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2006-12-17, 01:22 AM
The OmniShop

We Sell What You Want for the Price You Want

Description: The OmniShop is a store in which shoppers might procure anything that their hearts desire. If it exists, you can find it in this store. If it exists and it isn’t in the store, it can be found. If it does not exist and can be made, it will be. And the best part is that there are no set prices! One must only pay what they think the purchase is worth, no more and no less.
Exterior: The outside of the OmniShop is that of a massive castle, including parapets and towers, built out of light gray stones. The front door is a large wooden double, capable of being blocked by iron bars that drop down from the stone above it. On either side of the OmniShop proper are attached two smaller (though still very large) buildings built in the same castle-like manner. They have no exterior doors.
Interior: Upon walking through the doors a shopper would come to see a massive room filled with huge floor-to-ceiling shelves stocked with common to moderately uncommon items, all of which are available for purchase. After that they would be astounded by the room itself; the floor made of glistening white-marble tile, the walls of oak so heavily lacquered and polished that they seem to glow with a soft, warm light. The employees, dressed in their smartly-tailored uniforms, rush from place to place cleaning, polishing, and helping customers. Were one to turn right and travel halfway to the front of the store they would see a door leading to a fine-dining restaurant where one would be able to purchase and eat any type of food their bellies can imagine. If one were to follow that same procedure, only going to the left, they would find a door that leads to the OmniShop Inn. Yes, that’s right! The OmniShop now truly does offer anything you want, including food and a good night’s sleep! At the far end of the Omnishop are three counters, two of polished silver with a slightly larger golden one between them. At the left counter sits Gentlebot, Gent’s personal assistant. At the right sits Gongjin, Ekrath’s butler. At the center counter sits The Distinguished Gentleman himself. Behind the center counter are two doors, both inaccessible to the public. The door to the right leads to a staircase that provides access to the upper levels, where the truly rare items are. It is also in the upper levels where The Distinguished Gentleman makes his home. Gent, Gentlebot and Gongjin have keys to this door. The door to the left leads to the basement. Only Gent has access to this door.

The Distinguished Gentleman (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1388305&postcount=164): The suave, sophisticated owner, operator and proprietor of the OmniShop. He functions as Master Salesman and, as the employer of the OmniShop’s countless employees, reserves the right to tell them what to do.
Gentlebot (warforged): Quiet, reserved and polite, he is Gent’s right-hand man, a salesman, and possesses the authority to direct the other employees. He is in charge of the store when Gent is away. Due to his programming he refers to all fleshy individuals as ‘meatbag’. This is not an insult, however, and should not be taken as one.
Gongjin: (warforged): Ekrath’s inorganic butler, Gonjin is a salesman and clerk, taking careful inventories of every item within the walls of the store. He is more outgoing than Gentlebot and does not call people ‘meatbag’.
Knutz and Bholtz (steel-plated iron golems): These two silent automatons function as The Distinguished Gentleman’s personal bodyguards. They look and function like the Guard Leaders, though they do not share the leader’s connection to the Guard Troopers.
The OmniShop Guard: 100 guards patrol the OmniShop, inside and out, protecting the store, its wares, and its personnel. They are organized into ten groups of ten; the 90 Guard Troopers (http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m278/Sophistemon/The%20Town/robo1.gif) being led, in groups of nine, by one Guard Leader (http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m278/Sophistemon/The%20Town/heavyrobo1.gif) per group. The Troopers are seven feet tall and are armed with massive metal fists and a Gatling gun on their right shoulders. The Guard Leaders stand eight feet tall, have fists wreathed in crackling energy, have more powerful Gatling guns on either shoulder, and possess the ability to speak, though they only do so to issue orders to their squads.
Employees: Dressed in identical gray uniforms, the employees number in the hundreds. It is their duty to keep the OmniShop clean and the customers happy.

2006-12-17, 01:22 AM
Gent sits behind his counter, smiling politely.

2006-12-17, 01:37 AM
The Dancing Man randomly (why do I even need to say that word?) does a series of backflips, leaps into the air and tumbles across the air, somehow using it as a solid surface. He stands up on the air begins leaving cyan footprints behind him.

2006-12-17, 09:40 AM
The Distinguished Gentleman watches with interest.

2006-12-17, 04:28 PM
Gent stands up and stretches before going to the OmniRant for some dinner.

Fualkner Asiniti
2006-12-17, 05:44 PM
Fellus suddenly bursts into the shop.


2006-12-17, 09:51 PM
Gent fumbles through the drawers of his counter before finding a silver headband, which he tosses to Fellus.

((Really sorry about the wait. I had things to do today.))

2006-12-18, 04:29 AM
A Note appears in a puff on Gent's desk. It reads

"Dear Gent,
I'm sorry I've not been around but I seem to have taken ill. Have you made any progress with the sword?


2006-12-18, 07:42 AM
Markan appears in the usual swirl of dark smoke, seemingly mildly annoyed. "Let it be known," he grumbles, "that I truly detest monks."

2006-12-18, 03:04 PM
Gent glances at the note, reads it, sighs, puts it in his pocket, and turns to Markan.

"Had a bad day?"

((Why is it the more our characters talk the more they sound like a married couple? I have the urge to lift weights and build a house.))

2006-12-18, 03:49 PM
((So you're suggesting that I'm female now? Suddenly I don't want to shop here...))

"Irritating creatures dodge and deflect everything I throw at them. Any ideas?"

2006-12-18, 03:52 PM
((Hehe. Nimh tries his best.))

2006-12-18, 03:54 PM
"Ideas? Yes. I suggest that you make it so that you can dodge and deflect everything that they throw at you, either through extensive training or... other methods."

((Where'd you go? Hello? Heeellllooo?))

2006-12-18, 09:14 PM
Ms Elaneous curiously wanders through the doors of the Omnishop and begins to browse, waiting for assistance.

2006-12-18, 09:25 PM
"It seems it may very well be impossible for them to reflect them. It's more the not being hurt by them part that irritates. The deadfall spell is fun though," he says with a wicked grin.

((Had to leave in a hurry, sorry about that.))

2006-12-18, 09:25 PM
Gent looks over at Gentlbot and nods. Gentlbot runs over to Ms. Elaneous.

"Statement: Good evening, madame. Question: Is there anything that I might do for you?"

Gent continues his conversation. "So you need something that makes you harder to hit?"

2006-12-18, 09:27 PM
"No, I need something that makes monks of ridiculously high power unable to move. You know, at all."

2006-12-18, 09:29 PM
Ms Elaneous eyes flash at the sight of a little Gentlbot and she proceeds to look it over rather closely, admiring the craftsmanship. Ah, heh... she suddenly realizes that it asked her a question. Ahem, uh, yes, I could use some help. I'm looking for some high-quality parts to construct my own mechanical mechanism. It would seem I've come to the right place.

2006-12-18, 09:32 PM
Gentlebot smiles, and is very glad that he'd bothered to polish himself this morning. "Statement: Madame, we sell all manner of mechanical wonderments here. Question: Could you be more specific as to what you need, or are you starting from scratch?"

Gent frowns. "You've never heard of a tanglefoot bag?"

2006-12-18, 09:37 PM
I'm trying to build a mechanical/clockwork companion suited to both fighting and more delicate, gentle tasks. It needs to be very big, so I'll need a lot of material. Ms E imagines a 7 or 8 foot behemoth standing next to her 3 ft tall frame. It also needs to be able to sustain enchantments. I intend to be covering it with those, actually.

2006-12-18, 09:37 PM
((Are you insane? Those require either a touch attack, a reflex save, or both, and this character's touch as is over 40, and the reflex save I believe above 50))

"Somehow, I don't think that is quite appropriate to the situation. This is a very powerful monk. Most very powerful monks are capable of sidestepping a flying pouch of goo."

2006-12-18, 09:42 PM
Gentlebot's eyes widen. "Statement: We have just what you need. Request: Follow me, please." He leads her to the electronics section.

Gent smiles. "I was joking. Hmm. You need them to stop moving? Hmm. How about..." He walks over to a shelf and grabs a pocket watch, which he then hands to Markan. "Here. Click this button and it will slow time by half* for anyone in a 100 foot radius. Except for you, of course." It will only work once every minute, though**.

((*You get two rounds for every one of his.
**It can work once every 10 rounds.))

2006-12-18, 09:43 PM
Ms Elaneous nods happily and follows along behind. Oh, and just for my curiousity, who created you? You appear very well made to me.

2006-12-18, 09:46 PM
"Very nice..." he murmurs. He turns as Shadakai walks in, thoroughly pleased with his normal-little cat self. Markan grins, and hands Gent a coin seemingly made of pure fire. It doesn't produce heat and is, in fact, solid. It bears no image. "I have no idea what that is...but I thought it looked interesting. Maybe you can find a use for it."

((Do with it what you will...I honestly don't know what it does. And it's becoming apparent that Shadakai becomes very cat-like while small, though he's still relatively dignified while tall. Maybe that's why he likes little-self))

2006-12-18, 09:46 PM
Gentlebot chuckles nervously. "Statement: My... creator was one Mr. Mechanus. But Gent has updated me very extensively, to the point where all of my original parts have been replaced."

Gent takes the coin. "Now, this is nifty. Where did you find this?"

2006-12-18, 09:49 PM
Ms Elaneous nods understandingly. Well, if you see Gent anytime soon, please send him my compliments. *^_^*

2006-12-18, 09:50 PM
"Did I not mention that I was something of a master of elementalism? That's why this disturbs me, as I have no idea what it can do. It was in the hoard of a red dragon though...a particularly unfriendly one, I might add."

2006-12-18, 09:53 PM
Gentlbot would blush, but can't, as he has no blood. "Statement: I will. Thank you. Noise: Uhm... Suggestion: Why don't we get you what you need?"

Gent stares at it, and flips it from his thumb. "Huh. It's... heavier than it looks." A pause. "Don't you know better than to play with dragons?"

2006-12-18, 09:54 PM
Ms E is sort of following the Genlbot with her eyes closed, trailing after the quiet sound it makes. Hm? Oh yes, have we arrived at the parts?

2006-12-18, 09:56 PM
"Statement: Yes. Specifically, the parts you need. We have all the latest bits and bobs for the aspiring engineer." He points several things out. "Statement: To build any good warforged or golem, you'll need a chassis... and a head... and limbs, of course... and a modulator... over here are weapons..."

2006-12-18, 09:56 PM
"If you call it that. The battle was certainly amusing," he says, chuckling. Shadkai hops up on the bar and goes over to investigate Gentlebot.

2006-12-18, 09:57 PM
Gent nods. "I can imagine." He looks at the coin. "Strange. Never held an angry coin before. This thing is seriously miffed about something."

2006-12-18, 10:00 PM
"Intelligent, hm? Interesting indeed." Shadakai hops up on Gentlebot's shoulder and promptly curls up around his neck.

(Have to go, see you tomorrow. Markan will just stay here for the night, feel free to NPC Shadakai-kitty.)

2006-12-18, 10:00 PM
Ms E begins to survey the pieces surrounding her. Oh yes! I specialize in enchanted clockwork. Gears are a big thing for me. There are some in here, yes? She begins to dig around in the various pieces, searching for the best. Also, what metal would you recommend?

2006-12-18, 10:02 PM
((I'll assume you say goodnight and head for the inn.))
Gent says goodnight and pockets the coin. He, too, heads for bed.

"Statement: Steel. I would always suggest steel."

2006-12-18, 10:05 PM
Ms Elaneous pips in and out of the metal pile. Any magical metals? Or is steel best for enchanting in your experience?

2006-12-18, 10:08 PM
"Statement: I... erm... Well, steel is dependable. For enchanting... maybe mithril? Confusion: I'm not entirely sure..." An employee passes by.

"Ma'am? You want mithril." He nods and moves on, and Gent thanks him as he leaves.

2006-12-18, 10:16 PM
Ah, ok then. Mithril it is. Thank you! She returns to the metals and begins to pick out several different kinds of mithril bodies, arms, etcetera. Ms Elaneous turns down the bodies less than 4 ft wide in the shoulders and anything that is less than 7 ft in composite height. After a half hour's worth of searching, she has picked out every component she needs. She follows this up with a pile of mithril gears of various sizes. There is probably more than she requires, but spares are always alright. That ought to do, unless you can think of any maintenance kits we can grab on the way to the counter.

2006-12-18, 10:17 PM
Gentlebot hands her one such kit, and leads the way to the checkout.

Fualkner Asiniti
2006-12-18, 10:18 PM
Thank you, sir.

Fellus puts some mathmatic tools on the table. they wiggle around slightly before inventing complex theorums.

2006-12-18, 10:23 PM
Ms Elaneous begins to follow, but realizes, How am I going to carry all this to the counter, much less back to the Temple of Inari?

2006-12-18, 10:26 PM
"Statement: How careless of me." He places the objects in a Shopping Bag of Holding, which he then hands to her.

2006-12-18, 10:27 PM
Oh, thank you much! She carefully places the items inside the bag and then trails behind him on the way to the counter.

2006-12-18, 10:38 PM
((Rats! I have to go! Just pay what you think is a fair amount, please. It's the basis of the store. Gentlebot will wish you a good evening as you leave.))

2006-12-18, 10:49 PM
Ms Elaneous reaches into her pack and takes out gear with her personal insignia on it and places it on the counter along with 10 gold pieces. Under the gear there is a a note that reads:

The holder is entitled to the engineering/clockwork/mechanic services of Ms Elaneous. Also, as a friend, you can call anytime. :smallwink:

I hope that'll do. Mithril is good stuff.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 02:39 PM
A tall celestial, 8ft tall, with long, flaxen blonde hair, piercing green eyes and a body that look like it was chiselled rather than grown, strides into the shop, a gleaming golden sword with "TRIUMPH" engraved on the blade in his hand. His huge, feathered wings flex as he ducks through the dorr. Standing proud in th emiddle of the shop floor, he intones to the staff "I need to see the owner of this shop. Now"

2006-12-19, 02:43 PM
((Uh oh. Wheep! Wheep! Gent needed! Gent needed! Oh wait- no Gent. Hm... its time for his mirror to step up to the task...))
The Dancing Man stops running around on the air and drops down, doing a flip, letting go of his cane and catching it again, landing rightside up in front of the celestial. He bows elegantly, taking off his tophat.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 02:46 PM
"You are not Gent. I need to speak to him urgently about what transpired between him and my brother. Can you help at all, mortal?"

2006-12-19, 03:12 PM
The Dancing Man raises an eyebrow.
"Mere-mirror is not here."

2006-12-19, 03:13 PM
Gent makes his way down the steps to the main floor. Upon opening the door behind his counter, he sees the celestial. He walks towards it and extends his hand in greeting. "Hello there," he says. "Welcome to the OmniShop. Is there anything that I might do for you?"

He looks towards The Dancing Man. "I'll... take it from here, thanks."


Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 03:14 PM
"You read the book. You opened the portal and now the world will end." He levels a open palm at Gent "Reliquish your powers or face the wrath of the gods"

2006-12-19, 03:15 PM
The Dancing Man shrugs and hops up and away into the air. He begins running around above the shelves of items, looking and making sure everything is not in order.
He suddenly stops as he hears the celestial, then the dimension fractures like a mirror, reforms, and he appears next to the Gent. He pulls his hat a little lower on his head, tilting it so that none of his face is visible.

2006-12-19, 03:17 PM
Gent raises an eyebrow and, for a moment, looks even more identical to The Dancing Man than ever before.

"I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse my ignorance of the subject. What portal?"

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 03:20 PM
"The book you read, the final book, that my brother Cain gifted to you, is not just a book. By reading it you have linked yourself to a energy that will consume this world, should it be allowed to continue to grow. I am Abel, and if you do not reliquish the power willingly i will severe your head from your shoulders without a thought. Your powers cannot touch me and your allies will fall helpless by the wayside, for i am the chosen and you cannt know the depth of my soul"

2006-12-19, 03:21 PM
The Dancing Man, for the first time in his life, laughs. It is a jarring, broken, hoarse cackle that echoes strangely in the store.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 03:23 PM
Able shoots him a petrifying gaze, before turning back to Gent

2006-12-19, 03:26 PM
Gent looks over at The Dancing Man, and shrugs.

"I was given the book in fair trade. Granted, I'd been looking for it for over 150 years, but... It was a fair deal. Were there something dangerous about the book, your brother should have told me. As it is, the book was mine, and now the knowledge within it is mine."

He narrows his eyes. "And for you to waltz into my store with your sword drawn and demand that I forfeit that which I have devoted my life to attaining... it is unacceptable."

2006-12-19, 03:29 PM
The Dancing Man decides that, for once, he can't see through his hat. The glare hits the hat instead, and since hats are rarely frightened by things, nothing happens.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 03:29 PM
"Cain knows nothing. He is an insignificant pawn in a game he cannot comprehend, and is soon to meet his end at his own swords. I will ask you a peaceable terms once more. Please, i implore you, do not allow this to happen. I am a herald of the gods and they cannot stop it. You are the only one who can save us. The power you have will be useless when it consumes first you and then creation. This has been left unknown for so long becuase it was destroyed by those higher in Cain's order who have it within them to rule this abyss. Do not make this fatal mistake. I beg of you"

2006-12-19, 03:36 PM
Gent sighs, and breaths deep. He closes his eyes and can feel the power pulsing within his veins. It is like a tender lover, supporting him.

"300 years. For an immortal it might not seem long, but... It has taken me 300 years to collect the books. I have come from nothing to... this. I have created universes. I can bend the rules of existence. It may be greed. It may be hunger for power. Maybe I just don't like you. But I will not get rid of what it has taken me so long to gain."

There is a pause.

"But let me ask you this. Were the portal to be closed, would the powers remain? If I were to help you, would I remain what I am?"

2006-12-19, 03:37 PM
"Keep your power. You do not have to give it up."
The Dancing Man seems amused by the tense situation.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 03:38 PM
"your powers would be reduced but there is no way to undo what they have already done to you. You would still retasin some powers. I have also been instructed to give you a gift, if you cooperate"

Abel turns to the dancing man. "I have heard of you, oddity. stay out of my way or i will do a legion a favour and sever your head from your neck. I can see what you really are, and you do not scare me"

2006-12-19, 03:40 PM
The Dancing Man stands in front of him, obviously unconcerned by this threat.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 03:42 PM
"Will you answer me Sir?!" Abel is obviously becoming tense, but refuses to strike the dancing man, as he senses no evil in.

2006-12-19, 03:51 PM
"Can whatever gift you give me possibly compare with what I've felt since opening that book? Since my ... since a certain event so long ago, it is only now that I feel complete again. Whole. Can your gift give me that same feeling?"

2006-12-19, 03:53 PM
The Dancing Man shakes his head and begins to tapdance.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 03:55 PM
"Of course not, do not be foolish. But the devastation you will wreak and the slow, painful death you will suffer will be far worth than the alternative"

2006-12-19, 03:57 PM
Gent's voice is a whisper.

"It would be like losing her again."

He looks at The Dancing Man. "You know me better than anyone currently alive. You are me. What should I do?"

2006-12-19, 03:59 PM
The Dancing Man raises an eyebrow.
"What you want. What prevents you from doing that?"
He stands on his head, literally, while twirling his cane.

2006-12-19, 04:00 PM
"I should do what I want? I want to keep my powers. But what about the end of the world?"

2006-12-19, 04:02 PM
"Do you want to keep your powers and the world?"
The Dancing Man talks like he is speaking to a child.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:02 PM
Abel inhales deeply "You will be consumed in the end. This is not a mark of your power, but simply a facet of how the end will come about"

2006-12-19, 04:02 PM
To The Dancing Man:

"Of course. I'd never want to hurt anyone."

2006-12-19, 04:03 PM
The Dancing Man speaks again.
"Then that is what you want to do."

2006-12-19, 04:06 PM
"Can I do that? Does the power extend that far?"

He has a thought, and turns to Abel.

"What about him? I opened the book, but he benefits from the same power."

Another thought.

"Can I really do that? Can I bend these rules as well? I wonder..."

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:07 PM
"No. Turning your powers within themselevs would be like turning time inside out. You can imagine the destruction"

2006-12-19, 04:07 PM
The Dancing Man gives him a pointed look. He is still literally standing on his own head.
((Neo says 'there is no spoon.' The Dancing Man says 'there WAS a spoon, then I came.'))

2006-12-19, 04:09 PM
Gent looks at Abel. "Normally, that might happen. But... What if I change those rules to make it possible? Then I would keep her, and the world would be safe."

He realizes what he just said.

"Keep it. Keep it."

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:11 PM
Abel deflates slightly. "You have 24 hours to decide what to do. I will be back. If you cooperate, i will not kill you" he fades out

2006-12-19, 04:13 PM
Gent narrows his eyes. "Do not presume that you frighten me."

He turns to Danc.

"Did I do the right thing? Am I doing the right thing?"

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:14 PM
((iv got to go. ill be back some time, although theres a chance not tomorrow))

2006-12-19, 04:16 PM
((Okay. Thanks.))

2006-12-19, 04:17 PM
The Dancing Man looks confused. He steps down harder on his head and it squelches through his foot and back to his neck.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:18 PM
Cain appears with a devil. He intones an odd, fratiured seech, hazy purple smoke filling the room. Lightning crackles, things shake. Time unfocusses for a second. The Demon falls to the floor and blood begins to pour from Cain's ears.
"There... it is done." Cain fades out as he collapses
((Cains fixed the portal as it is. the power will remain but will not grow anymore. Id expect Gent would tell him his brother visited. They have unfinished buisness))

2006-12-19, 04:19 PM
((Can you say... godmod?))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:21 PM
((why goddmodding, becuase i asked Sophistemon to play Gent to tell Cain about Abel? (mouthful) he doesnt have to, id just like it if he did. im sorry though, re-reading it does come out that way))

2006-12-19, 04:23 PM
((No, fixing the portal. We had no chance to respond))

2006-12-19, 04:23 PM
((What, tell him now? Didn't he just fade out?

EDIT: The portal's fixed!? That's more than disappointing; it's anticlimactic!))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:33 PM
((back for about ten minutes. and its not over, as such. Wait until Abel comes back. Im creating conflict here, adding drama. Giving Gent a reason to say no. I though thte world destroyed/world not destyroyed choice was too lame, so im adding something to it. wait and seeee. And Vael, i may have misunderstood the rules but i made the portal, brought it into the town as a plot device etc etc. Its sorta my "character"))

2006-12-19, 04:35 PM
((I have a problem with the fact that, as far as I can tell, you've weakened Gent's power without consulting me first. It's just a sore spot.))

2006-12-19, 04:39 PM
((Well yeah, but the Gent "is sorta" Sophistemon's character. You did something to him without a) permission or b) giving him a chance to respond. That is godmodding))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:42 PM
((that wasn't my intention, what i meant was that the power he gained from reading the book, which (it was my intention at least) has been growing since (becuase the portals been growing) has now stopped growing and as such will not consume them all. Abel (whose your basic lawful-good but painfully evil character) will still insist he closes the portal (becuases hes righteous and celestial) and thus the confrontation will have more to it than the "lose my powers" or "die horribly" debate. at least that is what im hoping. if its really a point of contention i can edit the posts so that Cain bursts in and does something else (although probnably something that will actually be anti-climatic rather than tweaking the argument) although id rather it carried on. Gent will remain as powerful as he is. And the gift isnt like Cain's trinkets))

2006-12-19, 04:45 PM
((Look, you gave the power to Gent. Now HE gets to decide whether you can affect HIS power. You can't just say 'oh look, your power stops growing'))

2006-12-19, 04:46 PM
((I don't have a problem with your story. I mean that. Nor do I have a problem with you. I just think that it would be better if you were to contact me, via PM or AIM, about what you want to do. Then we could come up with a plan that works for both of us, instead of what he have here, which is you taking the driver's seat of my character's life.))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-19, 04:49 PM
((i understand that. Sophisetmon (if your still on) if Gent really wants to undo what Cain did he can (its onyl a spell after all. Im really very sorry about the unintentional godmodding. Ill try and tie all this up with Abel when i can next get on with a decent stretch with Gent's powers returning to however you want them))

EDIT: Just to put that in conext in simu-posted with S, If you want to PM me with how you want this to end ill sort it out so it does.

2006-12-19, 05:20 PM
((Ho hum))
The Dancing Man does not seem overly concerned about the incident. He keeps tapdancing.

2006-12-19, 05:30 PM
Gent, however, is struck with a feeling akin to that of a vise squeezing his heart. Though there is no physical damage, he feels... weaker. Older. He takes his pocket watch from his pocket and flips it open, looking into the mirror that functions as the inner lid. He is older. His brown hair is white and straw-like, his posture hunched, his face wrinkled, his limbs thin and bony.

"No..." he moans. "The... power... Closed to a... trickle." He coughs.

It would appear that with the power granted to him by the books so drastically decreased, Gent is no longer able to keep himself young and is instead only barely able to keep himself alive with the trickle he has left. He is, for all intents and purposes, a 380 year old man.

2006-12-19, 05:48 PM
The Dancing Man looks at him oddly, then keeps tapdancing. In the middle of his dance he stops, waves his arms around frantically, then repeats his dance.

2006-12-19, 05:52 PM
Gent looks at him and coughs again. "You, too?" he croaks. His bones hurt. His lungs don't want to expand. Despite the trickle of power, he is going to die.

2006-12-19, 05:56 PM
The Dancing Man doesn't say anything, but keeps tapdancing. His hat bobbles and falls off of his head, and he reaches out to catch it with his foot, and a look of surprise crosses his face as this disrupts his dancing and makes him fall on the ground. Hard.

2006-12-19, 05:57 PM
Gent nods, and feels a vertebrae chip. He winces. "We need... to..." A hard, wracking cough. Blood paints his lips. "Do something..."

2006-12-19, 05:58 PM
The Dancing Man shakes his fist at the ground and jumps nimbly to his feet. He snatches up his cane and scowls, tugging his hat back on.

2006-12-19, 06:01 PM
Gent coughs and slumps the floor, too weak to stand. His cane clatters to the ground. "I... may have... an idea... We may... be able... to fix this..."

2006-12-19, 06:03 PM
The Dancing Man raises an eyebrow, probably unaware that no one can tell that he is doing it anymore, since he is wearing his hat and cannot break the rules enough to make people notice.

2006-12-19, 06:05 PM
"We... need to open... the portal... More than... it was... before... When it's... open... we... take it..."

Pause. Cough. Deep breath.

"We... absorb it... into ourselves..."

He manages a smile.

"No... portal... no... univer...sal... destruction... Do you... understand?"

2006-12-19, 06:06 PM
The Dancing Man scowls in thought. This 'thinking by the rules' buisness was tough on him.
"I... I guess."

2006-12-19, 06:08 PM
"Good. I... can't... do it... alone... Can you... feel... where the... power... comes... from? That's... the... portal..."

Pause. Cough. More blood. His employees are running all over, trying to get things to help. He waves them off, and groans as his arm breaks. "Has to be... fast. Not... much time... left."

2006-12-19, 06:12 PM
The Dancing Man taps his cane on the floor, his tapping rapidly growing faster.
"I sense it."
He tries to figure out the portal's rules, and what rules he can and cannot break.

2006-12-19, 06:14 PM
"Good. We... aren't dealing with the portal... yet. Only... what's... keeping it... closed. A spell... right... there!" He finds it, holds on to it with his thoughts. He waits for The Dancing Man.

2006-12-19, 06:16 PM
The Dancing Man keeps up a quick tapping tempo with his cane, while he thinks over the spell. It had laws... too many laws for it to be truly stable. He begins snapping the smaller rules with quite a bit of effort.

2006-12-19, 06:20 PM
Gent works at bending the others away. His breathing is labored as his lungs fill with fluid. The trickle is running dry. More rules bend. The Dancing Man breaks the rest. And then...

He dies. For a brief, silent moment, Gent is no more.

There is a sizzling crackle of energy, a bursting, thunderous boom as the spell dissipates and the portal roars to life. Gent's heart beats again. His skin smooths and plumps out. His hair regains its color. His bones are no longer twisted with age. He stands, and grabs his cane.

"Now," he says. "We need to widen it."

2006-12-19, 06:23 PM
The Dancing Man chuckles, and his eyes are beady underneath his tophat. He hums and dances around madly, then begins leaving an odd glow behind him. This, for unknown reasons, begins to widen the portal.

2006-12-19, 06:24 PM
Caihana wanders into the store

2006-12-19, 06:25 PM
Gent, to, grabs onto the portal with his power and begins to force it further open. This strengthens him immensely and, working together, they throw it open far wider than it has ever been before.

"Now," he shouts. "Take it in! We need to absorb it!"

2006-12-19, 06:30 PM
The Dancing Man realizes that, not only is portal connected to them, but it is theirs. In fact, it is innate to them. Therefore, they do not absorb the portal, because it was already open and controlled by them. They didn't need to absorb the portal, because they already had what they wanted.
The portal manages to scratch its head at this extremely strange and incorrect thought before it suddenly is under the Gent's and the Dancing Man's control, as if it had been absorbed. But it wasn't absorbed, because they had already controlled it. Or had they?
The laws of the universe take out another loan to pay their very very wealthy psychiatrist. Who happens to wear a tophat, grey jacket, black tuxeudo pants, and has a cane. What a coincidence, huh? :smallwink:

2006-12-19, 06:32 PM
Gent breathes deep. He has never felt so alive... so mighty. He turns to Caihana and, with a wide, wide smile on his face, throws open his arms and shouts: "Welcome to the OmniShop! How might I serve you?"

2006-12-19, 06:35 PM
The Dancing Man tapdances without moving. But while he is moving. The paradox is unusually strong and confusing.

2006-12-19, 06:37 PM
Gent laughs. "This is great. This must be how a god feels when it wakes up in the morning!"

2006-12-19, 06:38 PM
If you can serve me with that much enthusiasm, I'll be more than happy...I'm looking for something I'm not sure you'll even have to be completely honest...But hey, worst you can do is say you don't have one.

2006-12-19, 06:39 PM
Gent smiles. At this point, he doesn't think that there's anything he can't find. "And what is it you want, milady?"

2006-12-19, 06:40 PM
Actually around here it's probably common as copper...A Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance.

2006-12-19, 06:42 PM
"And in what color would you like it? Of what material should it be made? Define anything, to the smallest detail!"

2006-12-19, 06:42 PM
The Dancing Man turns one of his five heads towards the sign that clearly reads 'OmniShop.' His other four heads decide to start arguing, so they do. Without words.

2006-12-19, 06:47 PM
Price is more of an immediate concern for me...I've not got much on me I can part with, just a few rings...
Which she prompty places on the counter; A ring of Elemental Control (Water) (Not yet activated) and a Ring of Telekinesis.

2006-12-19, 06:52 PM
The Dancing Man's heads snap back together and he sort of... ripples... off into the store.

2006-12-19, 06:53 PM
Gent looks at the rings, then they're on his fingers. He holds holds up his hand, looks at the rings, and then they're gone, placed in the jewelry aisles.

He looks at Caihana, then abruptly snaps his fingers. She is then wearing a Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance, immaculatly made of all of the finest materials. Gent looks at it, a little surprised. Then he looks at his hands. "Did you see that? Did you see how easy that was?" He starts to laugh. "This is great!"

2006-12-19, 06:55 PM
She can't help but break out into a very broad grin
Thank you! It's perfect. Slightly scary, but perfect.

2006-12-19, 06:57 PM
The Dancing Man nods before remembering he is in the wrong part of the store. He shrugs and lets himself run through the store while he is also somehow nearby the Gent nodding.

2006-12-19, 06:59 PM
"Oh, don't be afraid! Here!" And she is holding a very, very good bottle of wine. The best wine that's ever existed, really. "It's on the house! Enjoy it!"

2006-12-19, 07:00 PM
The Dancing Man begins tapdancing in five different places at once, while only having one body. Its quite disconcerting.

2006-12-19, 07:02 PM
She looks down slightly embarassed
I meant it just appearing on me. And fitting so perfectly...The wine's too much though, those rings probably weren't worth nearly enough for the mantle, I'll fix that when I get the chance though...

2006-12-19, 07:06 PM
"Madame, this is the OmniShop, where you buy what you want for the price you want. You paid with the rings. As for the wine... I can afford to be generous."

2006-12-19, 07:09 PM
I can see you're not going to relent on this. Thank you, for both the mantle and the wine, I just hope the wine doesn't get me too drunk...

2006-12-19, 07:10 PM
The Dancing Man drops from the floor, jumps from three sides of the shop and the ceiling, then combines together into the place he is standing. He surfs back down to the floor on his cane, where he starts stirring the floor with his cane.

2006-12-19, 07:12 PM
"It won't now!" Gent is, for lack of another word, giddy.

2006-12-19, 07:16 PM
She smiles at him again before turning and leaving the shop
Thank you, I'll be sure to return whenever I need anything.

2006-12-19, 07:20 PM
The Dancing Man looks up from his stirring and waves goodbye normally, just to catch people off guard.

2006-12-19, 07:25 PM
Gent breathes deep, calms himself down, and returns to his counter.

2006-12-19, 07:28 PM
The Dancing Man withdraws his cane from the swirled floor. The flatness is unchanged, but the flooring has been changed into a hypnotic and rather fashionable tile.

2006-12-19, 07:50 PM
Gent looks at his newly altered floor, and smiles.

2006-12-20, 07:59 AM
Markan 'ports in, face showing clear signs of worry. "What the hell happened? Are you ok?"

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 11:46 AM
A golden mist enters the shop. A number of great, white feathered Griffins form from the mist, standing majectically in mid air. A trumpet sounds, the loud, bellowing noise piercing the air. The rooms shakes, and fills with static electricity as Abel, along with a retinue of around 50 similair Celestials appear in the centre of the shop floor, level with the Griffins. Abel turns to Gent "The time of reckoning is nigh. Will you submit, sir?" he says, levelly and calmly. Every celestial is armed and armoured to the teeth with swords, bows and arrows, axes and maces. They glow with an inner fire that make s a number of facless NPCs faint.

((PM me when you're on perhaps? I should be on for a few hours now))

2006-12-20, 11:53 AM
The NPCs wake up and leave the shop. They're going to TNPCRGHQ to get themselves some faces and dignity.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 12:04 PM
Cain enters, a small, unimpressive figure in the face of the Celestial army. "Leave now Abel" he says, drawing his swords "This is not your fight. and nor is it mine. They can control the power, and use it. It is better this way, they can be the guardsmen, the watchers, they can keep the power in check and siphon it off to keep it under control. Leave. Now."

2006-12-20, 02:58 PM
Gent looks at all of the things happening inside his shop at the same time. He smiles.

Time for a demonstration!

He is everywhere at once, and does the following faster than the eye can follow:
To Markan: The book I opened, which vastly increased my power, also opened a dangerous portal, through which the power flows. Cain closed it and, with, with only a trickle of my energy left, I got very old very quickly. The Dancing Man, too, lost most of his energy. Working together, though, we were able to destroy the spell keeping the portal closed and then widen it, giving us even more power. With this added power, we absorbed the portal. This gives us, in theory, unlimited access to the flow of energy, thus giving us unlimited power.
To his employees: What? Are you crazy? With all of the benefits that I give you? It's your choice, of course, but I'd like you to stay. They return to work.
To Cain: Howdy, Cain. How's life? I can't thank you enough for getting me into this mess but, hey, at least the outcome is nice. Feel free to outfit yourself with whatever you want from the shop.
And then, to Abel: Your brother has a point, friend. I think that it would be wisest for you to understand that The Dancing Man and I found a better solution. No offence meant.He stands in the center of the room, smiling politely.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 03:10 PM
Abel is to the point "Then die" All celestials save Abel unleash bolts of energy at Gent (and the dancing man, assuming he is around) whilst Abel falls upon Cain, smashing him into some shelves with the force of a berserk elephants.

2006-12-20, 03:33 PM
The Dancing Man isn't around, so they don't shoot him. He is, however, there, through a paradox that confuses anyone who percieves there to be any sort of law in the universe. He summons a glass and hurls it at the celestials, and as it hurtles towards them it shatters into a prismatic, slashing tornado of energy and blazing white glass.

2006-12-20, 03:46 PM
Gent, bending space and time around himself, is both not there (when being attacked) and there (when counter-attacking) One by one he jabs his pointer-finger at the foreheads of his celestial enemies and one by one they fall into a deep, deep sleep. He is then standing beside The Dancing Man, arms folded over his chest.

"I learned that from watching you," he says.

((I don't like the idea of really injuring celestials, hence the sleep. I also assume that they can wake themselves up, thus continuing the fight. Either way, Abel claims to be immune to the power, so that's where the real fight is.))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 03:50 PM
Many celestials fall, some form vicious wounds from the dancing man and others from Gent. Abbarus, a particualrly adept celestial, synchronises his here/not here with Gent and attacks him with his godly great axe, tearing through the air at speeds that cause a thunderclap as the sound barrier is shattered about.

Cain rolls on top of Abel and slashes viciously at his face. Abel teleorts above Cain and crushes his head under his boot. The look of frenzy on both their faces is burnt into the psyche of all onlookers.

2006-12-20, 03:53 PM
For Gent, the axe is moving in slow motion as it peals the air in sluggish pursuit of his face. So he slows it down even more, locking it in time. He wags a disapproving finger at Abbarus, then punches him on the nose.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 03:56 PM
Abbarus stumbles backwards as he unleashes a barrage of normality bolts. Cain stumbles away from Abel, bloodied and broken. Abel levels his bow at Cain and launches a trio of smite evil arrows at the foul beast.

2006-12-20, 03:59 PM
The Dancing Man twirls his cane stylishly, pulls his hat down over his eyes and leaps at Abel from every direction, including five which do not exist. A very large number of indestructable, well balanced canes strike out at the celestial.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:02 PM
Abel drops his bow under the barrage of attacks and phases out, drawing his sword as he does. He appears in front of cain and slashes him about the chest and face, laughing cruelly. A pair of griffons swoop down and set about rending the dancing man apart. Several more celestials come to and begin to assualt Gent with items from his store, charging them with energy and then hurling them at him manically.

2006-12-20, 04:08 PM
Gent blinks in and out of existence, sending the projectiles back at their owners.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:10 PM
Abbarus flickers out of resistance for a moment, before appearing now numbering millions rather than one. The entire celestial legion are here, atop their fiery clestial griffons. In the middle, Cain and Abel swing around the room trying to choke the life out of each other.

2006-12-20, 04:11 PM
The griffons find that every time they tear at him, he simply appears in a different place, but in the same spot. He slides out from under their attacks without moving. He takes off his hat, rubs the rim a little, then hurls it like a frisbee at the two griffons. Unlike a frisbee, the hat is apparently decked with chainsaws.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:13 PM
Tearing through one of the griffons, blood splatters the entire shop and all combabtans. The other nimbly avoids as the hat returns to the dancing man. Momentarily glowing, the griffon lands heavily on the floor as it morphs into a many headed hydra, flames filling the room. Abel throws Cain to the floor and lands on him, a pair of knives now in his hands.

2006-12-20, 04:14 PM
Gent registers the amount of damage taking place within his store.

"Enough," he says, and Bends everyone home, whether they be celestial or employee. Only Gent, The Dancing Man, and the two brothers remain. He looks at them (the brothers) with pity.

"Stop," he asks.

2006-12-20, 04:15 PM
The Dancing Man puts his now chainsaw-less hat back on his head.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:16 PM
Abel rams one of the blades home, slicings sickeningly into Cain's forehead. Cain screams and tries to wrestle the balde out as Abel stands. "Stop? Stop? You can reliquish the power. Then i will stop. Otherwise there is only one way this can end. Your power cannot keep them there and protect you. They will be back in but a few moments. Surrender or die."

2006-12-20, 04:19 PM
"You underestimate me."

And then he is gone.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:22 PM
Abel takes a moment out to finnaly vanquish his brother. Turning his hand to his brother, he shoots bright white flame over Cain, and when it clears, he is gone. "I will wait. You will return, and then i will slaughter you. Run away. Run scared" And then, taking his sword, begins to deolish the shop.

2006-12-20, 04:23 PM
The Dancing Man grins insanely, and light simply begins to writhe and change around him. Colors cease to be set, and then sound begins to warp as well, nothing responding as it should.
"He doesn't have to do anything."
Somehow his words are understood, despite them coming out as utter gibberish due to the utter aura of chaos around him.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:24 PM
"no, abberation, he does not. but he cares for this shop" Abel says, as he smashes a number of unique and valuable objects. "and he will return to defend it. and if he does not, he will be found"

2006-12-20, 04:27 PM
Gent reappears behind Abel and, with a look of despair in his face, reaches inside him, though there is no wound. He feels around for a moment, finds what he was looking for, and twists.

"I'm sorry," he says, and means it. "But I cannot allow this to continue."

Abel is no longer a celestial. That power has been taken from him, much as he sought to take Gent's power. He is naught but a mortal.

"Surrender, and I will give it back."

((Ironic that Abel would kill Cain.))

2006-12-20, 04:27 PM
The Dancing Man grins wider.
He begins to shatter reality and the dimension around Abel, wrenching at the celestial's very existance.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:30 PM
Abel taps a ring on his finger which turns black. Not matt-black, black hoel black. Following a rather odd physics mechanism, all the energy about him, including that which the dancing man is using, is absorbed. As it does so, Abel begins to expand so he is shortly about double height and similarlyly proportioned.

2006-12-20, 04:31 PM
((So now he's just a very, very large mortal. Okay.))

"Stop," he says. "Stop this. It isn't worth the pain. There has already been more than enough death here."

2006-12-20, 04:34 PM
Unfortunately, the Dancing Man simply stops using energy. Instead, he simply snaps at the rules of the ring, trying to shatter the black hole. Oddly, it seems to be working, despite the fact that black holes don't shatter.
((Assuming the black hole does shatter, it turns into solid chunks of black marble))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:37 PM
((not a mortal at all. a very, very large celestial))
"This ends when you die". Abel looks at where Cain died. "Not that there hasn't been perks to this job already." he deactivates the ring, channeling all the energy into a blast of enegy that crumbles much of the shop to dust. "Face me now and die by my righteous hand like my pathetic, tainted brother did, or u will be hounded to the ends of the earth" As he speaks, he advances through the rubble. The battilion begin to remerge, fully restored and swollen with Fey and Dragonkind "The time for battle is over. I implore you, fall now or face our wrath"

((sorry Vael, i would have had it shatter but its too difficult to retcon all that, plus to be honest that'd be like trying to turn off a freezer by putting hot things in it))

2006-12-20, 04:39 PM
((Check a few posts back, where I re-appear and reach inside you.))

2006-12-20, 04:41 PM
((It doesn't matter how implausible it is, the Dancing Man can do it. That is his power, he breaks the rules. Has that not gotten across yet? I'd think with all his insane acts, you'd have figured that out))
The Dancing Man smirks and waits.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:41 PM
((fair enuff. hes still heavily laden. and theres a whole bunch of celestials just appeared. plus i id seen that i would have written something to the effect of "and, like trying to switch of a power supply with your tetth, gent is thrown across the room with weaken bladder syndrome" but enough of that. he is a mortal. with a celestial, fey, dragon army.))

2006-12-20, 04:45 PM
((Sorry. Gent was only trying to stop the fight before it got out of hand. Too late for that now, though.))

Gent looks at the ruins of his store. His home, his wealth, his life, lie in ruble around him. He looks at Abel and his eyes begin to glow, as impossible as it seems, black.

"You have stepped over the line. I will give you one more chance. Surrender, or face the consequences of your actions."

2006-12-20, 04:47 PM
((You could also say that, since the Gent and the Dancing Man are not affected by any rules in any way, shape, or form, that resisting them is like trying to put a dragon through a needle. Not the eye of a needle, a needle itself))

The Dancing Man spins his cane. It seems to be trailing peanut butter and marshmellows.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:48 PM
The hoard bellow with laughter. Suddenly they are about the pair, blades singing, talons rending, flames roasting the air and magic sparking away. Like a tsunami engulfs a village, there appears to be only the shining gold of the celestial aura. ...except, somewher,e the faintest aura of shahow and darkness, enemating like black light from the surge of combantants.

2006-12-20, 04:51 PM
((I really need you to answer that PM I sent.))

Gent allows the horde to engulf him. Their blades do not slice, their talons do not injure, and the flame does not burn.

"You have made your decision. I am so sorry."

((Answer it! Answer it!))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 04:53 PM
((oh oh oh i have done))

2006-12-20, 04:53 PM
The Dancing Man debates whether he should do the following things:
1) Read a book, preferably something with "Yellow" in the title, so that they will all go insane.
2) Throw live, blue cats at them to see their reaction
3) Snap the world in half with his pinky finger and his nose
4) Beat everything in sight with his cane.

The Dancing Man stops time so he can put some time and effort into making his choice. He walks as he thinks, then finds himself behind all the celestials. He starts, then decides that his wa a very menacing change.
He goes with option 5: cut everything in half with his cane.
Time restarts as the Dancing Man splits his indestrucatable cane into two sharp reality slicing pieces. He spins like a top as he hurls himself into the army, trailing strings of impossibilities.

((EDIT: Oh come on! Let me do something! It is normally polite to post in turns, and I'm getting a little ticked at not being able to get anything in))

2006-12-20, 04:56 PM
((Sorry! Sorry! Hack away! Go ahead.))

Gent watches The Dancing Man with interest.

2006-12-20, 04:57 PM
((Its too late, Cain already killed everyone. :P))
((I'm leaving my post though. It is a Dancing Man post, and those take effort, damn it))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 05:00 PM
((sorry, not aware of posting in turns ettiquette. its over now anyway. do your thing Gent, and for gods sake dont spend three weeks rebulding the shop. Everyone needs their odd, ludicrous items. And OH NO HE DIDN'T))
From the depths of the broken horder explodes a great shadow wolf, its head the size of a house, its teeth like great swords. "I am Cain. This is my wrath" It roars as it besest upon the horde, rending them to pieces as it does so. When it is done, is disspaitates into a great black mist. The horde lay broken about them. Someone, somehwere, with a ruff, dwarf accent, mutters "check and mate"
((there. now the dancing man gets his wonderful time stop attack))

2006-12-20, 05:04 PM
The Dancing Man gets frustrated with time changing itself around him, and simply decides that time can play by itself. He goes and sits in a corner.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 05:09 PM
((the dancing man sits in a corner. sits in a corner? but... that nakes sense....))

2006-12-20, 05:11 PM
((How so? I find sitting inside of corners a bit hard, myself, but maybe you can sit inside walls. I can't though :smallbiggrin:))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 05:12 PM

^uneccasary post. but meh. it is the season to be jolly.

2006-12-20, 05:30 PM
Gent is sad about what he is going to do. Not just sad, but horrified. But it must be done.

The celestials vanish. Abel disappears.

Were one to sift through the rubble of the OmniShop, under a pile of splintered wood and ash, they would find a crystal sphere. Within that sphere is a tiny universe, uninhabited save for a small planet that orbits a cold and unfriendly sun. On that planet is the celestial army, Abel included.

Gent sinks to his knees and cradles his head in his hands. This was far too much. He doubts that the power was worth this in the least.

((For those that are reading: this most current plot line was riddled with problems, mainly due to Gent's newly acquired powers and my relative newness to the Town. However, through the wonders that are AIM and the PM system, most of these problems have been worked out. The above post was agreed upon, and is okay with all involved.))

2006-12-20, 05:34 PM
The Dancing Man gets some non-existant glue and puts it on his cane. He then sticks the two halves of the indestructable cane back together. Since there isn't any glue (but there is) it simply fuses into one piece.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 05:36 PM
((here here))
As the black fog settles, it begins to tidy the shop, as if by simple magic. The broken remains of items are swept into bins, shelves are clumisly nailed back toghether, the walls are reconstructed. A fiant image of Cain, in full battle gear, appears on one wall, a great, wicked smile across his face. The shop is nowhere near spick and span, and many items are missing, but importantly, the actual building is reconstructed, stone by stone, to make it look as good as is possible without magic. The fog is gone, and quiet prevails. A limp, mangyblavck greyhound trots through the room and lays down at Gent's feet.

2006-12-20, 05:39 PM
Gent looks at the dog and, unsure whether or not he should pet it, Bends it a steak instead.

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-20, 05:40 PM
The dog looks delighted and cnaters warily over to the steak. Sniffing it, he produces some mustard and begins to chow down. After finishing, he curls up at the foot of the desk and sleeps

((exactly as i plan to now. toodles!))

2006-12-20, 05:46 PM
The Dancing Man gives the clumsy reconstruction a curious glance.
Now, the first thing one should know is that the Dancing Man doesn't see anything wrong with it.
Of course, he doesn't see anything right either. The Dancing Man has very little perception of what is unusual and what is normal.
He decides that it would be most interesting if he went through and made some changes, since that is what is what people are doing now. The Dancing Man also decides that fixing everything quickly is dull. So he runs so fast that he moves backwards instead.
He notes with dismay that the shop got stuck on his foot. So it starts moving backwards too. In time, that is.
Everything seems to fly back to the way it was before the battle, while the Dancing Man runs faster in an attempt to get the shop (which he is running in) off of his foot. After a moment, he shakes his leg rapidly, and the store flops off back into its original spot, completely fixed. The only difference is the massive picture of Cain on the wall, and a backwards imprint of the bottom of the Dancing Man's shoe on the floor near the counter.

2006-12-20, 06:08 PM
Gent sees that his precious store is back to normal. He breaks out into a wide grin and begins to look at everything, specifically the portrait of Cain. Still looking at the portrait, he walks to his counter and trips over a footprint. He curses and erases it from existence.

He looks over at The Dancing Man. "We lead very interesting lives, don't we?"

2006-12-20, 06:10 PM
The Dancing Man begins tapdancing on the top of his cane.

2006-12-20, 06:11 PM
Gent watches, shrugs, and starts waltzing on his.

2006-12-20, 06:13 PM
The Dancing Man shifts to tapdancing on the bottom of his cane. Somehow his cane remains perpindicular, the bottom still touching the floor, while the Dancing Man remains right side up, and is not touching the floor.

2006-12-20, 06:17 PM
Gent decides not to press his luck and jumps off his cane, snatching it up again before it hits the ground.

Once again, he looks at the portrait of Cain, and then at the shaggy black dog.

2006-12-20, 06:19 PM
The Dancing Man drops off of his cane to the floor, slips his foot under the cane and kicks it to his hand. He slips sideways into his cane and it tilts sideways and lands against the counter with a click.

2006-12-20, 07:31 PM
Gent perks up. He'd forgotten to tell all of the personnel that it was safe to come back!

A quick mental alert later, Gongjin and Gentlebot emerge from the upper levels and take their places at the other two counters. Minutes after that, the rest of the gray-suited employees swarm back into the shops and go about their regular duties.

Lord Magtok
2006-12-20, 09:05 PM
Secret Agent Stick Omega wanders into the shop.

2006-12-20, 09:20 PM
Gent looks up and clears his throat. "Can I help you?"

Lord Magtok
2006-12-20, 09:28 PM
I'm looking for something that would save the town in the event of a battle that controls whether evil takes over the town, or the relative peace is restored.
It has to be something that will serve no practical purpose until its prophesized time has come.

2006-12-20, 09:36 PM
Gent blinks.

"You want something that is both useless and immensely important, but is only important when it is most needed?"

Lord Magtok
2006-12-20, 09:53 PM
Yes. Otherwise, it won't be of enough power to handle the challenge, and be just as useless as something useless in both situations. It's hard to explain, involving something called Plot...

2006-12-20, 09:57 PM
Gent nods. "Plot's always been a bother. Listen, could you please... look that way for a moment?" He points towards the door, which is behind Secret Agent Stick.

Lord Magtok
2006-12-20, 10:02 PM
Ok. SAS Omega turns away.

2006-12-20, 10:05 PM
Gent quickly Bends into being a largish yellow-orange sub-tropical citrus fruit, which he holds in his hand. Another quick Bending insures that the fruit will never rot and will, when most needed, save the Town. He taps SAS Omega on the shoulder and holds out the fruit.

"Here you go."

Lord Magtok
2006-12-20, 10:09 PM
SASO turns around and seems slighty suprised.
A fruit? I assumed such an object would have a more dramatic physical appearance, but ok...
SASO drops six large, leather bags of gold pieces on the counter.
This enough?

2006-12-20, 10:11 PM
"What, for a grapefruit? Just take the thing."

A pause.

"Here, you'd better take this, too." Gent tosses him a large, very powerful-looking handgun. "If that won't help you save the world, gods help us all."

Lord Magtok
2006-12-20, 10:13 PM
Thank you.
SASO leaves.
((You think a grapefruit will save us all some day?))

2006-12-20, 10:17 PM
((It's a special grapefruit. When it's needed to, it will save the Town. How is up to you. The gun will put a fist-sized hole through mithril plating, so that's cool too.))

Lord Magtok
2006-12-20, 10:19 PM
(("I see" said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.))

2006-12-21, 07:53 AM
Markan appears in typical fashion, muttering dark curses under his breath. "I missed it didn't I? At least the shop's intact..." ((Markan saw the first encounter with Abel through the crystal pool in his basement, but was...otherwise occupied...rather than watching the shop last night.))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-21, 09:39 AM
The black dog runs and jumps up at Markan, lickign his face.

2006-12-21, 12:33 PM
Gent smiles. "Oh, you didn't miss much. Abel came back with an army that destroyed my shop, and killed his brother Cain, but was... suitably punished."

He pauses, as he still regrets the incident.

"The Dancing Man put the shop back together, which was more than nice of him. Oh, and I sold a grapefruit that will eventually save the Town."

Another pause.

"And now it looks like I have a dog."

Siris hisses from on top of a shelf: "Freakin' canine!"

Gent Bends another steak for the dog, and a salmon for the cat.

2006-12-21, 02:49 PM
Regiji steps into the OmniShop, admiring the rows upon rows of wares.

I'm getting all sorts of crazy, conflicting readings from this place. I can't make heads or tails of it.

"Sounds like we just stumbled across the avatar of The Town or something," Regiji quips. "Hello! Anyone here?"

2006-12-21, 02:50 PM
Gent looks up. "Yes," he says. "There always is. What can I do for you?"

2006-12-21, 02:56 PM
"Was he there a moment ago?"

Yes, pay more attention.



"I was told by Vael, er... Fenix that you sell anything here is that true?"

2006-12-21, 03:15 PM
((I was here. I'm also going to post sporadically, as I'm trimming the tree.))

Gent smiles. "Vael told you that? How kind. Yes, it's true."

2006-12-21, 03:33 PM
((Oh, er sorry. Edit GO!))

"Wow, well, ok. I need a..." Regiji crosses one arm across his chest and rests his other elbow on it. "... a pump-action squid launcher." He says with an impish grin. "Preferably one that goes 'phoomp' when it launches the squid."

A what!?

"Do you have one of those?"

2006-12-21, 03:48 PM
"Animal-launchers are in aisles 12 through 14." He calls to an employee. "Iliou? This man needs a squid-launcher. Preferably one that goes 'phoomp' when it fires." Iliou nods and runs off. He returns a minute later carrying one such weapon, which he hands to Gent. Gent thanks him, and Iliou runs off. "Purchase come with three rounds of ammunition. Will there be anything else?"

2006-12-21, 04:03 PM
Regiji blinks.

"Heh, Vael wasn't kidding when he said you have everything here," he ponders for a moment, gazing absently at the sleek exterior of his new squid-launcher. "I haven't been able to find anyone who sells grapefruit here, but given the premise of this shop I suppose I should assume that I could procure three of them from you?"

2006-12-21, 04:07 PM
A cane leaning against the counter suddenly stands itself upright.
Anyone with knowledge of innate rules and laws of dimensions will realize that there are no unknown forces behind this occurance. It simply happened, despite every law that says it should not have.
Just to spite the laws a little more, the cane turns into a man. Specifically, the Dancing Man.
He twirls his cane around, then flips it neatly under his arm. He then snaps a non-existant lightbulb in half and produces a grapefruit out of it. He then twists the grapefruit in an odd way and breaks it into three pieces, which regrow the rest of themselves, creating three whole grapefruit. He begins juggling them.

2006-12-21, 04:15 PM
Gent points to The Dancing Man. "There you go."

2006-12-21, 04:19 PM
I'm picking up some very anomalous quantum fluctuations.

"I'm guessing they're centered on the guy juggling grapefruit?"

Yes, actually.

"So... how much for the squid-launcher and the grapefruit?"

2006-12-21, 04:20 PM
Gent shrugs. "You tell me. This is a store wherein you pay what you think is fair."

2006-12-21, 04:29 PM
"Well, the grapefruit juggling would constitute lunch and a show, so eight silver pieces seems fair," he looks at the squid-launcher again. "No idea there, let's see what I have on me."

Regiji begins fumbling around in his backpack when an odd look crawls across his face. He then extracts a fist-sized yellow fruit covered in fleshy projections.

"A prickly-pare?" he balks incredulously at the offending object. "How in the Shepherds' name did this get into my pack...?"

He looks at the Gent somewhat sheepishly and holds out the prickly-pare.

"I don't suppose you would be willing to trade it for some high quality cactus fruit?"

2006-12-21, 04:34 PM
Shadakai growls aloud and jumps fromm midair onto the dog in an attempt to drag him to the floor, shaping into full-size as he appears from nowhere. Markan mutters darkly about slobbery canines.

2006-12-21, 04:47 PM
Gent nods at Regiji. "Sure."

2006-12-21, 04:54 PM
Regiji grins.

"Wonderful," he pulls out the silver pieces and offers them to the Gent along with the prickly-pare. "I believe I can say with little doubt that this is indeed the best store ever."

2006-12-21, 04:57 PM
Gent smiles. "Thank you. Make sure to stop by again."

2006-12-21, 05:01 PM
Regiji gathers his new squid-launcher and grapefruit and makes his way back out onto The Streets.

2006-12-21, 05:06 PM
Gent notices the dog and Shadakai fighting. "Hey, cut that out."

((Where the hell is Kalbereth?))

2006-12-22, 12:51 AM
A silver hawk flies through the open doors and lands on Gent's shoulders, squawking furiously into his ear before dissipating. Gent nods, and frowns. He turns back to Markan. "Where were we?"

2006-12-22, 07:58 AM
"I believe you were telling Shadakai to stop fighting. It wasn't much of a fight though...he just swatted the demon-creature away. Fifteen feet of cat is slightly stronger than a dog that can barely reach my knee."

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-22, 11:25 AM
The dog looks hurt and scampers away, yelping as he does so.

A tall man with short, black hair, shaded glasses, 5 o'clock shadow and a cigarette butt beween his teeth strides into the shop. He is dressed in a fine black cotton suit and has a single ring with an oddly black gem set into it. He takes out a picture and turns to Cain's portrait. Turning to Gentlebot, he speaks with even tones "Could I speak to the man known as Gent please, concerning Cain's recent demise?"

2006-12-22, 12:19 PM
Gent turns to the man in the suit. "Excuse me for a moment," he says to Markan.

"I'm Gent. How might I be of service?"

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-22, 01:01 PM
"I'm from the demonic division of the Amalgamated Celestial Audit Board. I am here to see that Cain's last will and testimony is honoured to the letter, but first I require that you sign this statement, confirming what has happened." he says, removing a sheet of paper from his pocket and unfolding it. It has sparse details of what occured in the shop, as well as a list of crimes Cain is accountable for including the murder of a battilion of celestials, with a Sign Here______________ at the bottom. "After this formality is complete I can gift you with the belongings Cain left for the shop

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-22, 01:01 PM
((removing duplicate post))

2006-12-22, 01:08 PM
Bel'Gaer walks into the Omnishop, looking around with mild interest. He waits for someone to help him.

2006-12-22, 01:11 PM
Gent scans the paper, then frowns. "It's mostly correct, though... Cain didn't murder any celestials."

Gongjin makes his way towards Bel'Gaer. "How might I help you, sir?"

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-22, 01:12 PM
"What then, sir, happened to the celestials who appeared here 2 days ago?"

2006-12-22, 01:15 PM
"Murder implies that they were killed in cold blood, which is far from the truth of the matter. Cain fought, and died, while protecting my shop from his brother Abel. After death, Cain somehow continued to come to my aid, when his... ghost? reappeared for a moment and devastated, as you said, an entire battalion."

((Did I get that right?))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-22, 01:17 PM
((yeah, sure. Its open to interpretation))
"Ahhh. Well I will ensure these amendments are made..." he says, in a manner suggesting he will do no such thing. "Meanwhile, I have to pass these on to you" a pair of imps come in carrying a large chest enter. "Is there anywhere in particular I should put these?"

2006-12-22, 01:17 PM
Bel'Gaer replies, I need a couple things. First of all, I need information. I saw the silver bird of the Omnishop scout the citadel. I need to know what you know of it, it's defenses, and its owners. I will pay you kindly.

2006-12-22, 01:25 PM
Gent shrugs. "What is it?"

Gongjin looks confused. "I know of no such bird, sir. Perhaps The Gent would be able to help, but he's in the middle of what appears to be a transaction. If you like, he could speak to you when finished."

((Freaking snooty celestials.

I'm surprised that Cain put Gent in the will.))

Lord Sidereal
2006-12-22, 01:28 PM
((he hdn't time for friends. his bill wa smade from a practical point of view, and its for the shop, not for personal use. he figured the stuff would get the most use from Omnishop))
The celestial motions for the case to put down and then causes it to open with a gesture. The lid pops open; inside are his swords, still bristling with dark energy, a pair of war forged scouter drones, two rings with wolf insignia on them, a box of seeds and two stone statues of Balors. "Do what you will with them" And with that he, and the imps, are gone.

2006-12-22, 01:35 PM
Gent blinks. "I... okay. Gentlebot, please take these upstairs. Though dead, Cain might need them. Nobody stays dead in this town for long."

Gentlebot grabs the chest and, with considerable grunting, manages to get it upstairs.

He turns towards Bel'Gaer. "Thank you for being patient. How might I help you?"

2006-12-22, 04:08 PM
Suddenly, mysteriously, the laws of probability go into sneezing fit as Regiji winks into existence, once again clad in his unassuming attire. Apparently he procured a new set of clothing to replace what got burned to cinders by a random demon lord. He glances about the store, noting the shape-shifter he had spotted pestering the Cornerstone nary a few days ago.

He sighs and shakes his head.

"Hello to you again, Gent!" Regiji says brightly. "Those grapefruit came in really handy, I even got to throw one of them at a demon of some kind or another, it was really nostalgic."

He sighs slightly.

"Though I'm afraid the demon's player didn't bother checking the improvised thrown weapon damage tables for a half kilogram object traveling at three times the speed of sound," Regiji kicks the fourth wall in frustration, "I was hoping it would explode like a small bomb or something, but it just smushed on him."

He glances down one of the isles, then back to Gent.

"You look busy, so I'll just find some ninja smoke bombs on my own."

2006-12-22, 04:53 PM
((Sorry about the wait; I've been busy and I'm going to be even busier in a half-hour.))

Gent smiles and nods at Regiji, and points to the aisle in which such smoke bombs can be found.