View Full Version : Sword of the Stars into Mongoose Traveller (Any advice guys?)

2013-08-15, 10:05 AM
So I've decided to try and adapt the races and tech from Sword of the Stars into Mongoose Traveller and this is what I've got so far, any advice would be helpful.

Races and stats.
Hivers = Droyne, no real need for change aside from name.
Liir = Large (Str and End of 3d6, Dex of 1d6), No Fine Manipulators, Acquatic, Psionic (all start with Telekenisis 0)
Morrigi (Male) = Flyer (Winged), Infra-red sight, Fast Metabolism, Notable Dexterity, Weak Endurance
Morrigi (Female) = Large, Infra-red sight, Psionic, Natural Weapon (Beak)
Tarka = Natural Weapon (Tail), Armoured, Social Standing replaced with Charisma (2d6)
Tarka (Changed Male) = Natural weapon (Tail), Armoured, Feral, Notable Charisma, Strength and Endurance, Weak Intelligence (-4), (30-50 year lifespan)
Zuul = Feral, 1d6 Charisma replacing Social Standing, Natural Weapon (Claws), Psionic (start with Telepathy 0), Fast Metabolism, Engineered

Drive systems, using alternate drives from the core rulebook.
Hivers = Gate Drive (Teleport drive to designated systems within range)
Liir = Warp Drive (+ 2 Speed, travel through occupied systems counts double)
Morrigi = Warp Drive (-1 Speed if travelling alone)
Tarka = Warp Drive
Zuul = Jump Drive along paths, maybe possibly change during game
Human = Jump Drive along paths