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2013-08-16, 02:52 AM
Hello everyone, my name is Alan, and I am a co-creator of Titan's Fist.

Our comic can be found at: www.titansfist.com and on facebook at www.facebook.com/titansfist we update every Thursday!

As we embark on this new comic and bring you a fantasy adventure we would really appreciate feedback
on our art, lettering, story, website and anything you wish to critique or compliment us on.

Here's a teaser image of our comic!


Here's a quick world overview:

Welcome to the world of Therabeth, a land of ancient power and magic.

Here, man and shifters function together to harvest essence: living energy boiling and steaming from the depths of Therabeth. However, the true danger lies within the monstrous beasts that roam the land, threatening the extinction of all. Sometimes destroying entire cities, the creatures only grow stronger as time passes.

As forces joined the Hunterís Guild was formed. Brave men and women, human and shifter alike, fight to keep the land free from impending destruction. Those honored enough to become full fledged hunters are revered across the land. It is these hunters which protect the essence seekers: those capable of farming these powerful batteries.

We join our young heroes as they fight to become hunters, bring honor to their names, and protect the land.

Thanks again for checking us out!


2013-09-01, 02:51 AM
Hey everybody!

So my hard drive decided to fail and I pretty much a lot of stuff. Luckily I backed up a little bit of it!

Anyways the website is still up but I hope to have it updated by the end of tmw, hope all is well!