). The big question of why you'd do it the other way is... why would you want to? 3.5 is a mishmashed, unbalanced, vaguely-point-buy-if-you-know-what-hoops-to-jump-through mess. (A fun mess, but still a mess). M&M is polished, balanced, insanely flexible, and available free online (www.d20herosrd.com).

If you want to do a d20 superhero game and don't want to use M&M for whatever reason, I'd emulate the structure of d20 modern or Star Wars Saga Edition. That is, have basic classes like "Powerhouse," "Energy Projector," "Speedster (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=11922343)," "Psychic," and so on, and prestige classes for anything more specific-- "[Color] Lantern (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12209683)" or what have you.