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Shadow of the Sun
2006-12-16, 12:02 PM
This is just a short story I wrote a couple of weeks ago- it was intended to be the little filler story for a class I was designing, but the class got shelved. It is 324 words, last time I checked

Saurian sat in the middle of a mystical circle, enchanted in such a way as to disallow him to step out without dieing, unless given permission by the being that had made it. He kept his eyes closed; meditating upon the knowledge that he was surrounded by eight people. He heard one walk closer, and waited. “You have been charged with crimes against reality. Do you plead innocence?” he heard her exclaim in a menacing soprano. Keeping his eyes closed, he replied “And what do you mean by crimes against reality, madam-more-pious-than-thou?” in a pleasant tenor. The speaker kept any indication of emotion from her voice, and bluntly stated “You have let chaotic energies into the world. That could destabilize reality. What do you plead?” Saurian kept silent. He heard the woman step up angrily and draw her blade, and felt her holding it a hairs-breadth from his throat. “What do you plead!” she screamed. Just as she was about to thrust her blade into his throat, it evaporated, and still staring at the hilt in a shocked way, she was thrown back. Saurian heard the other seven people step forward, and they too were thrown back. Saurian stood up, and walked through the circle, immune to its effects. He walked over to the woman who had been threatening him, and opened his eyes, smiling as she recoiled in fear- for his eyes were randomly changing colour. In a mock mournful voice, he said “I plead guilty” Then his voice changed, into a pleasant, if slightly malicious tone which intoned “The accident which brought chaotic energy into the world bound some to my soul. I can disregard natural law as I see fit.” He looked thoughtfully upon the scene around him, as if seeing an interesting exhibit in a museum or reading an interesting book, when a flash of blinding light filled the room. When the woman could see again, he was gone.

2006-12-16, 07:18 PM
nice. i like it.

you coudl say the guy with the dark stuff on his soul is ur current avy.

Shadow of the Sun
2006-12-16, 08:50 PM
Lol nah- my current avi is Elric of Melnibone.