View Full Version : Prestige class and the value of magic weapons?

2013-08-14, 11:13 AM
Hey brewers!
I've been working on a Bannerman prestige class, and there's a few things I haven't been able to figure out how I want to manage. Specifically, as you might imagine from the name, it revolves around a material item (banner). My initial plan was to allow the item to be enchanted with a +1, +2, etc weapon enchantment, and that the bonus would be added to various abilities, etc. However, this seemed to me like it was essentially requiring anyone who took the class to pay for another enchantment for an item that is typically not used in actually hitting and killing things, and would make their gold needed much higher than someone who didn't take the class, and that just didn't seem fair.
So I tweaked it, and am trying to roll the bonuses across the levels. I still think I want to include the ability to become magical, even as a 3 minutes a day type thing, where the class can make it into, say, a magic weapon with any enchantment they want. That sounds a little powerful to me though. Thoughts?

My other, somewhat unrelated question, is that one of their possible effects is vastly similar to a wider range Paladin's Aura of Courage (and more powerful). Considering this is thematically fairly compatible with paladins, should I add a bonus to the ability if the user has Aura of Courage so it doesn't feel like Aura is being supplanted?

2013-08-14, 03:17 PM
Allow the Bannerman to use their Banner's enchantments on a weapon they wield as a class feature.