View Full Version : Need help on stats for homebrew goblins (3.5)

2013-08-12, 04:21 PM
Hey, all. I've been puttering on a campaign setting, but I'm stalled on what stats to give my goblin race. I want them to fill the role of, "underground race that makes wondrous arms/armor/inventions," rather than having dwarves. The other big characteristics I want for them is that the race as a whole is intelligent, not overly warrior-like, and that they are as a whole ugly to pretty much every other race.

I was thinking on small size with -2 CHA and +2 INT as the base frame. Is this a good start, or does anyone have their own homebrew gobbers I could shamelessly rip off? For reference, the other major PC races will be human, elf (much heavier emphasis on the fey side), elan, warforged, Hobgoblin (no level adjustment, probably have to tweak a little) and lesser plane touched.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

2013-08-12, 05:59 PM
Hey, I definitely think those stat adjustments are a good start, personally I'd continue with giving them +2 in craft (weaponsmithing) or craft (armoursmithing), let them keep their 60ft darkvision and maybe a bonus on appraise checks regarding weapons and armour (or something to that effect).